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  1. I haven't updated in a really long while it seems. So I added all the things.... I want to update my wordcount! username: katfireblade words written: 24,986 is this your new total or the words to add? words to add That should pretty much push me past all my goals. It was fun!
  2. Sheepy-Pie[/member], make a new post for yours? ...and do it quick. I wanna see what happens when two people who get all the answers right collide. You and mathgnome[/member] try to fool each other; I'll bring popcorn. And hope the forum doesn't collapse under the weight of all that uncanniness. >.> Needless to say, mathgnome[/member] did it again for mine. Totally right. Dougie was tortured by a demonic whasis, but he nearly died and needed to be rescued. And he is far from pleased that Pan now knows about it. 1 and 3 conflict a bit...I mean, still possible, but...I'll say 3. Okay, keep-the-challenge-moving time (and speaking of Pan).... Pandora: 1) As a child once saw walls bleed in a haunted basement 2) Had her brother stolen by monsters and has never stopped looking for him 3) Was almost killed by a drug ring when she mutated into a monster while trying to save her friends
  3. mathgnome[/member], did you draw all that yourself? That's amazing! Xire is creeptastic. I take it that one is a badass?
  4. Okay, this'll be a trip. And I might change my mind later, because I've never tried to find just one song for my characters before. But I do like mathgnome[/member]'s idea of ship songs, so I may throw in a few of those for funsies. Raphian: by VNV Nation Lalina: by Poets of the Fall Ship song: by Fransisca Hall Kuon: by Manowar Looh: by Emilie Autumn would probably be the theme song of Looh and both her sisters. Ship song: by...someone? Who knew finding the artist would be so damned convoluted? Satha: I Will Find You by Clannad Jiyan: by V.A.S.T. Nikolan: by the Bone Poets Orchestra is not exact, but I can guarantee not only would Nikolan embrace such a thing, he'd use it with great and glorious glee. Hunter: by Leonard Cohen Scatter: Impossible Girl #1 by Kim Boekbinder (before clicking have adblock on, and to hear the song press the blue button) That...took far too long. But I think I have some new ideas now! :)
  5. Keep in mind, y'all, you can guess on more than one post, just so long as the original poster hasn't chimed in on an answer. Ah, foiled by the least interesting choice! You got it mathgnome[/member]! mathgnome[/member], I'm going with 1 for the same reason; it's the least interesting. ;) Silver[/member], I'm guessing 3 because that is just silly. :) rkcapps[/member], I'm guessing 1, mostly because I like the other two more. I'm also guessing that I'm guessing wrong. :) And to keep things lively: Dougie: 1) Wears a scarf to cover the scars of a slashed throat and the magical runes that saved him 2) Hunted a creature that killed a playground full of children when he was supposed to be hunting for a good college 3) Was once tortured by a demon, but managed to kill his torturer and escape
  6. ...I really want to know more about this now ahaha Aw, thanks! :D You should post up some pics of your cast! We'd love to see them!
  7. *snicker* My reputation proceeds me it seems. You have it right Sheepy-Pie[/member]! I might have made that one too easy.... >.> For this one I vote 3. Though one does wonder how a slinky little cat couldn't finagle her way inside. I mean, seriously.... And I'm so sure I'm right I'm already poking fun! :P mathgnome[/member], I'm voting 3, mostly because it's the least interesting of the three choices. :) Okay, lets keep the ball rolling.... Riordan (name subject to change): 1) Has prematurely white hair 2) Has his mouth sewn shut with magical thread 3) Is something of a weakling Also Manu[/member], you never told us who got yours right!
  8. I don't either, and I'd really like to understand it. rkcapps[/member], you mentioned hating them. I don't suppose you'd share why they turn you off? I'd be curious if it's something that can be fixed. I'd love input from any other prologue-haters too. :)
  9. I just finished up Avenue 13. It's kinds of Scooby Doo meets Eerie Indiana. It was made for kids, so you have the absent adults and the somewhat simplistic and outrageous plotlines, plus a whodunnit where the culprit is easy to guess. Plus, the acting varies, with some folks very good and others...not so much. Because, kid's show. That said, it was definitely not a waste of my time. The cast is so multicultural that I really only noticed about three white people in the entire series, and two of those I question if they were meant to be mixed race by the way they were made up. It was a solid story, and good enough to keep me binging until the end (only 8 episodes). I highly recommend it for anyone with kids who don't want to be bored out of their skulls while watching with them, or for anyone looking for spooky ideas they can adultify in their own writing. I also watched Land of the Lustrous, which just...wow. It's an anime that misses most of the worst anime cliches, bar one. The main character will be a bit hard to live with for a few episodes as you watch her be foolish and her own worst enemy, but that's intentional--she's the youngest of the gems and has grown up cosseted, the story is her journey into being something more. The story follows the gems, a group of people made literally out of gem material. They are immortal, and if broken can be put back together again no matter how badly they shatter. If they lose pieces they lose memories. They're in an unending war with the Sky People, who want to harvest their shiny bodies for...no one quite knows, but weaponry is just one use. The computer graphics are a little dated, but that doesn't make their use any less awe inspiring or fun. Watch it if you can--I have rarely seen a world so unique or well developed. One of the things I like? The girls have no breasts, despite having a largely humanoid form. They don't even know what they are, and upon seeing her first set, Phos asks about them in sheer baffled disgust. Which makes sense for a species that does not reproduce. So why look humanoid at all? Oh, there is a very well thought out explanation. Little touches like that are what amazed me about the story. And the other thing I have recently binged is Steven Universe. Yeah, I know, I'm late to the game on that one. I really didn't expect it to be everything the critics raved plus a bag of chips, but it was. I'm still reeling. The shows are 10 minute bursts, so it costs nothing to try out--I've seen longer YouTube videos. Most of it just follows the adventures of the main character, but then they start laying down past and history and world building and...woah. Underneath all the bright colors and happy characters is some rather dark and heavy backstory. Even the main characters are far from perfect. I highly recommend this to kids, who won't understand the adult stuff, and the adults, who liable will not be turned off by the kid stuff because it never becomes insanely obnoxious. And really, this is how plot building is done. That's enough for now. :) Lots of kiddie fare because work has been a bitch. Some days you need adult, some days you need a break.
  10. Feedback for you! Hot_and_Cold_-_April_2018_-_Sheepy-Pie.docx
  11. Feedback for you! :P April_Challenge_-_Assassin_Attack_-_JediKnightMuse.docx
  12. Just FYI, five years is not much of an age gap, and a huge amount of couples have a woman in a five year age range to her guy, either younger or older. Is this different in Romania?
  13. I'm not nearly Christian enough for that Catholic ritual. Way too many invoked saints. But thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I ganked a blood brother ritual from paganism. It's actually about three times as long as that and there is much viking/Norse lingo used that I eradicated and/or altered to get what was finally used. I'm pretty happy with it, as it could be a universal blood ritual, which goes very well with what I'm trying to write; a true Melting Pot society that comes complete with magic. :)
  14. You should look at David Eddings. He is a man of his times--the love interest is always attractive--but his male characters are interesting. He describes them almost as a personality, and with only a physical trait or three, and yet you get a very clear picture of them anyway. His character descriptions were always streamlined and extremely evocative. For instance: I have a character I want to write who is quite beautiful but, for a change, I want to make no bones about it. She is beautiful, she's knows she's beautiful, and so do the people around her, and that's part of the story. I think what gets me about the pretty characters isn't their overuse, but more the non-acknowledgement of such. So often its "Hollywood Homely" or "she's plain, but everyone treats and lusts after her like she's a supermodel," or "I'm Not Pretty (but really I am)," and that's what really gets me about people using pretty characters. It's like there's some unspoken rule that they can never be genuinely pretty, know that, and have the world and themselves be okay with that...unless they try their damnedest to ignore it and/or actively hate it. I get so tired of it. I will say I have read books with no character descriptions, and I despise them. It's like flying blind. Aside from her prettiness mentioned above, I have a hyper-intelligent inventor, a 1930s gumshoe, and a spoiled rich girl, all of whom I have no clue how to write. I think I number them among my most challenging characters.
  15. How this question gets answered really depends on how you define "begin." If you consider the beginning just getting that flash of inspiration, then for me it's either characters or scenarios. I get flashes of scenes I really want to write, and I set out to flesh out a story around those. But if you consider "begin" as actually sitting down and writing, it gets a lot different. In fleshing out, plot, setting, and character tend to overlap messily for me. I may start writing first, diving into characters and a bit of the plot. I'll keep going until I hit a wall, at which point I will world build or plan plot more thoroughly. Or I may world build first, or plan bits and pieces of story and then dive in. But no matter how sloshy the pieces get or how sloppily I approach them, it always winds up this way for me: Setting=foundation. It has to be there. Every time I hit a wall, find myself bored, hating my characters or my writing, or just plain spinning my wheels, it's almost always because I blundered into some part of my world where I need to know more. I'm basically floundering around blind and stupid, and it's causing my story to crash. Sometimes building this foundation helps fill in holes in the plot, sometimes it tells me how my characters would react in certain situations, and sometimes it just gives my characters something to do. It's amazing how often world building has killed my writer's block dead. It's not a cure all, but it punches through walls a good half to two-thirds of the time. Plot=structure This is the walls and doors and window panes and roofs. This is the part that's both fun and tedious. This is the "yay, I'm creating something!" and "man, this'll never be done, and it's boring!" all at the same time. But this is necessary for the story to actually stand. And while it's second tier in creation, it's third tier in importance. Characters=interior & exterior design I usually go in knowing a lot about my characters and excited to know more, to travel with them on their journey. Often times I'm as blind going into it as they are, in part or all of the story. They've derailed me more than once, and surprised me in ways I'm not sure I could have duplicated through planning. These guys are the curtains and rugs, the furniture and floor tiles and bathroom fixtures, the paint on the siding and the lawn decorations and everything else that turns a house from a wooden box into a home. They are tier three, but second in importance. Done right and they will build a plot just by bouncing and jangling off one another. They are red herrings, unexpected turns and failures, and crowning moments of awesome. They also make the books worth the ride. When I recall my favorite books, sure I recall the plots. But often, I've seen those plots before in one form or another. What I recall, what makes me smile, or want to reread them, is the cowardly unicorn steed, the banter between a fallen prince and his warrior princess, the protectiveness and control-freaky tendencies of the Aunties and their charmed pies, the 1920s vampire gumshoe who can't cross running water, the angelic warrior with a heart of an artist and cracked prism eyes, the vampire who laughed when his enemy sliced his throat and considered it foreplay, the singer who was forced out of her home and tamed creatures of myth, the child who played in an endless graveyard, the hobbit's gardener who was his only strength against the evil that slowly consumed him. They all have plots, of course, but never has a plot alone drawn me to reread a book. Always characters. Always the journey of a person through the plot, always how it affects them. A plot is a structure, but a home is the things you bring in to that structure to make it yours. That's how it works for me, at least. *shrugs*