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  1. Tyrannohotep

    King's stairway [image prompt]

    This is a short I scribbled out in response to this prompt:
  2. Tyrannohotep

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    It's a common stereotype that goes hand in hand with Eurocentric beauty standards. I've heard it endorsed by racist assholes way too many times in my life. But that may be a discussion for another thread.
  3. Tyrannohotep

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    One trope I've subvert many times in the past is the damsel-in-distress one. Or rather, I invert it by having the girl rescue the guy rather than the other way around. My female characters are commonly warriors, and it seems pointless to have a warrior heroine if she doesn't get to save the day. Other than that, my favorite tropes to subvert are the ones I see as problematic to begin with, such as offensive stereotypes. For example, I'm really not a fan of the big hyper-masculine African stud, the wimpy little Asian nerd, or any portrayal of African women as romantically or sexually unattractive.
  4. Tyrannohotep

    Overused tropes that you're totally using anyway

    Priestess of the Lost Colony * Bad guy is a tyrannical warlord who wants to take over the world, and the protagonists essentially have to stop him. * One of the good guys (not the protagonist though) is a "farmboy" who has royal ancestry. * Intercultural tension between African and European people (OK, this one isn't so common in the fantasy genre, but it's a common theme for almost every book or movie about race relations in America). * One of the male leads (actually the "farmboy" from the second bullet point) has the hots for the heroine and wants to win her over.
  5. Damn, that's an awful lot of killing.
  6. Philos, a rural shepherd who is one of my supporting characters, has a father named Erastos who used to be the king of Mycenae. However, Erastos got dethroned in a coup organized by his younger brother Scylax (the villain of the novel) and ended up retreating into the countryside, where he married a local woman and had Philos. What my protagonist Itaweret has to do is pressure Philos to reclaim his father's throne from Scylax.
  7. Tyrannohotep

    Howdy oh fellow writers

    Welcome to our community, Isaac!
  8. Tyrannohotep

    Character replies

    Itaweret stroked her fingers through her dreadlocks in thought. "The moment I became High Priestess of Mut. Of course, it was my father Mahu who had me appointed to the position, but why would he choose me were my character not worthy of it? And ever since I had my title bestowed upon me, I have done everything I could to appease my goddess." Her face lit up with a mischievous smile. "Oh, and I also remember the first time I beat my brother Bek at senet. Of course, it's been easy for me to do ever since, but I will never forget the look on his face that first time. Now, allow me to present a question of my own. How do you get along with your family members?"
  9. Tyrannohotep

    So Tyrannohotep likes to draw...a lot

    It’s my Egyptian priestess character Itaweret, but drawn in a style that’s supposed to be anime-like. Unfortunately, the anime influence didn’t come out that obvious, especially since anime women for some reason don’t tend to have full lips like Ita. Oh well, style experiments are always good for quick doodles like this. Here is an 11×17′’ educational poster starring the Tyrannosaurus rex, the last of the great reptiles and the king of them all. Perfect for decorating the room of anyone who loves dinosaurs, young and old alike! You can buy your own printed copy on Redbubble here. I saw a meme claiming that an old painting of the Christian Saint Nicholas (the guy who inspired the Santa Claus myth) looked like a Klingon from Star Trek based on what appeared to be ridges on his brow. Personally, I thought the “ridges” looked more like some of the scarification patterns you see in various African societies, so I felt inspired to draw the saint as an African man with those kind of inscribed markings on his forehead. Seriously speaking, the original St. Nicholas was supposed to be a dude from what is now Turkey in the third to fourth centuries AD, so he probably looked like most people in that region at that time (i.e. Mediterranean or Middle Eastern) rather than African. There are, however, some legendary saints hailing from African countries, such as St. Moses “the Black” from Egypt and St. Augustine of Hippo (from what is now Algeria).
  10. Tyrannohotep

    So Tyrannohotep likes to draw...a lot

    This is a map I made for an alternate-history novel I’ve been working on over the past month, which has ancient Egyptians colonizing the coast of Greece around 1900 BC, during the Bronze Age. The story itself takes place in 1600 BC, after the Canaanite Hyksos seize control of northern Egypt and therefore cut it off from its colony in Greece. Thus isolated, the colonists face the threat of brutal subjugation at the hands of the burgeoning Greek power of Mycenae… Originally the Egyptian colony was going to be named Dedenu (after a Greek city named Dodona), but I decided to change it to Per-Pehu since I wanted the name to use actual vocabulary from the ancient Egyptian language. The name Per-Pehu should translate to “House of the North”.
  11. Tyrannohotep

    Nibble (that is Hi)

    Welcome, Dek!
  12. Tyrannohotep

    What are you currently reading [2018]?

    I'm currently reading Mercedes Lackey's Dragon Jousters series (I am about to begin the second book). So far, the animal-like portrayal of the dragons and the world-building (based on predynastic Egypt) that are what really suck me.
  13. Tyrannohotep

    Hello, I am a purple dragon.

    This sounds cool. I like the idea of dragons who aren't overly anthropomorphic. Are they more like wild animals in your world? EDIT: NM, I read the other replies and see your dragons are more supernatural or otherworldly, My bad.
  14. Tyrannohotep

    December Writing Events?

    I would go for the monthly writing challenge. We only stopped doing those for a couple of months because of NaNo, so it would make sense to return to tradition after NaNo has passed. Although the Secret Santa thing sounds cool too...
  15. Tyrannohotep


    It's very well-written, but I was a bit confused over Tabitha's relationship to the ship. More than once, it's stated that she is the ship. Is this supposed to be some kind of metaphor, or does Tabitha have some magical link to the ship?