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  1. The mentor-ish type of character in my WIP is the MC dead grandfather who trained him to fight his entire life. In the second book, he has left a wealth of knowledge and plans for weapons which will come back to help in the third book. Is it really a mentor if he isn't there in the book at all? I like the mentor relationship. It is a good way to get someone into the action, but not just be an expert at the onset. But it can be overplayed.
  2. Tort

    Why fantasy?

    Sci-fi makes me want to understand how things work (being an engineer irl). Trying to define how a spaceship moves through space and how technology got to where it is today. What are the physics to the problem? Yes, there are the it just works types, but my mind wants to know. In Fantasy, I make the rules, can break the rules with reason. Ever realize most aliens are humanoid or bug shaped, what about blobs or lines, how do we know they aren't 4 dimensional and how would you interact with it? How do your communicate with new aliens without pushing the just believe button. Fantasy, there can be magic (which I've used) to overcome language barriers, learning through studies. Creatures can be defined and fantastic things can be done without wondering why a sword can pierce dragon skin, but the weight of the dragon doesn't crush it's body. One day, I'd like to develop a sci-fi world, but I need more brainpower and to finish my other WIP's.
  3. I read fantasy and urban fantasy, and write in the same space. Technological wizards? Are we talking Jedi? LOL I think the issue is most people don't mix the two for the development of one diminishes the need for the other. I could see a mashing of two worlds, Science with Wizards, but as an inciting incident; kind if like Emerald City (bringing science into a magical world and upsetting the balance) or the Anime Gate, where technology goes in and battles magic and medieval thinking. There would need to be a reason for both to exist, like Harry Potter (either you are or are not a wizard). Interesting premise, but hard to piece together a story line which wouldn't seem overly complicated from my viewpoint. But sci-fi isn't my love.
  4. Tort

    Howdy Peeps

    Hi, I'm Jon. I'm new to the group, but have been writing poorly for years. I'm trying to better my stories and hopefully get my first book published while working on my second with the third eating my brain in the corner. I need motivation since my technical full time job consumes my desire to sit in front of a computer, maybe beta readers of my finished MS (who can give feedback of trouble areas), and help finding publishers or agents who would be interested in my work and voice.