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  1. https://starcall.sylessae.com/ - Link here This has become one of my favorite sites - you fill out a request form and then someone draws your character for free; they only ask that you share the link on social media. It's especially helpful because I have no art talent and because I am a broke college student :P
  2. I'm not sure how well it would work for a campaign setting to be honest.
  3. I have two things I am incredibly proud of in my WIP: the Bondhood Ceremony and the bathing ritual that occurs after it. The Bathing Ceremony occurs after a wedding ceremony and reception but comes before the union is consummated. It is one of the most intimate moments a couple can have, if not the most intimate according to the priests. During the late spring and summer, often the ceremony will be performed in a river or a lake if possible; however, during the winter months and the early spring, the ceremony will be performed in a heated pool at the keep, or in a tub at the couple's house. First, the couple will enter the water on opposite sides, symbolizing how they were once alone. They then will pour water over each other's heads and faces. The first member of the couple will start washing the other's hair and face, ultimately cleaning them entirely. The second person repeats what the first did. After both people have bathed, the couple can choose to hold each other in the water for however long they want or can choose to go consummate their marriage or Bondhood. And now for the Bondhood ceremony: The Bonding Ceremony is the union of two people of the same gender in the Church of the Two. While a bonding is not as strong as a marriage, it is still a highly intimate moment for both people when they become brothers or sisters. The ceremony begins with both members of the couple walking down the aisle of the temple until they reach the altar. The hands of the couple will be tied together with a rope to signify the two souls becoming one conjoined soul. After that, several passages from the Sapentum speaking about the holiness of the bond and several couples who had entered bondhoods before, especially emphasizing how the couple is now united. After that, the couple squeezes hands and share a kiss after they are pronounced a couple by the priest performing the ceremony, sometimes undoing the knot so they can pull their cloaks around each other, signifying the two houses becoming one conjoined house in the eyes of the Two.
  4. I don't know if you can have accounts connected, but you could probably have a server one and a personal one, but you couldn't have both be online at the same time.
  5. So... is it true? Are there the three kids of the father falcon god out there in your world somewhere? Yes, all the gods of the religion in the world exist, but some try to hide away more than others. All are reclusive, though.
  6. In Bendarith, in the Kingdom of Feridia, they believe that in the beginning there were only the falcon gods - a father and his 3 children. The king was incredibly tyrannical, and so his children overthrew him and killed him. As a result, marriages in Feridia usually have three people in them to represent the unity of the three gods.
  7. What are some examples of slang in your world? For example, gay men in Myriven are called "mares" while lesbians are called "stallions". I'm not sure about anything else at the moment though.
  8. Are you participating in NaNo this year? Yes, my username is thattripletguy. Do you know what you're writing yet? I think so. I think it will.be a vague campaign idea I've had where the royal family, House Wyl, is seeking to spread their influence in some of the other continents in Myriven. If you don't know what you're writing yet, do you have any vague ideas? See above. Are you planning on starting something brand new or "rebelling" and continuing something you've already started? I might start it before, but I am not sure yet.
  9. I think I would want live in my WIP world Myriven, as long as it was in the First Age before the Great War where the elves had to unleash WMDs to drive the humans away from their cities. I think living in one of the keeps would be nice, though the villages aren't bad either. I would want to live in one of the southern parts of Aclyth, maybe King's Port or Greyvale. Especially with the Knights of the Dragon being based out of Greyvale, since riding around with a knight would be amazing.
  10. This is a map of my new world Myriven. There is no one capital for the kingdom due to the elves basically destroying it, and most major cities were badly damaged in the war between the elves and humans.
  11. Tyrannhotep, I am looking to create either a Greco-Roman, Norse/Viking, or Anglo-Saxon influenced campaign world.
  12. Wow! Your art looks great! Do you take requests by any chance?
  13. Hello there! I am thatguy, and while I don't write what many would consider traditional media per se, I write D&D campaigns and build worlds. I lost my muse for my first setting recently, and so I am looking to hopefully start a new project soon.