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  1. Cosigning this. Though even with regards to Europe, only certain cultures from that subcontinent get represented a lot in fantasy. Usually northwestern ones like England. That's why I will give the Witcher franchise a little credit for exploring the eastern (as in Slavic and Romanian) part of Europe for a change.
  2. These are all fair points everyone raised here. I wished I had considered them before making this thread.
  3. It used to be that once a kid became a teenager, they were considered sufficiently grown to leave their parents' home and take on adult responsibilities and autonomy. Nowadays, we force teens to live with their parents for another few years so that they can go to high school. Only after they graduate from high school can they go on to college and enjoy their delayed autonomy. If you think about it, this makes no sense. Your average teenager already wants to get out of the house and live as an adult long before their high school graduation. Forcing them to endure four or more years of parental domination does them no favors. Furthermore, there are few things they learn in high school that they won't learn from more qualified educators in college. The way I see it, the modern high school is superfluous and should be abolished. Instead, we should send our kids straight to college the moment they hit puberty. That way, they would get to spend a larger proportion of their youth out in the world as free and independent adults. Who's with me?
  4. I plead guilty to having themes of racism, sexism, and xenophobia in my WIP. Usually, it's the unsympathetic characters that express those sentiments, because they're supposed to be the bad guys after all. Mind you, my good characters aren't 100% perfect in that regard either, but they are supposed to adjust their attitudes as part of their arcs.
  5. Sounds like the entire paranormal romance genre. Is that still a thing nowadays? I remember there were whole aisles filled with the stuff a few years back (for reasons too obvious to need pointing out), but I would have expected the fad to lose steam eventually.
  6. I tried reading Game of Thrones and couldn't get deep into it. The writing wasn't necessarily bad, but it did feel unfocused in the way that it seemed to jump between PoV characters without a clear overarching storyline. So I have never been fond of the franchise as a whole.
  7. I'm drawn to villains who are evocative of real evils in the world. There are a lot of messed-up people out there, and one always wants to see them taken down. Some of the most frightening are the villains in positions of power and influence who use their position to bully and oppress others. You know, fascists, imperialists, capitalists, racialists, fanatical religious leaders, etc. They have done more damage to world peace and harmony than your average street criminal could dream of inflicting.
  8. I know intersex individuals exist, but what I had in mind with my original post weren't biologically intersex people but rather people who belonged to one sex on the biological level but were psychologically "non-binary". But fair enough, if they feel like they're non-binary, they can identify however they want.
  9. To be honest, the whole concept of "non-binary" befuddles me. I can understand addressing trans individuals by the gender they psychologically identify with. But if you can't decide which gender you psychologically relate to more, why not simply go with your biological sex instead? It would save you a lot of trouble. And while we're at it, "pansexuality" sounds an awful lot like bisexuality. The only difference seems to be taking trans and non-binaries into account. But I digress.
  10. Most of my MCs have been female, including the one for my current WIP. Even the stories where the POV character is male typically have a strong woman by his side. What can I say, I'm a sucker for strong heroines.
  11. I'm not crazy for it personally, but I am sure it can be done well in the hands of the right author. If you're truly a fan of things medieval, I would say go for your passion when creating your fantasy world.
  12. Except for a few gods or spirits here and there, I don't think I've ever written an immortal character. I imagine it would depend on exactly how long they've been around, as well as how common immortality is in the world. It must suck to be an immortal who's seen generations of loved ones dying (unless they ended up desensitized to it after a while). Also, if you take your immortality for granted, you might have a lot of privilege to check when dealing with ordinary mortals who expect to grow old and die.
  13. Here's a random setting idea I came up with. I'm thinking of a world where human history has repeatedly cycled between "Golden Ages" dominated by large and advanced empires and "Dark Ages" wherein all civilization collapses and humanity across the world reverts to a hunter-gatherer state, foraging among the ruins of the previous "Golden Age". Triggering each of these transitions would be fluctuations in environmental conditions, a bit like the cycling between glacial and interglacial periods in our own world's Pleistocene epoch (in fact, the entire Holocene epoch we're living in right now is really another interglacial period). Of course, there's also some inspiration taken from Robert E. Howard's idea of periodic global cataclysms (e.g. the ones that begin and end the Hyborian Age, the fictional era his stories about Conan the CImmerian take place).
  14. My protagonists tend to be twenty-somethings, often around 25. That's probably because I see that as the "just right" age. Old enough to possess some maturity and skill at whatever they do, yet not so old that their good looks and fitness have started to weather away. Of course, it probably helps that I'm still in my twenties as I type this.
  15. I ought to try out some of these suggestions you guys are putting forward. Though it kinda sounds to me that "Draft 0" is really another form of outlining. Might be great for pantser types like me.