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  1. Penguinball

    April Check-In Thread

    Hello! Do you have your total for just April?
  2. Penguinball

    April Check-In Thread

    CM Clark my appologies, I meant to reply to you earlier. I've added you on to the spreadsheet, but wanted to remind you that signups happen at the end of each month. You can sign up for May HERE.
  3. Penguinball

    Question of the Day #50: Favorite Mythological Creatures

    This thread is just a list of creatures I already ones, and ones I forgot existed 🙂 Black Shuck makes me think of the song from The Darkness.
  4. Penguinball


    Welcome, Brian! What sort of books do you like to read?
  5. I'm doing like, 5k, seeing that I'll be out of the country until the 18th, and I don't know if I'll be exhausted or inspired by the end of my trip.
  6. Penguinball

    Anyone writing Middle Grade fantasy fiction?

    I don't currently, but I've got one idea stashed away in my notes. It is heavily inspired by The Bailey School Kids books. I get the impression they might be Canadian? I've never met anyone else whose read them. They revolve around a group of 4 kids, two girls, two boys, who see mysterious happens around town, and try to 'defeat' the monsters. Things like thinking their teacher is a vampire, the creepy new custodian is a werewolf, that kind of thing. Maybe magic, maybe mundane. I read so many of them when I was a kid. I don't write MG but I imagine finding the write voice for the kids would be really hard, really nailing the age group without them sounding too young or too adult. I don't have any advice other than talk to kids maybe? Preferably in a non creepy way 😛
  7. Penguinball

    April Check-In Thread

    Pinging @Pinchofmagic, @RKM, @Romancegirl, @Sheepy-Pie, @Tigtogiba34, @tllbrinkley, @victoriabelle, @Kate Rose! Still lots of time to get those wordcounts in before the end of the month!
  8. Penguinball

    April Check-In Thread

    I haven't updated for ages, but luckily I'm in control of the spreadsheet and can more easily go back and add my numbers 🙂 Not that there are that many of them buuuuut... April 12 - 700 April 17 - 348 April 18 - 815 April 19 -139 And with that, we are all up to date again.
  9. I'm fairly sure I read them in late elementary school, maybe 10-12? Definitely on the list of 'formative works' though.
  10. Oh yeah I forgot about these ones too. So much sass. I think they were my first exposure to subverting tropes too, and playing with them. A breath of fresh air for SURE.
  11. Penguinball

    Books With Mermaids

    Kobo has it for free right now, I've downloaded it!
  12. Penguinball

    How Has Learning About Stories Changed How You Consume Media

    I love Howl's Moving Castle, its a great story that breaks from a lot of tropes. An example that you don't have to always follow the heroes journey! Actually, I think this issue feeds into a lot of the arguments around Star Wars, and how the most recent trilogy is just 'copying' the first one. It's not. ALL those movies are just standard heroes journeys, so of course there are going to be similar beats.
  13. Penguinball

    Books With Mermaids

    The Favourite Creatures thread has me thinking about mermaids. I want to read more about mermaids. Give me recommendations for books with mermaids?
  14. I had this thought last night while I was watching the new movie A Boy Who Would Be King - Did I find it boring because it IS boring, or because all the heroes journey beats were very clear on screen? There's the call to adventure, and oh, he rejects it. There's when his mentor dies (he gets better), and there's where he truly takes up the call and comes into his own power. It's all right there on screen. So my question - Has learning about stories, their structure, character development and arcs, even tropes, has it changed how you consume media? It's changed movies for me for sure. I don't notice it as much when reading, it fades into the background more, but with movies you get a complete story in 1.5 hours, and I think that makes it easier to see through to the structure. As a side note, my husband really enjoyed the movie and said I sound like a jaded movie critic who isn't surprised by anything anymore 😛 Second side note - The movie wasn't BAD, it was a perfectly serviceable story. I just got bored watching it because I knew what was going to happen next.
  15. @Pinchofmagic Pippi Longstocking! I read a bunch of those when I was young too. Ronia the Robbers Daughter is great too, though I only read it as an adult. Another one I read, not super young, but in high school, was Mervin Peakes's Gormenghast. I've been meaning to reread them, I love the creepy desolate atmosphere and the helplessness of the residents of the castle, stuck in their ways. I can't tell you exactly HOW it influenced me, maybe the love for run down places and faded luxury.