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  1. Hagen: Why are you exiled??? My clan was betrayed and slaughtered by someone we thought of as a friend and ally. He also killed my father and my brother. Only a few of us could escape. I cannot rest until I avenge them and take back our ancestral home. Kranath: What do you find to be the most important survival skill you've ever learned? How often does it come up? I have learned to block out pain until I can stop and deal with it. I had plenty of it for six long years, and it made me more dangerous. I will keep going in a fight even after grievous injuries. Maeron: Guardian of what? Is it a very important job? I am responsible for the safety of our world. This position has been filled by all sorts of people over many millennia. Before me, an elf woman held it for a long time. It is the Guardian's sword, Justice, who determines who inherits her when a wielder dies, and she bestows magical powers on whomever she chooses. The smith who made her at the dawn of the time gave the sword her own soul so she could always watch over the world. Liedes: What do you think about when you need to stay calm? I am generally a calm person, and I'm used to danger. For a long time I was my queen's personal assassin. I have seen plenty of fire, both figuratively and literally. My training had taught me several short litanies that help to stay focused. JayLee[/member] Dune: What do you think of the Prince? Glen: Tell us a bit about your family!
  2. Hagen - dwarf, king, living in exile Kranath - human, ranger, has an unwanted connection with the Big Bad Maeron - human, mage-knight, the Guardian Liedes - elf, dual wield, stepped out of a wuxia tbh All in the same high fantasy world.
  3. I cried for him ok He's like Shakespearean character meets Magneto. But yeah, not very evil. Since I'm vengeful and impatient, I can always relate to this type of villain better than I do to the pacifist hero. I'm all KICK THEIR ARSE BABY. My favourite type of villains (of the ones that are actually evil) are the smart chessmasters. Azula, Tywin Lannister, Crowley (ok... he turned kinda good later), King Ecbert in Vikings, Livia Drusilla (HOOOLY FUCK Livia was SAVAGE). I also love the "fucked up but has/had the potential to be good" type like Amon, Guy of Gisborne, Loki, Michael Corleone, Darth Vader. I'm not a big fan of the mustache-twirling Dark Lord who sits on a spiky throne in spiky armour and eats kittens.
  4. Title: The Guardian (working title) Author: Rowena Shepard Main Genre: fantasy -Sub Genre: epic/high fantasy Word count: 1392 Summary: a prisoner has escaped from the villain's realm and is currently running for his life Is this a monthly challenge submission or regular submission? regular Do you want feedback? If so, what kind are you looking for? Is there anything specific you're looking for feedback on (character development, plot, world building, etc)? any kind of feedback is welcome! Author notes: since I didn't manage to sneak in a description for the POV character, just imagine him being played by Richard Armitage ;) Link(s) to Submission: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f7XU0EpwFuRIg8XLGJqllI6TPK5S2PTVQlwhznHLt-U/edit?usp=sharing
  5. I have two main romances: between a dwarf warrior lady and a phoenix, who get a total happy ending, and between a dwarf king and an elf historian, where the king will die taking down the Big Bad (he lives long enough to have a heartbreaking farewell scene with his lover, in good operatic fashion). Both are same-sex because I have zero interest in writing F/M ships. As to how they all meet: the two dwarves involved are uncle and niece, and they are on a quest to pwn the villain who killed the rest of their family and majority of clan. The elf joins at the start offering to be their bard/chronicler, and the phoenix they meet a little later (she probably saves the party's arse and joins them). Phoenix lady is a little OP but that's how mages are, especially immortal shapeshifting mages :D
  6. It's all about defeating him :D He does have a significant presence because he has a telepathic bond with one of the main characters (the human who escaped him - or so he thought). So he can communicate with him while being safe in his evil realm :D Of course, he later comes out and fights. Not sure if I should occasionally show him directly, but there aren't really any potential POV characters around him - his army is demons and thralls who don't really have free will anymore. Plus an undead sorceress/necromancer :D POV is also a problem. Do I have several POVs or say "fuck it" and just omni?
  7. So in my WIP, the prologue would be the villain revealing himself as such (before that, everyone thought of him as a good guy). He's the younger brother of an elf king (and secretly bitter about it, especially since his brother has two adult sons already) plus he's a telepath who realized the potential of his powers. He spent a long time secretly building an army. His first strike would be getting rid of their dwarven allies who live in the neighbouring country, to make sure no one can help his brother fast enough when it comes to war. He goes to the dwarf kingdom as a guest (they welcome him since such visits are common between their peoples) and at night him and his entourage (who are all his thralls at this point) attack their hosts. There are few survivors, among them the two dwarf protagonists, and boy, are they PISSED. Now this could certainly be a nice opening but it's followed by a 6 or 8 year time skip. Next up I have a human prisoner fleeing from the villain (and he has spent a long time in his dungeons) and all the good guys gathering for a council to decide how to take down the bastard, who, in the meantime, has become a serious threat.
  8. I do have actors in mind for some of my characters, and I use various dollmakers (Dolldivine, Azalea, Rinmaru) - because nothing like vasting time instead of writing :P Some examples of my cast: Idun (dwarf - minus the tattoo, that's just a Dragon Age thing - badass, hooks up with an actual phoenix and becomes a celebrated hero by the end. Haven't found an actress yet but I want someone South Asian) King Hagen (dwarf, hero, going to kill the Big Bad in single combat) Maeron (human, mentor type, also has a sentient sword he later passes on to Idun ) Kranath (human, walking disaster, a tragedy waiting to happen) Liedes (elf, DPS, kicks arse while looking fabulous):
  9. Author name: Username or your actual name works here Rowena Shepard Your preferred method of interaction (e-mail, PM on the board, IM): email for sending stuff, private chatroom somewhere would be nice for discussing AIM/MSN/Yahoo/Skype/e-mail address for contact: mairetar@gmail.com What are you looking for in a writing buddy? What are you not looking for? looking: discussion and feedback (this gets me into turbo writing mode because I'm used to quick back-and-forth from online RPs :D) What do you mainly want this person to help you with, if there's anything specific? brainstorming, ranting about the story/characters, sending chapters for overall impressions What rating would you typically give your writing? R - lots of violence and battles, no sex, plenty of death (but good ultimately triumphs) What type of fantasy do you typically write? epic/high Anything else you would like a potential writing buddy to know? I'm an ace lesbian and I write canon gay stuff into everything (although it's secondary because they have villains to fight).
  10. I'm incapable of writing sex scenes at this point. I used to write very lemon-y fics, back at uni, because that was the trend in the LotR fanfic community I found first, but it always made me uncomfortable. Then I realized I'm asexual, so now I have a reason beyond "vague disgust".
  11. Close/Limited Third Person Past: it's fine, but I prefer if there are more than one POV characters. Having just one means you miss out on a lot of stuff. Omniscient Third Person Past: I spent my teen years devouring 19th century (and earlier) lit, so this is the default for me and I still like it. I think if you cut out the flaws - like the narrator rambling about irrelevant stuff - and focus on the actual plot, it can still work very well. First Person Past: tolerable, but I'm not a fan - again, too many things the narrator can't witness. Case in point: even Moby Dick has scenes where Ishmael isn't present and breaks POV. Works nicer is it's an epistolary novel with multiple people (but who does that anymore?). Second Person Past: this is a thing? Close/Limited Third Person Present: I hate present tense so no Omniscient Third Person Present: never met this First Person Present: I want to personally murder this POV and every boring YA book that uses it Second Person Present: is there ANY example of this other than Calvino (great) or choose-your-own-adventure books?
  12. Basics Name/Pen name: Isabel / Rowena Shepard (I really just use the name of my canon Shep as a pen name) Age: 33 State/country: Hungary Education: University Hobbies and Favorites What are your hobbies? cosplaying, drawing, opera, gaming, theatre, obsessing over long-dead Romans What is/are your favorite book(s) and authors? Pratchett, Tolkien, Hugo, Sienkiewicz, Márquez What is/are your favorite movie(s) and TV show(s)? too many movies to list, so just genres: western, jidai geki, noir/gangster, historical, fantasy. TV shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, X-men the Animated Series, Vikings, BBC Robin Hood, Cowboy Bebop, Rome, Steven Universe, Supernatural, Hornblower Writing How long have you been writing? Roughly since I was nine :D What was the first story you wrote that you remember? a ripoff of the first ever book I read, tbh -Is it finished? yes, even illustrated! it was prety short though :) -Have you ever let anyone read it? my family -What genre (romance, fantasy, etc) was it? adventure Who is your favorite character that you've written about? An evil Navy officer in an Age of Sail story I really should finish because I got pretty far in. He was such a drama queen. What is your favorite fantasy world you've created? Feel free to tell us about it. I have a whimsical steampunk verse about the misadventures of an aspiring supervilllain who sucks at the "being evil" part. What fantasy project(s) are you currently working on? How's it going in terms of progress? A dwarf-centric high fantasy. Because they need to be heroes and not just comic relief! Do you plan on taking advantage of the beta reading section? Yes - I'd also be open for reading if a story seems captivating. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Have you ever participated in NaNoWriMo? -How many times? the last 3 years What genres were your NaNos? all fantasy Did you finish the actual story by 50,000 words, or just reach 50,000 words but not be actually finished? I have reached 50k every time but didn't finish any of them Are you planning on participating this coming November? No, I'm working on something now and I don't except to be ready for anything else. Other Stuff How did you find out about Worldsmyths? - NaNo forums I think? -What made you decide to join? - I'm desperate to speak to like-minded people. I'm surrounded by boring fantasy-hating muggles IRL. -Have you told anyone else about it? - no What do you hope Worldsmyths will help you accomplish in terms of your writing goals? - support and mutual inspiration