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  1. Manu

    Advent Day 3: Love Character

    “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard Dark secrets and unconditional love... I'm putting my associations of dark secrets under a spoiler tag - don't read on if you're not prepared for stuff that could be unsettling. I do plan to use these for stories some time in the future, but I don't know yet in which way. The quote has given me an idea in which direction I could go, so thanks a lot for posting it!
  2. Manu

    Advent Day 7: Joy (Writer's Choice)

    The Joseph Campbell quote immediately made me think of the hero's journey, since he is the one who discovered it and the author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces. How about this: a story that follows the classic hero's journey structure, but it's not a physical journey, but a journey inside the protagonist's own mind/subconscious. Pain seems to be the antagonist here, and joy could be the hero's mentor, teaching them how to be happy despite their pain over past losses.
  3. Manu

    Another Dumb Question

    Fun anecdote about me being confused due to member titles: For a couple of days I assumed "Mistress of Death" was a new member who recently joined. I got suspicious when she said she had the second highest amount of content on the site in the reputation thread 😝
  4. Manu

    2018 Accomplishments

    Wow, that's a whole bunch of achievements, congrats everyone - whether it's taking writing seriously, a NaNo success story, getting married, a photo shoot or joining university, all of those are awesome achievements!
  5. Manu

    Howdy oh fellow writers

    Welcome 🙂 hope you like it here! I've just checked out WorldAnvil, looks neat! And now I'll find out some more stuff about Gail Carriger, I've been wanting to read a good steampunk novel for a while!
  6. Manu

    Report Errors/Site Issues

    I asked in the Discord whether the site was acting weirdly for anyone else earlier today, and Sheepy said it had been doing the same for her before, so I'm reposting this here. Obviously, the site is working fine again, or I wouldn't be able to make this post, but I happened to still have the code it showed to me in a browser tab and took a screenshot before I reloaded to find out it's working again. Right before this happened, the site showed me a new notification (the one in the sceenshot, obviously), and when I clicked on it, the tab reloaded and showed me that code. I had Worldsmyths in a couple of other tabs, and when I changed to one of them, it would automatically reload and show the same code, even if it was showing an entirely different thread before. Reloading didn't help. I'm on a Windows 10 OS and I use Firefox 63.0.3, 64 bit version. Not sure if this needs admin attention, since it's working fine again - anyway, in case it happens again and/or to others, this post and screenshot might help figuring out what this is about.
  7. Manu

    2018 Accomplishments

    Writing-wise, 2018 wasn't the most productive year for me, but there are some things that I am proud of: I wrote my first ever short story in English! I also translated a scene from one of my WIP's for a writing challenge and I am quite happy how it turned out, and I wrote a short story in my native language and shared it with professional editors during an internship in a small publishing house. There were also a couple of changes concerning my relationships: During the first half of 2018, I finally found the strength to end a long-lasting relationship that had come to a point where it was only making me unhappy. In August, I found a new partner and I'm happier than I ever was in my life Concerning work, 2018 was probably the most exhausting year in a while, but I managed to steer it in the right direction. I got in a 12-month-programme aimed at assessing whether I'm fit for work and if yes, how many hours a week I can work. Since I'm not planning to get back into my old job, I did two internships in editing, one with a small publisher and one with a literature agency. Got a job offer from the agency! Since I can't work fulltime and won't earn enough money there to fully make a living from the work, I am now applying for financial aid for disability, and I am almost there - looks really good right now, and it's about 80% safe that I can do that part-time job in editing for the next 2 years and get funding from the government for it 🙃 So while 2018 was a strenuous year for me, some really good things happened as well! What about yours?
  8. Manu

    2018 Accomplishments

    We have entered the last month of 2018, and while it's probably a bit early to set goals and make New Year Resolutions, let's take a moment and look back on this year! What have you accomplished this year, writing-wise or in general? What did you do this year that makes you happy or proud, no matter if you worked hard for it or were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time? What challenges have you faced, what hurdles have you cleared? Anything else you'd like to share? I'd appreciate if we could keep the general tone of this thread positive - life sometimes sucks, but let's rather pat ourselves on the shoulder for overcoming difficulties than complain about having to face them in the first place 🙂
  9. Manu

    Advent Day 2: Love Magic

    Being a sucker for dystopy, here's a story idea based on the prompt I came up with: Some children are born with the ability to do magic, but love interferes with it and growing up in a loving home or having a genuine friend will cripple their talent for magic. A secret government unit kidnaps those children and raises them to be strong sorcerers, but emotional cripples, exploring the possibilites of using sorcerers as weapons. When a girl raised in the government facility falls in love with one of her comrades, dealing with unrequited love is one of her least worries - her magic is starting to become more unreliable, and she has to find a way to hide that fact from her superiors and get out of the facility before someone decides that she is a danger to the project because she knows too much... (hope that's along the lines of what you had in mind for today's event?)
  10. "Writing Excuses" is a writing podcast by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells and Howard Tayler (at least they are the ones who came up with it, there are a lot more writers involved in the later seasons). "15 minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart" 😄
  11. Me! Me! Me! Love that idea. As I said elsewhere, I have looked into the writing excuses podcast sometime a year ago, but stopped somewhere in season 2 (for whatever reason, I can't remember, probably RL). Especially for December with the holidays, I'd suggest a really short word count - I'd go for 500 words for December. In general, I'd suggest 1000 words or maybe 1500 as the limit, to make sure we all manage to give feedback to each other and still have enough time for our own WIP's. Since I find wordcount hard to grasp, I like thinking in pages. One page of writing is ~250-300 words for me, a little less if there's a lot of dialogue. 1500 words would be ~5 pages by that calculation, x5 because of the number of members - everyone would give feedback on ~25 pages of writing each month then. What do you think about that - doable, or too much? On that note: Do you plan that everyone gets feedback from all 5 other members of the group? Or would there be some sort of pairing, i.e. member1 gives feedback to member2, member2 gives feedback to member3, ... , member6 gives feedback to member1? If the latter is the case, the wordcount limit could be higher, but personally I prefer getting input from several members and a shorter wordcount.
  12. Manu

    Post NaNo Plans?

    Since I spent November editing stuff for the intership I'm doing, I yearn for writing something myself again. Hope to get there in December. Due to RL interfering, I didn't manage to achieve my goal for 2018 (finishing one of my WIPs), so I'll make that my goal for 2019. Oh, and sorting out RL stuff and finally knowing if, where and how I'm going to work in the future, that questions have been unresolved for way too long.
  13. Manu

    December Writing Events?

    I like the first two options (December writing challenge and advent calendar).
  14. Manu

    Club Ideas

    I'm interested in all of these suggestions - I had planned to look into web serials for a while and didn't do so yet, and refreshing some story theory never hurts, I actually have started listening to the podcast and watching the video lectures some time over a year ago and didn't finish either, so yay to some peer pressure in this case 🙂 Edit: After the holidays would be awesome, I should have more time on my hands by then.
  15. Manu

    Tarot inspiration challenges/exercises

    I don't have much time on my hands at the moment, but I'm definitely interested! As long as we make short outlines or really short pieces of fiction from the prompts, I should be able to take part. If we write longer stuff, I'll still try, but can't promise anything.