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  1. So my intro post was from 2016 and things have changed a bit since then 😛 so thought I should update mine too, so here's my intro once again Basics Name/Pen name: I prefer my internet nickname of Sheepy. My pseudonym for writing is Odessa Silver. Age: 29 State/country: England Education: I have a BA and Fda in Fine Art, and I've done all sorts of online courses. Hobbies and Favourites What are your hobbies? OTOME. Creative stuff, obviously writing, painting, sewing, photography, stuff like that. Playing on my Switch tooooo What is/are your favourite book(s) and authors? Trudi Canavan and Jay Kristoff. My favourite books are The High Lord (TC) and Nevernight (JK) although I am also quite fond of JKs Lifel1k3 too Writing How long have you been writing? Extremely on and off since my first "novel" at about 6, but now I am writing more seriously. What was the first story you wrote that you remember? ^ my "novel" which is incredibly embarrassing to remember. -Is it finished? I hope it has been burnt! -Have you ever let anyone read it? I did 😞 -What genre (romance, fantasy, etc) was it? Looking back it was technically a romantic fanfic Who is your favourite character that you've written about? I will always have a soft spot for my MC Sarett, but I also really enjoyed writing Elias, my monologuing god of being a nuisance, he was a right laugh. What fantasy project(s) are you currently working on? How's it going in terms of progress? -sobs- Still fighting my novel 3 years later. Also a whole bunch of short stories. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Have you ever participated in NaNoWriMo? -How many times? 4 I think What genres were your NaNos? Fantasy Did you finish the actual story by 50,000 words, or just reach 50,000 words but not be actually finished? Both. In fact one nano finished around 37k and I had to make up the rest with fanfic... Are you planning on participating this coming November? I can't stop myself from doing it 😛 it frustrates me but I keep going back every year And lastly, this important gif
  2. Sheepy-Pie

    Distinctive Character Voices

    This is just like me on both accounts. My writing is very character driven and at least in my own head every character I have written sounds different. Sevastyan always comes across as angry and his actions are snappy, whereas Jascha is the opposite, he's laid back, has little sense of urgency unless it's serious, and he's all smiles (so in theory I have his Greekness right there 😛 ) and of course, I have the sweary grumpy stompy mess which is Sarett. I know her best, and she approaches with a half glass empty mindset. 1. How do you feel about character voice in writing? Tres tres important in my writing, it's the main essence and something I think comes somewhat naturally to me? I'm not sure, people comment sometimes but I don't know tbh. I need an outside opinion 😛 although I think in other writing it's important to me too, because I really connect with it. 2. Do you remember any distinctive voices you've read and enjoyed before? My favourite Jay Kristoff is great at character voices, he even managed it via chat logs and I love it 3. Any tips or tricks for creating or writing a distinct voice? It's all about the stresses, where the words go as well as punctuation. Do they speak in long sentences or short and sharp? Get the nuances of how they think too. AND editing can reveal a lot of voice too, so don't worry if you don't get it straight away.
  3. Sheepy-Pie

    An Introduction and a Rose

    Sailor Moon Crystal ❤️ I love that it follows the manga more toooo! I was just thinking yesterday whether they will continue on with it or not, cause I'd love to see more. I think I need to rewatch it too sometime soon.
  4. Sheepy-Pie

    An Introduction and a Rose

    Hi :) welcome again! Hope you have fun :) and poke me on discord if you have any questions cause i'm around a lot Also yay for anime :P what sort do you like? I'm kinda boring and only have a few I've seen tbh and all probably are see as old now :o
  5. Sheepy-Pie

    Question of the Day #45: Murder

    @Xanxa that's the lotus trilogy 🙂 let me know how it goes cause I have been umming and ahhing over it! Yeah, two are sequels and one is a new book. His new first book is called Aurora Rising 🙂 He has such an insane schedule I don't know how he does it!
  6. Sheepy-Pie

    What do you want to write?

    After coming back to write after the xmas break (and before that both nano and nano planning, so I haven't written anything "new" in quite a few months now) I have been thinking about how to continue on. I have a bunch of short stories I want to finish and I did manage 100 words of a new one but it tailed off too quick, so I have taken a step back and gone to the question I have seen a few times: What do you want to write? I don't bloody know 😐 I have tried tackling it before, listing things I like to write about, magic usually comes up a lot, maybe tackling some more LGBT+ characters (but I let them come to me I never force), stuff like that, but that never seems to get me anywhere either. So I'm asking everyone, how do you answer it? What do you want to write? What don't you want to write? How do you start the ball rolling again for ideas? 😛 I have a bunch but nothing is yelling at me right now.
  7. Sheepy-Pie

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    Thanks 🙂 I really wanted to see what would happen if the young person was to mentor for a change, and what they'd know that the older wouldn't etc.
  8. Sheepy-Pie

    Question of the Day #45: Murder

    Ohhh was it Illuminae? There is the lotus trilogy which I havent read, and also the first book in another trilogy called Lifel1k3 AND he is publishing 3 books this year 😐 the man is a writing machine! I'd love to know what you think of it as nobody I know has read them yet so I can't fangirl properly hahaha
  9. Sheepy-Pie

    Who's telling this story, anyway?

    Oh that sounds great cause she might have that fall from grace moment of realisation and that can be fun 😄 And yes 😛 she bites, MMC had a little bruise on his ass for a few days to prove it. She uh... knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to do or say it. I mean she is also a shapeshifter and loves turning into a cat too, so that probably doesn't help 😛
  10. Sheepy-Pie

    Who's telling this story, anyway?

    Glad I could help! 😄 As for my MCs... I tend to write a female most of the time, in my novel I have 2 male MCs and potentially a third if I keep my Antag in as a POV. For primary and secondary characters it's actually at 6 of male and female atm. My female MC can more than enough carry herself though, she kicks ass quite literally 😛 (and bites the other MCs from time to time >.> )
  11. Sheepy-Pie

    Who's telling this story, anyway?

    The very first drafts of my novel were written from a character which barely turns up in my latest draft, I was getting so worked up and stuck that at one point I wondered whether switching POV to a secondary character which I liked was better... and it helped SO much. The story has moved away from what it was but now it is so much stronger for it. You can always write a section from a different POV character to see how it feels but it not be in te actual draft 🙂 As for interesting characters... I guess I like to follow characters who aren't too serious, other than that I'm not too sure! I think I lean towards preferring female MCs and I also write more female MCs than the others.
  12. Sheepy-Pie

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    My biggest subversion I can think of atm is that my Mentor trope character is the young one, and the one she is mentoring is actually centuries old 😛 I like subverting tropes but I dont think I specifically choose to so often, it just happens.
  13. Sheepy-Pie

    Why We Don't Post

    They've been archived but that doesnt mean you can restart a same or similar thread 🙂 especially as people's thoughts change as well as new people joining the site.
  14. Sheepy-Pie

    Club master list

    New clubs have been added 🙂 please check them out!
  15. A load of books have become public and this article shares how to find them and what they are 🙂 thought it might be useful to someone: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/qvq99b/how-to-download-the-books-that-just-entered-the-public-domain?utm_source=vicefbus&fbclid=IwAR365zhQG4O2huJojZ87a7wAtQYuuUsXFD4wVROkMuNV5q7BNBAICEf1VBM