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  1. No thank you, I don't want to spoil anything major right now. EDIT: You know what, I'll sort it all out in the second draft.
  2. I'm 20 chapters into my main WIP's first draft. I would say that I'm 2/3rds of the way through the whole story, yet today I checked my word count on Scrivener and found that it's around 36.4k words. Since my writing coach estimates that I need another 10,000 to finish the draft, my prediction is that the final word count will be ~45k. Since this is a novel I want to publish through traditional methods, I feel that this is too short. My understanding is that the majority of publishers would prefer word counts well in excess of 50k, such as between 80-100k. I will admit that, as my writing coach has pointed out a few times, some areas of my book could use expansion, and that I've been rushing the last few chapters since I've grown bored and disillusioned with the whole project and want to get it over with. But is there a significant market for novels like mine which are under 50k in word count?
  3. Finished a 4.1k short this morning. It's very sword & sorcery in tone, so I plan to send it to publications specializing in that fare once I get it revised.
  4. Right now, the approach I am taking with my main WIP is simply to continue working on the first draft. Putting everything back together is for draft #2 and later. If I were to abandon a story every time it "fell apart", I'd never get anything done!
  5. On a totally unrelated note... A subversive parody of epic fantasy where the Chosen One becomes the Dark Lord. This comes about because they think being Chosen entitles them to get away with anything and have everything their way. That's got to inflate somebody's ego, you have to admit.
  6. Welcome to our forum, Ms. Tassarin! Sounds like a rather subversive storyline you have there. I wonder how the original Chosen One feels about his hubby taking up his mantle? Is he happy about it, or does he resent it in some way?
  7. Yeah, they're probably something that would have been imported from the tropics. Maybe some rich assholes in fantasy-world Europe thought that having pet dragons in their backyard would make them more macho or something, and then the beasts got loose. In fact, there is some evidence from medieval bestiaries that dragons were thought to have originated in tropical regions like India or Ethiopia.
  8. What if dragons evolved the ability to breathe fire to keep themselves warm during the wintertime? If you're a big and scaly reptile living in the otherworld equivalent of medieval Europe, you might find the winter cold uncomfortable even if you had the "warm-blooded" metabolism that paleontologists have postulated for dinosaurs. Keep in mind, however, that dragons were historically considered more closely related to squamate reptiles such as snakes and lizards, which tend to have a more "cold-blooded" metabolism. Maybe fire would keep a dragon's metabolism running during a medieval European winter?
  9. As far as my own characters are concerned, I admit that they tend to plot towards the extremes of the morality spectrum. Individual protagonists may have flaws like a short fuse or an impulsive temperament that can get them into deeper trouble (those two flaws in particular being ones I find most relatable), but my antagonists often are truly evil. Often the latter are based on the types of people I find most loathsome in life (e.g. racists, sexists, greedy imperialists, or anyone who profits from others' suffering), so I have little inclination to portray them with any more sympathy than their real-life counterparts. There's something cathartic about giving the scum of society their overdue comeuppance in fiction. That's not to say every antagonist I've ever written has been a clearcut villain. My recent short story Dribble Like Me (a draft of which you can read at the Worldsmyths library) has one character who becomes the lead antagonist for a moment, yet he has a change of heart towards the end once the person he cares about the most prompts him to it. I simply felt that particular form of resolution best fit the theme of the story, which is one about intercultural conflict and misunderstanding.
  10. Those are some rather unique concepts from your own work that you've shared there, particularly the selendi. Welcome to our forum!
  11. This one is my favorite of the bunch. I love stories about setting out into the mysterious frontier!
  12. I see. I saw the place name "Caerwen" and assumed something more medieval. My bad.
  13. I agree, something like "mage" or "sorcerer" would be more evocative for the genre. "Magician" sounds too much like a guy who performs tricks with illusions in our world. Same word choice issue with "kids", in my opinion. It sounds too modern. "Children" would fit the setting better IMO.
  14. This is a blurb I typed out for a novelette I finished yesterday. It's more of a spy thriller than traditional fantasy, I admit, since it's set in our world during the modern day. But it does have enough lost-world adventure elements to qualify as fanciful. So...anyone willing to offer last-minute feedback for the August challenge?
  15. You need to qualify that those should be actual felines in the video. Celebrities CGI'd to resemble cat/human hybrids would only unsettle the receiver even more. 😨 As far as my own bad advice... Make sure your first draft is as perfect as possible so that you don't have to revise anything later. Believe me, I've actually been down that route.