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  1. Those all sound fun! Lets see... To rescue her sister, a woman makes a deal with a fae prince - She saves his kingdom, or both sisters die.
  2. Sulk, stare at the blank page for a day, then get to work. I start by identifying the problems. Did I contradict myself? Is there an unintended consequence from something I did earlier? Then I see if they are fixable, or if the thing needs to be totally rewritten.
  3. Welcome to the forum! I'm always happy for more Canadians! (I'm in Alberta, from BC originally)
  4. Welcome @Rachel! I don't think its too biased to say Tolkien, but I do have a LOTR tattoo, so maybe you are talking to the wrong person 😛
  5. Welcome! I'm glad the NaNo post is finding eyes 🙂 I like the description of your hopepunk character. In a world of grimdark that's practically anarchic of you.
  6. Welcome Blair! Lots of us do NaNoWriMo, so you'd have a sense of community and a support group if you do decide to participate 🙂
  7. Not yet, but the preview I saw looked really good!
  8. Welcome to the forum! I'm also a fan of His Dark Materials and N.K .Jemesin 🙂
  9. Dove was one of the options I voted for in the NaNo poll 🙂 The other was the Shooting Stars one. Both sound super fun! Dove was my favourite option, I love it when lines get crossed into villainy 🙂 Magical girl is a fun genre. I've got an idea for a magic girl/kinda super hero kinda story. Somewhere between shounen and shoujo? Inspired in part by Miraculous Ladybug. Anyway, welcome! Hope you enjoy the forums here. Let us know if you have any questions!
  10. You phrased my worry in a way that makes sense, thank you. I've been feeling a vague niggling worry about this idea, but that puts it into words. I still like the idea, but I also don't want to fuck it up, again. We'll see what happens by Nov 1st actually hits though. Right now my plan is to do pre work and outlining for all 3, and really leave my options open for November. There's loooots of time to decide.
  11. Maybe I should rephrase it to, what order should I do these projects in? 😛 I want to get to them all eventually, especially the blood god one, and the fairy one. I posted this on NaNo too, and so far the votes are for The Star Mirror
  12. I've got 3 choices for NaNo, and I haven't decided which one I want to work on. So I'm here, presenting the choices to get some second opinions. 1. The Star Mirror - Thalassa's dissatisfaction with her life as an acolyte to a blood god comes to a head when a dragon is captured and slated to be sacrificed. From the dragon she learns that the blood god is disrupting the balance of the world with his actions, and that they must find the goddess of healing to set things right. Pros: I've done the most work on this concept, and am familiar with the world Cons: I've been working on this novel for years (This would be the 3rd rewrite), and IDK, maybe its time to move on? 2. Lion King/Hamlet, but with MERMAIDS - I would retell The Lion King but with mermaids. MC would be tricked into abandoning their throne, would grow up far away (on land?), their love interest would come and bring them back, they would fight their devious relative for the throne, yay happy ending.. Pros: I've always wanted to write something about mermaids, and for NaNo it is a lot easier following the story beats of something else and re-imagining it. Cons: I've done the least work on this concept, and would need to do a lot of world building to make it feel more real. 3. Bring Back The Green (working title): Fairies have been stealing young women, supposedly as payment for a bargain that the humans have forgotten. When her sister is taken, Myrin ventures into the forest, alone and unarmed to try and save her. There, she finds that the fairies have been taking the women in order to try and break a curse on their queen, who has fallen into endless slumber. Myrin must pair up with the handsome fae prince to find a way to save both of their kingdoms. Pros: I've written one draft already, but because I pantsed it, it ended up a meandering mess. I like the world and the concept, and know how it would end Cons: Would need outlining, but otherwise not a terrible amount of work. Which story sounds more interesting/more NaNo-able to you?
  13. ONE OF US ONE OF US Welcome to the forum! Another OR Melling fan! Yay! I've been a fan since I was told a story I wrote sounded kind of like those stories 🙂 And Robert Jordan YASS. Are you looking forward to the TV show?
  14. If you don't want to write an Everyman, then make sure your character is extremely unique and likeable! Special heritage, more powerful and better looking than everyone else - Make sure they stand out! Bonus points if everyone loves them, despite their bland personality.
  15. (Stolen from the NaNo forums) What advice would you NEVER give a fellow writer? From the absurd, to the plain terrible, share the advise you would give if you were trying to actively sabotage someone. Worldbuilding - You need to know EVERYTHING. Do you know the exact dew point where of that mountain where the characters aren't even going? No? BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. Research is essential, but you mustn't wear yourself out. I recommend one (1) cat video for every article you read. You know, to refresh yourself.