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  1. Penguinball

    Story Titles

    I like titles, titles are my least favourite part of the naming process. Tears and Roses jumps out at me. Thinking some kind of tragic Sleeping Beauty or Snow White retelling (jf someone wants to try that as a prompt, go for it!) Monster Redefined could be a YA novel about a girl learning to be a monster of some kind while dealing with a typical teenage life, and finding her own true self.
  2. Penguinball

    Advent Day 11: Joy Tradition

    Most countries celebrate the day the gods signed their own peace treaty, promising to end the wars that have torn the world apart and killed so, so many people. Its a day of feasting and giving thanks at not just the temple of your own patron god, but to all gods. The peace treaty has allowed mortals to really flourish, and they enjoy an unprecedented level of prosperity. It is also a day of remembering stories of the old times, and what happens when the gods are angry, and as a reminder to treat the gods well. Lym, where the moon goddess rules supreme, allows this as the only day in the year to acknowledge the powers of other gods, and to pray for their favour. Any other time of year such prayers would lead to jealousy and retribution if you are caught, but on this day the doors to temples with shrines to the other gods are opened from sunrise to sunset. The (as of yet unnamed) country where Atira, Goddess of Healing rules, has always been friendly to other gods. This leads to her cities being very diverse, with many temples to other gods within her city walls, which isn't really a common practice. This leads to huge parties and revelry in her city, going on for the whole week preceeding the day of the treaty. She also declares this a day where healing from her priests is free, so many sick and injured people travel to her city for the festival, leading the city to be packed to the brim.
  3. Penguinball

    Advent Day 9: Joy Magic

    Okay continuing with my never ending gods, I've got Irhal, God of Laughter. He's what I classify as a 'wild god', one that doesn't have a dedicated following or temple, and that doesn't care for mortals the same way as the more grounded gods do. He still listens to prayers though, and may choose to respond at random. His realm of influence is laughter and joy. You can pray to him when you are sad or upset and he will fill you with joy and lift your mood. But he is a capricious god, and it is not unknown for him to trick a mortal, fill them with too MUCH joy. Such victims wander the street laughing until they sob, clutching bruised ribs and tears streak down a face twisted into a rictus of a smile. It may take hours or even days for Irhal's influence to fade. Sometimes he is kind and will fill your heart with a gentle, warm glow. This can be troublesome though too, it becomes difficult to find joy without the gods influence, and you might become addicted to praying to him. This amuses him, and he takes no steps to avoid trapping you.
  4. Penguinball

    Overused tropes that you're totally using anyway

    I once spent a summer at a slow summer job trying to work my way through TV Tropes categories... I never did find the end of things. But I DO think knowing all these tropes has allowed me to look at media in a different way, see the pieces that go together. Not in a bad way, more in an 'Oh cooool, they are pulling THIS trope, I love it!'. Makes you see things in a different light. I want to say its helped my analysis abilities but I don't know for sure.
  5. Penguinball

    Advent Day 6: Love Mythos

    Well I already talked about my goddesses of platonic and romantic love... I'll talk about Atira, Goddess of Healing instead. She loves her followers. She loves all mortals really, even those who live outside of her city. She is desperate to protect them from the gods who abuse their powers, and those that revel in pain and war like her enemy, the God of Blood. She loves mortals so much that she would even betray her own purpose of preserving all life in order to save them. She would start a war, just to have reason to destroy her enemies before they destroy her mortals. She sees no conflict in this. Starting violence to prevent violence is more like amputating a diseased limb to save the whole body. She's the kind of person who can justify ANYTHING in the name of love.
  6. Penguinball

    Advent Day 5: Love Plot

    My first NaNo novel had a twisted kind of love between mother and daughter. Bahara followed the Blood God, and wanted her daughter Thalassa to follow him as well. Thalassa resisted and Bahara resorted to manipulation and lies and magics to get her daughter to obey. But she thought it was for Thalassa's benefit, after all, the Blood God had promised power and wealth if they obeyed, and she didn't want her beloved daughter to get left behind. But Thalassa didn't want that life for herself, and as her mother became more and more desperate she had to choose. Follow her mother's teachings and finally earn her love and respect, or learn to love herself and leave the life she had been raised in.
  7. Penguinball

    Christmas Prompts

  8. Penguinball

    Christmas Prompts

    Proudly hijacked from another writing Discord channel. 1. Mistletoe kiss 2. Pretend boyfriend/girlfriend for family Christmas party 3. You made me a Christmas playlist but it’s just Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you”. I can’t tell if you’re hitting on me or if it’s a joke 4. My car got stuck in snow you saved me 5. Last Christmas I gave you my heart and you asked me to marry you 6. I got you for Secret Santa, but I thought it was suppose to be a gag gift, and now I wont fess up because I’m embarrassed 7. We’re both stuck at the airport for Christmas eve 8. Snowman competition, the judges are a bunch of five year old kids 9. I work at a toy store and you keep coming in but never buy anything 10. Your dad is Santa, he’s missing, and I’m helping you save Christmas 11. I’m a barista and you keep making weird faces when you drink the “Christmas cheer in a cup” coffee I make, why do you keep ordering it? 12. We’re neighbors and I just got locked out of my apartment, I was baking cookies that will burn if I don’t get in there quick 13. You made me an ugly Christmas sweater 14. I met you on Christmas but haven’t seen you since, until today on Christmas day, are you an angel? Wait, you actually are? 15. We’re stuck in different cities, so we wont be together for Christmas. We end up talking on the phone for hours, to the annoyance of our families 16. You’re robbing the bank on Christmas eve and I’m a hostage but you’re actually really nice 17. I was dressed up as an elf, because of my job. You’re drunk and think I actually know Santa 18. You hate Christmas because you’ve never had a good one. So I go all out to make this the best Christmas for you 19. I was cold, so you gave me your jacket but now you’re cold too. So I suggest we hug instead 20. I’ve never seen snow in person before, until now, what is this white stuff falling from the sky? Why are you laughing at me? 21. We got into an argument because of something stupid, but I slipped on ice on the stairs. I called you to help me, and our fight was forgotten when you got all worried 22. I was putting up Christmas lights, and I literally fell into your arms 23. There’s one Christmas cookie left, so I challenge you, winner takes the cookie 24. You keep playing Christmas music, and it’s driving me nuts, please play something else Hallmark Movie - Holiday Edition A Bride for Christmas: A holiday bet prompts a man to pursue a woman who has sworn off serious relationships after three failed engagements. As the two spend time together, the woman starts to reconsider her stance on romance. Fir Crazy: An unemployed executive helps her injured dad sell Christmas trees on their family’s tree lot, but a store owner attempts to force them out of business. (I have no idea what the romance plot is, I’m sure you can make one up.) The Christmas Ornament: A recent widow struggles to embrace the holiday season until she meets a charming tree-shop owner who gives her a special ornament symbolizing hope. A Princess for Christmas: A woman and her niece and nephew spend Christmas with a wealthy duke, the children’s grandfather. Though the down-and-out trio feel out of place among royalty at first, they soon begin to settle in and connect as a family. *Baby’s First Christmas: *Feuding lawyers spend Christmas together for the birth of their married siblings’ song. But when the pair discover their siblings are in major financial trouble, they set out to solve the problem and end up on an adventure around the city. The Santa Suit: A selfish toy-company CEO is changed into a Santa look-alike to help him gain a fresh perspective. Lucky Christmas: A struggling single mom wins the lottery, but her car is stolen with t he ticket inside. One of the thieves develops feelings for her, however, and considers returning the ticket to save their budding romance. Christmas Song: Two music teachers face off in a Christmas-carol competition while also vying for a job after their schools – and music departments – merge. A Cookie Cutter Christmas: Two teachers compete in a bake-off, but their rivalry escalates when they fall for the same man: a charming single father. Moonlight & Mistletoe: A man and his estranged daughter fight to save Santaville, their year-round family business, after a mysterious investor puts the Yuletide attraction in jeopardy. Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade: A woman who is planning a Thanksgiving parade in Chicago clashes with a consultant brought in to keep the event’s expenses in check, but it’s not long before sparks start to fly between the pair. One Starry Christmas: A woman with a successful boyfriend is smitten by a cowboy while on her way home for hte holidays, and their unexpected encounter makes her contemplate whether she longs for safety or adventure. Most Wonderful Time of the Year: A disenchanted single mom warily welcomes a stranger into her home after her visiting uncle befriends him on an airplane. She soon connects with her guest, whose enthusiasm for Christmas feels contagious. Naughty or Nice: After accidentally receiving Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” book, a woman exposes the bad deeds of those around her. Before long, however, she realizes that her new ability isn’t making her very nice. The Nine Lives of Christmas: A confirmed bachelor adopts a stray cat, which leads a pretty veterinary student to enter his life and alter his feelings about remaining single. Call Me Mrs. Miracle: A magical woman spreads Christmas cher while working at a struggling department store, though the store’s owners don’t recall hiring her. Northpole: With the city of Northpole in trouble, can elf Clementine save her home with the help of a single mom and her son? The Christmas Shepherd: A widow is devastated when her late husband’s dog runs away during a thunderstorm. The dogs winds up at an animal shelter miles away, where a single father and his daughter end up adopting him. A Boyfriend for Christmas: When a young girl reveals her secret to Santa that she wants a boyfriend for Christmas, she never expects it come true 19 years later! A Carol Christmas: An egomaniacal TV talk show host is given a chance for redemption in this modern day take on Charles Dicken’s classic novel A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Wedding Tail: When Rusty the Labrador and Cheri the Poodle’s owners fall in love, the household is in total chaos. It’s up to the dogs to perform a Christmas Day miracle. A Very Merry Mix-Up: A woman sets out to meet her fiancé’s family at Christmas and winds up at the wrong house. Once the mistake is corrected, she realizes that her bond with the wrong family—and their eligible son—was stronger than her bond with the right one. All I Want For Christmas: A nine-year-old boy enters a corporate-sponsored contest in which entrants are asked for their greatest Christmas wish. Unbeknownst to his widowed mother he asks the contest organizers to help her find a new husband. Best Christmas Party Ever: Jennie, an up-and-coming event planner, is shocked to find out that her boss intends to hand her business over to her nephew, Nick, instead of Jennie. Tensions run high when Jennie is forced to train Nick and plan for the biggest party of the holiday season.
  9. Penguinball

    Another Dumb Question

    And peeeeenguins! Best.Farm.Ever.
  10. DISASTER. Mailyra has some skeletons in her closet, she killed a priest by mistake years ago and various people have been using that to manipulate her ever since. Currently she is being blackmailed to help the heist team she is on fail, and when the heist team finds out she is betraying them (willingly or not), it will cause them to fail at a critical juncture and lead to everyone getting captured. In the end though she decides to betray her blackmailers and deal with the consequences of the accidental murder in order to save the heist team.
  11. Penguinball

    World Anvil Links!

    I'm feeling the same way, every time I create an article I can think of three more I could create to link to it and its like >_< So much work. But it will be useful in the end. Maybe I can avoid writing myself into a continuity error by figuring out who is who and what is where before writing.
  12. Penguinball

    Advent Day 4: Love Tradition

    Okay I think I have one. The country of Lym, named after their patron, Lymnia, Goddess of the Moon, consecrates every child born on their soil to her service. Other countries give children a choice of who to serve, often when they hit puberty or adulthood, but not the people of Lym. Their entire lives revolve around the Goddess, and so it is seen as sacrilege if anyone refuses to serve her. So they receive a moon mark (the shape of the moon on the night of their birth) on their palm to show that their parents have pledged in their name. Should the child choose to no longer serve when they get older, they are rejected from their family and exiled from the country.
  13. Penguinball

    Advent Day 2: Love Magic

    Commenting again because I realized that I didn't actually read through other people's responses, and I want to get better at actually engaging with my fellow forum members 🙂 @Manu The first sentence about love interfering with magic makes me think of the Jedi and some takes on the Dark/Light side dilemma, I like that. With the dystopia and evil government aspects I think it sounds like an interesting YA novel if the love situation is at the centre of it all. @kherezae I like the idea that the empathy magic grants leads to it being stigmatized, interesting! I'd be a hermit too if I could sense people's emotions. I've got an idea for empaths kicking around in the 'ol idea bucket, tentatively calling them 'Goldhearts'. There would be several colours of heart, the Goldhearts empathic powers work on humans, whereas Silverhearts works on spirits. Azurehearts work on aquatic life, Emeraldhearts on mammals, so on. But that's the extent of the idea, it doesn't have any PLOT attached to it.
  14. Penguinball

    Advent Day 3: Love Character

    “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard This fits for my two mains in my aborted NaNo novel, Charic and Mailyra. They are partners in (literal) crime, and know a lot about each other from working close quarters over the last couple years. Both have flaws, Charic is a commitment-phobe and always has a girl of the week, and Mailyra hates giving up control and doesn't trust easily. But they've learned how to work with-or around- these flaws to get the job done. Part of their character arc is falling into a casual sexual relationship, getting serious, Charic flakes out, Mailyra can't open up enough to just TALK to him about it, and they go their separate ways for a year. A job (the big heist) brings them back together and they go through much Character Development and learn to have a proper relationship with each other.