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    What do you want to write?

    After coming back to write after the xmas break (and before that both nano and nano planning, so I haven't written anything "new" in quite a few months now) I have been thinking about how to continue on. I have a bunch of short stories I want to finish and I did manage 100 words of a new one but it tailed off too quick, so I have taken a step back and gone to the question I have seen a few times: What do you want to write? I don't bloody know 😐 I have tried tackling it before, listing things I like to write about, magic usually comes up a lot, maybe tackling some more LGBT+ characters (but I let them come to me I never force), stuff like that, but that never seems to get me anywhere either. So I'm asking everyone, how do you answer it? What do you want to write? What don't you want to write? How do you start the ball rolling again for ideas? 😛 I have a bunch but nothing is yelling at me right now.
  2. Sheepy-Pie

    Question of the Day #45: Murder

    @Xanxa that's the lotus trilogy 🙂 let me know how it goes cause I have been umming and ahhing over it! Yeah, two are sequels and one is a new book. His new first book is called Aurora Rising 🙂 He has such an insane schedule I don't know how he does it!
  3. Sheepy-Pie

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    Thanks 🙂 I really wanted to see what would happen if the young person was to mentor for a change, and what they'd know that the older wouldn't etc.
  4. Sheepy-Pie

    Question of the Day #45: Murder

    Ohhh was it Illuminae? There is the lotus trilogy which I havent read, and also the first book in another trilogy called Lifel1k3 AND he is publishing 3 books this year 😐 the man is a writing machine! I'd love to know what you think of it as nobody I know has read them yet so I can't fangirl properly hahaha
  5. Sheepy-Pie

    Who's telling this story, anyway?

    Oh that sounds great cause she might have that fall from grace moment of realisation and that can be fun 😄 And yes 😛 she bites, MMC had a little bruise on his ass for a few days to prove it. She uh... knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to do or say it. I mean she is also a shapeshifter and loves turning into a cat too, so that probably doesn't help 😛
  6. Sheepy-Pie

    Who's telling this story, anyway?

    Glad I could help! 😄 As for my MCs... I tend to write a female most of the time, in my novel I have 2 male MCs and potentially a third if I keep my Antag in as a POV. For primary and secondary characters it's actually at 6 of male and female atm. My female MC can more than enough carry herself though, she kicks ass quite literally 😛 (and bites the other MCs from time to time >.> )
  7. Sheepy-Pie

    Who's telling this story, anyway?

    The very first drafts of my novel were written from a character which barely turns up in my latest draft, I was getting so worked up and stuck that at one point I wondered whether switching POV to a secondary character which I liked was better... and it helped SO much. The story has moved away from what it was but now it is so much stronger for it. You can always write a section from a different POV character to see how it feels but it not be in te actual draft 🙂 As for interesting characters... I guess I like to follow characters who aren't too serious, other than that I'm not too sure! I think I lean towards preferring female MCs and I also write more female MCs than the others.
  8. Sheepy-Pie

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    My biggest subversion I can think of atm is that my Mentor trope character is the young one, and the one she is mentoring is actually centuries old 😛 I like subverting tropes but I dont think I specifically choose to so often, it just happens.
  9. Sheepy-Pie

    Why We Don't Post

    They've been archived but that doesnt mean you can restart a same or similar thread 🙂 especially as people's thoughts change as well as new people joining the site.
  10. Sheepy-Pie

    Club master list

    Here you'll find all the clubs we have, let me know if I have missed anything. Feel free to join any you like and please check out any in club rules 🙂 All I wanna do, is turn my doc into, a pile of feedback A group for intense and often quick turn around feedback. For the more experienced writers/authors. Arts, crafts, and food ahoy A group for artists and those wanting to talk about art. A place to share your work including: painting, sculpture, digital work, recipes, baking. Not your photography as that is found in the Shutterbugs group. Happy for discussions about other artists photography. Lodestone A writing workshop for exploring podcasts and video lectures by experts in the field, doing related writing exercises, and critiquing each other's work on a monthly basis. See here for more details and for when they are recruiting, as it is a limited group: Restricted Section For our more mature content. You need to be 18+ to join. Shutterbugs A group for those of us who enjoy talking about and sharing our photography! Westeros - a Game of Thrones fandom group A group for fans of Game of Thrones Worldsmyths Book Club The Worldsmyths book club
  11. Sheepy-Pie

    Club master list

    New clubs have been added 🙂 please check them out!
  12. A load of books have become public and this article shares how to find them and what they are 🙂 thought it might be useful to someone: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/qvq99b/how-to-download-the-books-that-just-entered-the-public-domain?utm_source=vicefbus&fbclid=IwAR365zhQG4O2huJojZ87a7wAtQYuuUsXFD4wVROkMuNV5q7BNBAICEf1VBM
  13. Sheepy-Pie

    Question of the Day #45: Murder

    @Burnstein Check out a book called Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. It sounds right up your alley 🙂 and it's one of my favourite books! Now, where do I even start with this?! Seriously?! My MCs often kill people for all sorts of reasons, food, survival, by accident, because they are the goddess of Death 😛 It's a huge theme which hangs around me, I can kill any character off, I'm not afraid to, I'm as murderous as my own characters 😮 In my novel Sarett must kill demons or be killed herself essentially, the demons kill humans for food. It's rarely a human vs human thing with me, although one short story MC sort of killed another by leaving their consciousness in a void. She had killed other men before that though, all for her own gain as she was building an army. Only one character kills more senseless and that's my antag of my novel, he's a grade A twat. He does have reasons though, I dont have any characters who kill for no reason. And of course all my characters feel different ways about taking another life, the demons see it more as normal and gathering food - so more way of lifey. One MC accidentally caused a death (which isnt so true, it was more her fault than his) and it's stuck with him forever, so much that he is very careful and gets panicky at people close to him dying. He keeps all of this under this cool layer of jokey fun to hide it from everyone.
  14. Sheepy-Pie

    They do say to write what you know...

    I use everything I can for my writing, any past experiences, anything I have watched, listened to, seen, imagined... I watch and love documentaries, I've done multiple online courses in all sorts of random things from anatomy (including Liver transplants) to criminology things. I've always had this need to know things, to learn things I find interesting which has always been down the science route, with a few leanings towards geography, history, and palaeontology. So nothing in particular has stood out to me to be useful in my writing, because I treat everything I am learning, feeling, etc, as something I can incorporate.
  15. Sheepy-Pie


    Welcome 🙂 glad to see you are hoping to be more active, feel free to ask questions and stuff. As you are on discord you can always poke me if you have questions, I am around there a lot.
  16. Sheepy-Pie

    Favorite Secondary Characters

    I love my secondary character Kali, he's one of my favourites, such a cinnamon roll. He totally wears his heart on his sleeve just like me, and yet is tough and strong, and has this heart of gold. He's fiercely loyal to his sister who he has had to protect cause of her declining health, against their sister (they are triplets) who thinks the other sister should be basically left where other "weak" demons go. But Kali will fight to his dying breath to stop that, even if that means doing ridiculously dangerous things to keep her safe. He definitely doesn't pay attention to himself enough, cause he's too busy caring for others. And when romantic attention comes his way, he's a bit naive 😛 He goes with the flow and takes it all in his stride, as if he knew what was going on all along. He's also such a mummy's boy, so he has a biiiiig sad cause he lost her a long time ago.
  17. Sheepy-Pie

    2019 Goals and Resolutions

    Writing goals: January Write, edit, submit a story about invisible illnesses Submit application to the Room 204 Writer Development Programme February Edit Ramblings... to submit General Finish writing half finished stories Edit pieces which aren't ready to submit Continue to submit to places Finish writing the first draft of my novel once I have gone back and mapped out the list of events so I can add back in some scenes (as I can't continue right now) Edit said novel Write more short stories Try to write more to my short story anthology on the Zodiac Be more active on Twitter Life goals: Basically do better Try and deal with the mess which is our front room and bedroom Try to not let some opinions get to me <- that one is a big one
  18. Sheepy-Pie

    A hello and hi from a new member!

    Hey and welcome, there is lots of things here for all different levels with more to come this year, so hopefully you'll be able to find things interesting 🙂 if you need a hand I am around the most unless it's between 11-9am GMT then I am away but @Jedi Knight Muse is around then 😛 I see you are on discord now, so you can ask me stuff over there the easiest, just tag me with a @ 🙂
  19. Sheepy-Pie

    Character replies

    So here is a cool thing we can try :) Basically, I start with a question. Then you answer the question as one of your characters, and then ask a new question. The next person answers that question, and asks another. The question: Where are you right now?
  20. Sheepy-Pie


    Hey again 🙂 Science and Fantasy work so so good together, I try and have science roots too, like my magic is passed on genetically via the father [type wise] (although both need to be a carrier of the magic gene). I love the sound of your WIP already haha (P.S your discord name is the same as your name here, not Bex 🙂 I just checked for you)
  21. Sheepy-Pie

    Nice to Meet You!

    (muahahaha beat you to replying first 😄 )
  22. Sheepy-Pie

    Nice to Meet You!

    Hi and welcome! That's fine about your genre 🙂 for example I sometimes write Science-Fantasy, and genres can be really hard to place for those in between pieces. You are more than welcome to be here 🙂 Those sound like some great ideas and goals for the new year - as for pieces it depends on how you want to share your work. For example I am sending short stories off to be published, and if that is a route you want to try I am opening a club in the new year specifically for feedback with a quick turn around for submissions and the likes. Something like that might be what you are after 🙂 If you use discord we have a channel you can join, and I am around a lot so if you have any questions feel free to ask me 🙂
  23. Sheepy-Pie


    Hey there and welcome 🙂 yay another Stargate fan 😄 And wow! Only 2 weeks! That's great to hear you have started writing and are doing well so far. We have lots of different writers and authors on here of all different levels so I can definitely imagine you'll learn here 🙂 if you have questions ask away, if you use discord we have a channel and I am nearly always around so I can help with stuff. As for NaNoWriMo, it's a challenge to write 50,000 words in a month, and it happens every November. There is also Camp Nano which is where you can set your own goals and it's like a mini nano. That happens in April and July I believe. Hope you have fun here 🙂
  24. That sounds like a good idea to me 🙂 I dont know if the settings allow it, but @kherezae can confirm that. If it is of interest Manu, I am planning starting a club for those wanting more faster and deeper crits, like what was happening over the summer (mainly talked about in discord). So it will be pieces for submission which need lots of edits and things like that. I'll be starting it in the new year which is when I'll be needing my feedback again and I am sure others will be wanting to get back into it.
  25. @Jedi Knight Muse one for the list! 😛