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  1. I only learnt through the writing of multiple characters, not to. Writing multiple POV is fun, but for my current WIP, I found only by writing that it didn't suit the story. Meant a lot of ditched writing, but it was still fun to write it.
  2. G'day Don! What are you aiming for?
  3. I use Scrivener which automatically indents.
  4. Welcome from Down Under! Totally relate to Pride and Prejudice Zombies. Totally trashy but still fun.
  5. I'd heard Jim Butcher wrote that on a bet. Proves a point.
  6. Sherlock is highly intelligent and observant. He calls a spade a spade without being aware he may be hurting someone's feelings. Honestly, his brutal honesty is fascinating. His sidekick, John Watson, is there to soften the blow of his friend. He's the human element. A beautiful friendship.
  7. That'd be like reading the equivalent of a Sherlock Holmes in a fantasy. I'd like to see that.
  8. rkcapps


    My MC's secret is her background. Yet it's just not my MC who has a secret, there's a much bigger secret going around that's central to the plot. Secrets are such fun.
  9. Great find. Really helpful. Thanks for sharing :)
  10. Firstly, I read everyone's long posts and think "wow, that'd take me all day to type!", so I'll keep it short and simple. I'd just like to thank Jedi Knight Muse[/member] for all her time and effort spent in maintaining this forum.
  11. Thanks, Manu[/member]! I missed that bit about the challenge ending. Nice being included :)
  12. Right everyone it's 1. With Dougie, they're all interesting, but I'll guess 2. All sound great! With Shae, perhaps 3? Have I missed anyone?
  13. What a great game to help learn your characters, can I join in? Silver[/member] , I'd guess no. 2 because that sounds interesting. I'll keep it going: Tizania: 1. has a loving uncle. 2. holds the rich in contempt. 3. snaps when her principles are violated.
  14. I want to update my wordcount! username: Rkcapps words written: 55,359 (been to 80,000 twice before and deleted 60,000 each time and that's how I learned I need have some shape of an outline!) is this your new total or the words to add? I need to add approximately 3,000 a week by the end of July. I've booked an editor in August. Just a developmental edit first. This may be a push because I only type with 3 fingers on my left hand. A stroke left my right hand dead and took away all the touch typing I'd learnt.
  15. I've not always been a prologue hater. That's now, my tastes have changed. Throughout my 20s/30s I'd happily tolerate them. I think I'm not engaged if there isn't a character to attach to, and when that switches, it's like the rug's been ripped out from under me. I feel cheated. I'm eager to start a story and attach to a character and stay with them. There needs to be something that really ties the prologue to the rest of the story. Hope knowing that helps you craft better prologues for those who like them :)