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  1. I wrote words! Previous month's total: 20081 words Words to add: 4500 words New total: 24581 words
  2. Project - untitled POS is what I affectionally call it Goal #1: write up all the scenes of the 50k I wrote for nano so I can work out how to fix the mess Summary - oooof. Um. Humans, demons, faeries, people trying to attain their wants while I laugh and deny them. Sarett wishes for love, Luna wishes for family, Dmitri wishes for his children's protection, Sevastyan wishes to continue being the strongest. And somewhere a faerie is stirring, her eyes settling on just the right person to give her a chimera child... Bonus points; Kali and Dmitri are in my sig banner
  3. I wrote words! Previous month's total: 16994 words Words to add: 3087 words New total: 20081 words
  4. Oh no I forgot to add my last bit of writing - if it is possible Add words - 1758 please
  5. I wrote words! new total: 12900 words I finally counted everything so far 😛
  6. I try and read every book I start, I never finished I am Cat or The Silmarilion though, but not cause I quit it... I just... stopped looking at the book for a bit... Tbf I am Cat is a book translated from Japanese so reads differently to most, and is quite high brow and Tolkien is just Tolkien 😛
  7. HI and welcome 🙂 hope you enjoy it here, and lets us know if you need any help or info on what's on around here 🙂
  8. HI and welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.
  9. Hi and welcome 🙂 the amount of UK writers on here is growing yessss haha. If you have any questions feel free to poke me on discord cause I am around a lot. We have all sorts of challenges so hopefully you will enjoy them!
  10. Favourite characters become so for a reason, so I thought it'd be cool to look deeper as to why and not just a "cause they are cool" (which is totally valid too). What characteristics do you enjoy, or their choices within their world? Perhaps the tropes associated with them work well because they subvert them or they play it so well. Look deeper into why you like them, does their arc come into play as to why they are your favourite? I will have a nice gush about a favourite or two of mine, but I'll add it in the comments later.
  11. 1. I think that it used to be more male lead and it's now flipped, I'm often seeing female POVs and actually some times I wish there were a few more males ones (i am also a very picky writer so it could just be the stories which intrigue me just happen to have female leads 😛 ) 2. As for my own writing, I go everywhere. I think I write female the most, then male, and I've only written 2 agender characters, one of which was a POV character. As for my identity, I don't think it changes what I write because we are the same 😛 Also your initial post was respectful and definitely don't need to worry. And as I mentioned on discord ask away 🙂 learning is important I don't wanna derail, but at the same time I feel like I need to talk about this I'm not sure where to even start with this tbh, because for one there are more than two genders, so if you relate more to one that isn't linked to a sex how does that save you trouble? And that's a bit like saying to a gay man "oh well you aren't in a relationship right now so why not save yourself the trouble and just say you are straight". This quote is a good quote; And nobody ever chooses the difficult path for shits and giggles. Do you really think it's fun having your existence questioned? Over and over by hundreds of people. Who sometimes add little kisses to the ends of their posts as to seem like they aren't stabbing you in the back when really really when you look at the words it's all plain and clear. I mean I could just save myself the trouble and play the cisgendered little straight girl but I'd just hate myself even more. Now for the bi and pan thing, they do sound similar for a reason. They are similar. Bisexual people are attracted to two types, whereas pansexual are attracted to all. So the most stereotypical is that bisexual people are attracted to male and female. It can actually be male and non-binary, or any sort of combination like that too. And then some people who are actually pansexual call themselves bisexual because there is a lot of panphobia with people either not believing them, or joking that it means they are attracted to pans. It's easier to say bisexual to the average person and doing so hurts, but doing either will hurt if not careful. Essentially in a nutshell. Except for genderfluid people who sometimes feel like they fit in the female category one time, then male another, and sometimes neither. It can get complicated and hard to understand especially when you ask yourself, what is male and what is female? How do you feel female? THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. For everyone. All skin types, body types, skin colours, genders, sexes, ethnicities. Everything. Sorry for the long post. But I just needed to 🙂 and my inbox/discord is always open for questions.