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  3. Sheepy-Pie

    MC Genders

    1. I think that it used to be more male lead and it's now flipped, I'm often seeing female POVs and actually some times I wish there were a few more males ones (i am also a very picky writer so it could just be the stories which intrigue me just happen to have female leads 😛 ) 2. As for my own writing, I go everywhere. I think I write female the most, then male, and I've only written 2 agender characters, one of which was a POV character. As for my identity, I don't think it changes what I write because we are the same 😛 Also your initial post was respectful and definitely don't need to worry. And as I mentioned on discord ask away 🙂 learning is important I don't wanna derail, but at the same time I feel like I need to talk about this I'm not sure where to even start with this tbh, because for one there are more than two genders, so if you relate more to one that isn't linked to a sex how does that save you trouble? And that's a bit like saying to a gay man "oh well you aren't in a relationship right now so why not save yourself the trouble and just say you are straight". This quote is a good quote; And nobody ever chooses the difficult path for shits and giggles. Do you really think it's fun having your existence questioned? Over and over by hundreds of people. Who sometimes add little kisses to the ends of their posts as to seem like they aren't stabbing you in the back when really really when you look at the words it's all plain and clear. I mean I could just save myself the trouble and play the cisgendered little straight girl but I'd just hate myself even more. Now for the bi and pan thing, they do sound similar for a reason. They are similar. Bisexual people are attracted to two types, whereas pansexual are attracted to all. So the most stereotypical is that bisexual people are attracted to male and female. It can actually be male and non-binary, or any sort of combination like that too. And then some people who are actually pansexual call themselves bisexual because there is a lot of panphobia with people either not believing them, or joking that it means they are attracted to pans. It's easier to say bisexual to the average person and doing so hurts, but doing either will hurt if not careful. Essentially in a nutshell. Except for genderfluid people who sometimes feel like they fit in the female category one time, then male another, and sometimes neither. It can get complicated and hard to understand especially when you ask yourself, what is male and what is female? How do you feel female? THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. For everyone. All skin types, body types, skin colours, genders, sexes, ethnicities. Everything. Sorry for the long post. But I just needed to 🙂 and my inbox/discord is always open for questions.
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  5. Sheepy-Pie

    New Kid on the Block

    Hi and welcome @Nir 🙂 I hope you enjoy it here! I see that the original post has been removed and that's ok, I hope you feel comfortable here to post, like Mynoris said we won't bite 🙂
  6. Sheepy-Pie

    A Greeting

    Hi and welcome 🙂 I'm sure having a BA in Art history will come in useful somewhere, I'm finding my BA in Fine Art useful for writing not always content wise but approaches and thought processes. You never know what will help! We have lots of different things going on here from writing challenges, to clubs, to our recent big challenge which actually starts tomorrow! We also have a discord channel if you use discord. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and I hope you enjoy it here. We're a small community, but I hope you'll find something you like here 🙂
  7. Sheepy-Pie

    Hello everyone

    Hi @taintedhero and welcome 🙂 a fellow Brit and pokemon player here 😛 I hope you can find what you are looking for here, we have plenty of threads with interesting topics and challenges and of course the discord server too. I hope you enjoy it here
  8. I am so forgetful so I'll probably keep coming back to this, but; Films; Robin Hood Men in Tights Double adding Monty Python 😛 I'd be a bad Brit if I didn't TV; The IT Crowd Being Human (UK version) Upstart Crow
  9. I don't tend to write comic relief characters, I find each character will have their kind of moment, though of course some people are funnier than others. It's usually my fun characters who mess around and my biggest example is probably Jascha, he messes around a lot, but he also has a lot of serious moment and it actually deflecting some buried trauma. My favourite comic relief will most likely be Cricket from Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff, he's so adorable and loveable and a tiny sweary robot ❤️
  10. Sheepy-Pie

    Age of main characters

    My MC is in her early thirties as is my MMC (he's older by a year or two), I have two 40 year old MCs, and 3 18 year olds. I picked it because of the fact everyone went on about fantasy MCs being in their 20s... but this was a few years ago and now I have caught up so my MCs are nearly my age 😞 My MCs do tend to be on the younger side, I dont write older people often. I think it's partially a young writers thing? Maybe a fantasy thing? (My 18 and 40 year old are in my signature pic 😄 )
  11. Sheepy-Pie

    Giving and Receiving Feedback on Your Writing

    Be honest, but be careful how you say it. Honesty is what will make the writer improve the most, but a lot of people can't take direct feedback and may need it essentially sugarcoated. The sandwich technique is a good way of doing it. I always point out things they have done right or things I have enjoyed, or even things which just work well. Sometimes this can be challenging, but it's important to find something to say. It also might be a good idea asking what things they want looking out for. If they say nothing I tend to do an overall piece of feedback. Also pay attention if it is unedited or been worked on. After you have read the feedback, let yourself sulk. Let your inner writer rage and stomp and sulk. Take some time away, then come back and read it as an editor, not a writer. Things won't be so painful after that. It's ok to feel hurt by feedback. After all you've spent all that work on it only for someone to tear it apart. Of course they don't mean it maliciously (or the majority don't) but yes it can hurt the ego. It happens to me, it happens to other writers. Just don't dwell on it, let it pass, then come back at it ready to tackle it and make it better. Ideally you should try and get direct feedback, no sugarcoating, tell it as it is. You'll learn faster that way, but it takes a while to get to that point. I am there, but it has taken a while (and that's including having it done with my art too) As for incorporating it, go through the feedback one comment at a time, see if it applies not everything will, and keep the comments which are useful and discard the rest.
  12. Congrats on being member of the month 😉 🙂

    1. Pinchofmagic


      Thank you! That was fun, and I suspect it's all downhill from here. 😛 

  13. Sheepy-Pie

    Your project

    I have so many WIPs cause last July was start a WIP month for my head. I like adding elements of humour in my writing so they will all have something like that. I'd share some of my novel which definitely will have humour but it'll take me a while to find a good bit. I can however share a rough snippet of something I worked on a while ago... a lot of comedy likes to pop up in flirting when I write it... oops! A soft knock at the door drew my attention, and for a moment I thought about ignoring it. Chucking the book on the chair arm, I returned to the door, Vittoré smiled as I opened it. “What are you doing—” Vittoré glanced down at the grapes in my palm. “Planning to share, Otavio?” I met his eyes, lingering longer than I should have. “Not my food.” “Perhaps it’s not food I’m after. Can I come in?” I stepped aside and Vittoré pinched a grape as he entered. “Care for a little fun?” “D-Depends what you mean by fun,” I managed. “A little bomb making, maybe some metallurgy, or did you only want sex?” I regretted having food in my mouth at that exact time; out came a ridiculous splutter and half a chewed grape. Thankfully it hit the wall. “What?” “What was it you said? ‘And if I don’t?’ Well, Otavio.” Vittoré smiled and stepped close. “This is what happens.” “I meant the bombs…” I squeaked. “Oh.” He pursed his lips. And then a tiny bit later on; “It’s too risky. No bombs.” “Not even little ones?” “No, Vittoré. No bombs. Not even little ones.” “Huh.” He clacked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “So just sex then?” I glanced down at the folder in his hand. “You’ve got the plans there haven’t you?” “Well of course. Do you really think I’d turn up to your room without an idea what I want to do to you?” “I’m still talking about the bombs.” Heat burned at my cheeks and Vittoré leant over to my ear. “I wasn’t.” “I know I—” He pulled away and growled, “Otavio. Stop confusing me. Do you want this or—” “You came in here talking about bombs! I’m more concerned that you are going to strap a bomb to me and—” “That can be arranged, I mean, if you are into that kind of thing.”
  14. I'm trying to think of things to add but my mind is empty at the moment, but I will link to my favourite web comic: https://www.safelyendangered.com/ It's silly and they are quick to read, my favourite is the oddish one (a pokemon joke): https://www.webtoons.com/en/comedy/safely-endangered/list?title_no=352 I also used to read Nedroid too: http://nedroid.com/ As for web series... Charlie the unicorn? And old but so good series 😛
  15. If you wanna use it in a study to pick apart to show what's funny and how or whatever, feel free 🙂 Glad you liked it, Elias is really fun to write too, he's such a chatterbox and goes on and on and on I actually couldn't shut him up. The first character to be like that 😛