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  1. Just wanted to share this song - I absolutely love Two Steps from Hell for fantasy music, but this song is on repeat as a new favorite. It makes me feel like sailing around the world and taking on an army by myself. I feel like I could do absolutely anything with this as my background music. So I'm using it to write an epic battle that doesn't even take place in the current book just because the song inspires such vivid imagery!
  2. No problem! Sometimes that makes all the difference in getting at least part of my word count in during the day so not all of it is riding on the time after work when I'm brain dead and exhausted. On the weekends 1667 words isn't that hard to reach, but after work it can be as big as a mountain.
  3. I definitely struggle with this, too. Usually what I run into is getting sick sometime mid to late November that wipes me out for at least a week, so I try and get a good word count cushion going during the first week that will carry me through that. I already get up early, so when it's not bad weather or anything that forces me to leave before my usual time I try and get some words in. I use my 30 minutes at lunch to write in a notebook (and I usually manage to steal a bit of time on the clock by emailing bits of dialogue or prose when its not busy). Whatever time I have at night I transcribe from my notebook and add more if I can. Pretty much I try to look for any space of time I can squeeze in some words without getting caught. Weekends tend to be my biggest chunks of writing time, so I aim for higher word counts then. I tend to cut off all my TV viewing time except for Supernatural during this month, too, as well as time on social media. The only sites I frequent during NaNo are this forum, the NaNo forum, and my email. Paring my internet use down to the bone cuts down on a lot of distractions (especially Tumblr...I can lose hours on that site!).
  4. My favorite exchange so far would have to be this:
  5. Abandoned by their mother, two sisters must master magic and social skills to stop a teenage serial killer from striking.
  6. Yesterday I took a big step on the technical side of self publishing. I figured out how to create a paperback version of Lightning Girls on Amazon and got the extended cover created and fitted to their margin specifications (which was 90% of the battle!). Now it's under review and I just have to wait for approval and for it to go live. Once it's live I'll be able to order my author copy and finally hold a physical book that I wrote in my hands! *runs around in circles*
  7. TricksterShi Hope that one is right. Same here.
  8. I stalled on my Witches of Texas sequel several times this year but I think I finally worked out what element was missing, so I will use NaNo to write that one (again). Between now and then I'll nail down a useable outline so I have that ready.
  9. As silly as it sounds, sometimes switching up the font I'm using really helps. If I can find one that looks silly or like actual handwriting or if it has a similar vibe to what I want to write, sometimes that helps. I have mild dyslexia, so switching to the dyslexia font helps because of how the letters are tilted. Once I put it in an "official" font like Times or Verdana or Palatino I find I switch to editing mode. And sometimes switching to notebook and pen helps. Being at a computer for the day job and writing is sometimes too much and a notebook can go anywhere. The change in medium, and even scenery, shuts up my editor because my handwriting is messy by default, so I never expect anything handwritten to be edited until it gets transferred to the computer.
  10. I wrote words!Today's date: August 31, 2019Words to add: 7165 wordsNew total: 7165 words
  11. I wrote words!Today's date: July 31stWords to add: 19,407 wordsNew total: 22,000 words I got busy and forgot to come check in, but I surpassed my goal finally! Yay!
  12. I wrote words!Today's date: July 7th, 2019 Previous month's total: 15,601 wordsWords to add: 2,593 wordsNew total: 2,593 words