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  1. I've always felt closest to dragons and phoenixes. Kind of funny, since they're both fire-related but they represent opposite things. I think part of the reason I like dragons is all the dragon rider media when I was younger and almost everyone would love to fly and have a pet that breathes fire. Phoenixes, I have no reason for loving other than they're super cool. That's the same reason I love the Roc too. Giant bird? 👍 I also like most sea monsters. Leviathan, the island-that's-really-a-fish monster, mermaids, all that jazz. Like Elena said above, the protagonists probably being sailors is a part of the attraction. Swashbuckling adventures that are painfully inaccurate when it comes to pirates is my jam! They all just have so much potential and the horror of the ocean being so deep you can't see the bottom of it is so cool. Just imagine, you're swimming at the beach and you swim out to the drop off. The water becomes darker and more obscured the further down it gets and you can already feel the cold water around you feet. You dive, just to get a look at the fish that hang around here. Down, in the dark water, you see an indistinct shape move. I just love the idea of the mystery and large sea beasts.
  2. I normally get my hints about what will happen next from tropes, genre, and character, not structure, but I don't think it really makes the story boring. If it's a good story, who cares if it's a little predictable? And I get satisfaction from being right. I think it annoys my friends and family most because I can't keep my mouth shut and give away what's going to happen. Stories are the same all the time, even ones that are completely separate. There's this youtube channel called Couch Tomato that makes "Why X is the same a Y" videos about Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars, or Jurassic Park and The Incredibles. People will always be able to find ways to say stories are the same.
  3. SecretRock

    Books With Mermaids

    One of my online buddies, DN Bryn, has written a book called Our Bloody Pearl. I think it's only on ebook, but it's good and it's decently cheap if you care about price. They're also writing sequels, so more mermaids later it you like it.
  4. SecretRock

    Your favourite type of villain

    My favourite villains are just ones that are fun. Fun to hate, fun to watch, as long as they're enjoyable. Disney villains are (usually) great at this, and I think it's why villain songs are always some of my favourites. Can you ever not sing along to them? And, yeah, it's great if the villain thinks the end justifies the means or they have multiple sides and morals, but do I care about that if reading about them is like watching paint dry? No. Motivation is the second thing I like best about good villains. Roadmagician mentioned having a reason behind the motivation but I don't really think that's necessary. If they do have a good backstory, all the better, but sometimes people don't have a compelling reason to do something other than "I want x". Often it's understandable if it's something like money, or love, or power. As long as all their actions make sense in the context of their motivation and you're not just staring confused about all the choices they've made, then that's pretty solid. My favourite villain is Marissa Fittes from Lockwood and Co because she fits both of these. She's likeable when first introduced, already surrounded by a compelling mystery and as the books progress she stays as a constant presence and it's great fun to slowly grow to hate her over the series. By the time you find out what her motivation is, it's makes complete sense. As far as I know, she doesn't have a strong personal reason behind everything she does other than she's scared of death and cares very little about the impact on other people. "Dozens of children a year die because of The Problem? Sucks for them."
  5. SecretRock

    MC Genders

    Sorry just want to jump in saying that the difference between bi- and pansexual has nothing to do with trans people. Bisexuality used to mean being attracted to two genders, but over the past few years it's changed to just mean multiple genders, same as pansexual. People who identify as one or the other usually do so based on personal preference or how exactly they read the word. And as a non-binary person, I identify that way because I don't relate to gender at all. I see women talking about all these experiences or feelings that women have or go through and I don't relate, but I don't relate to anything male-coded either. I actually only found out recently that some people actually feel an attachment to their gender identity. Wild. I also just saw that Sheepy has a much better explanation above, so just consider this a little bit extra. Anyway, back to the question the thread is about, I have about an even split of male/female but I tend towards female main characters. Probably because I've been raised female and a lot of the books I read have female leads. It's a little odd because when I used to roleplay on pbp sites, I actually played male characters more than female ones. Despite my own identity, I don't write many enby leads even if I have loads of enby protagonists in my stories. I'm not opposed to writing anything, either. I just have to take more care when characterising trans characters.
  6. SecretRock

    Daydreaming, Stories, and You

    I daydream all the time! Mine are usually about my current obsession (which right now is The Shapeshifting Detective. I suggest checking it out if you like FMV or mystery games) or whatever story I'm writing. They don't really form a cohesive story though. They're little snippets of characterisation, or little stories I know I won't tell anyone else but I really like. They always end up in a loop. I'll get to a bit where I don't quite like how it plays out so I circle back to the beginning or to a previous point and it just keeps going and going. That's fine by me, though, since the ones that do have a plot that that ends up happening with are usually ones I think about when I'm trying to sleep. I normally forget those plots by the time I wake up anyway. So to answer the first question, not really. I don't tell big stories. I can't do it without "editing" them. I guess I kind of answered the second question too. Sometimes I write down my daydreams because they make it into the larger story that inspired them. But that only really happens when I don't have a solid idea of the plot already. But yeah, like all of you, I can't imagine how people can't daydream in life. I get people having the willpower to not do it while something important is going on (which I don't have sometimes, rip me) but never? Sounds kind of boring.
  7. SecretRock

    Advent Day 11: Joy Tradition

    In Solis, the various villages around Atlia all celebrate harvest in different but equally important ways. Some of them get the entire village into the field to help with the last part, some have days where they pray to and sacrifice some crops to deities they believe in. Some of them light up Sleeping Rock with lanterns that burn for days until all the food is gone. It's not always a fun time, with the bandits and such, but most years people manage to have at least a peaceful day. In Deepmore, the 'capital' of Atlia, the celebrations are even better. Brightly coloured banners are strung up from buildings, tables are laid out in the streets, and everyone cooks something to share with everyone they can. The dinner begins when the lamps light. Some people play music as well, but everyone joins in to share with their neighbours and eat some good food. It lasts a long time, well past midnight. At the end, everyone helps to clean up and life continues as normal the next day. The time for the harvest celebrations can change. Some celebrate when the harvest is complete, but for bigger towns and cities like Deepmore with lots of farms that they work or trade with, the celebrations normally take place on the full moon of the harvest month.
  8. SecretRock

    Tarot inspiration challenges/exercises

    I'm interested in this, but can I avoid the imagery and focus on the meaning instead? The images on the typical deck are just very jarring and uncomfortable for me.
  9. SecretRock

    What words are overused?

    I know I overuse probably and maybe a lot in my writing. It gets annoying because it make my viewpoint characters sound really unsure even when they aren't.
  10. SecretRock

    Important: Forum/Discord Feedback Needed

    I think I agree with some of the points above. The forums and discord have different purposes and you use them for different things. Discord feels like it's more of a chat than a discussion to me, for quick answers to quick questions, but if you want serious feedback or a serious discussion about something, the forums are better for it since you have easier access to the answers and people can take their time replying. I know I don't actually post much on here, I'm just kind of similar to Rainaygh in that I overthink my answers and just end up not posting at all. I don't think that's something that can be fixed by changing the layout or use, though. It's just something that comes with the forum format.
  11. SecretRock

    NaNoWriMo 2018 Buddies!

    https://nanowrimo.org/participants/panio is mine
  12. SecretRock

    Writing Accents

    Accents throw me off a lot of the time, so I'd suggest just mentioning that they have accents and using dialect as a reminder instead of writing out how they talk. Using Scottish phrases might be just as effective in reminding your readers about the accents.
  13. SecretRock

    Mix n' Match Story time - Part 1

    Setting: A town on a black beach. It has a thriving community, very insular due to the lack of people moving in or tourists to the town, but it’s not outright unfriendly. It’s warm in summer, though swimming in the sea is discouraged since the beach dyes your skin and clothes, and they get a chill wind coming through the town in the winter. The town is slowly shrinking as people move away for better job opportunities. Protagonist: Manon Nahas, a French-Egyptian archaeologist. She’s in her mid twenties and on the short side with golden brown skin. She usually keeps her coiled, blonde hair in a bun or ponytail, especially while doing field work. Passionate is the main word used to describe her. She’s got opinions on everything and isn’t afraid to share them. She's also impatient, at least when it comes to planning. Thinking things through is not her strong suit. Her goal is to make some important discovery, not necessarily one that would make her famous, but one that would be of some significance to history. Antagonist: Brigitte Poincare is a con-artist. She’s gone by a number of aliases over the years, each of them leading back to a dozen confusing dead ends that leave police unsure of who she really is. The name Brigitte Poincare may actually be just another alias. She changes her appearance a lot, but the staples include her undercut hairstyle, pale skin tone and golden jewellery. Her natural eye colour is green. Obviously, one of her goals is to get rich through her robberies and schemes, but the other is to prove herself by tricking and by-passing all the best security systems. Conflict: A mysterious broadcast has been received. It cut off just after your characters learn it's a call for help and the vague location of the broadcaster. Wildcard: The protagonist or antagonist needs to kill a family member to achieve their goals. Can they do it?
  14. SecretRock

    Fun writing mix n' match game/challenge Sign ups!

    Sounds fun! I'll join.
  15. SecretRock

    Can diversity be "forced" in fantasy literature?

    People complain about non-white characters in supposedly white-majority settings as if travelling wasn't the very first things humans did. I mean, boats as a concept are old as anything, having to justify an Asian character being in a Scandinavian setting or a Black person in ancient Greece (despite the fact that Greek countries were known to trade with African ones) barely even needs justifying. It also seems that the people who complain about things like this are always the first people to defend a white person being cast as a samurai or as a main character in a Chinese story. They'd probably also be the type of people to complain if a show about Alexander the Great made him bisexual because "history wasn't gay". Diversity can't be forced because history is diverse.