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  1. TricksterShi Hope that one is right. Same here.
  2. I stalled on my Witches of Texas sequel several times this year but I think I finally worked out what element was missing, so I will use NaNo to write that one (again). Between now and then I'll nail down a useable outline so I have that ready.
  3. As silly as it sounds, sometimes switching up the font I'm using really helps. If I can find one that looks silly or like actual handwriting or if it has a similar vibe to what I want to write, sometimes that helps. I have mild dyslexia, so switching to the dyslexia font helps because of how the letters are tilted. Once I put it in an "official" font like Times or Verdana or Palatino I find I switch to editing mode. And sometimes switching to notebook and pen helps. Being at a computer for the day job and writing is sometimes too much and a notebook can go anywhere. The change in medium, and even scenery, shuts up my editor because my handwriting is messy by default, so I never expect anything handwritten to be edited until it gets transferred to the computer.
  4. I wrote words!Today's date: August 31, 2019Words to add: 7165 wordsNew total: 7165 words
  5. I wrote words!Today's date: July 31stWords to add: 19,407 wordsNew total: 22,000 words I got busy and forgot to come check in, but I surpassed my goal finally! Yay!
  6. I wrote words!Today's date: July 7th, 2019 Previous month's total: 15,601 wordsWords to add: 2,593 wordsNew total: 2,593 words
  7. I finally started making good headway around the middle of the month on my main project. I've got the first five chapters done. I also worked on a scene that I was going to submit for June's writing challenge, but didn't get it done in time. It's a scene that takes place near the end of the book and I'm pretty happy with it. It's given me a solid point to write towards, so I may take another day and work on the scenes leading up to it to get the monster reveal and get clues seeded in. I also took a couple breaks to work on something new. It's a skewed kind of fairy tale that will be broken up into short reads when I get them finished. The premise is a witch whose job is to help people find their path realizes that not everyone fits into their tale (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.,), and not every fairy tale is suited for that particular person. The first story centers on a Cinderella, only she's already in her mid-twenties, had an evil step-father, was the lone survivor of a wildfire that wiped out the estate and evil step-family, and the princes in the surrounding kingdoms are too young. So the witch creates a new path, one that leads to a strange valley full of lemon trees where these people have the opportunity to create their own stories and endings.
  8. I wrote words!Today's date: June 30thWords to add: [5,318] wordsNew total: [15,601] words
  9. I wrote words!Today's date: June 18th, 2019Words to add: 5,740New total: 10,283
  10. I've got a love-hate relationship with summaries. I like working on them just fine until it's for the official-official blurb that goes on the Amazon sales page. I often write blurbs for my projects as I'm working on them to give myself a clear idea of what the promised shape of the story is. Sort of a way to keep myself on track when I lose sight of the bigger picture. But every blurb I've drafted for the sales page I want to drop kick into the ocean. I'm never satisfied and they tend to feel too clunky or just wrong. This is the current blurb for the first book of Witches of Texas that I have posted on Amazon and my website. It still bugs the tar out of me: One of my plans for this summer is to update the story file and re-write this blurb so that it feels more suited to the story. The first time around I went to IMDB and looked through the blurbs for movies I love that enticed me to watch them so I may do that again.