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  1. There's been topics about things that bug us in the fantasy genre before, but I wanted to do a slightly different take on it. Instead of just listing things we don't like, and why, I also want you to list a fantasy trend (trope, plot device, etc etc) that a lot of people dislike that you LOVE, and defend it. I want to hear why you think love triangles are awesome, or that the chosen one farm boy isn't overdone. For example, I haaaaate it when authors play with sibling relationships, love stories where there's fake outs about whether two characters are related or not, or they were raised as siblings, or adopted, and fall in love anyway. Just feels incesty even when it isn't (looking at you Mortal Instruments). Maybe that's a tough one to defend, but I'm all ears! One trope I do love that gets a lot of hate is enemies to lovers. When done poorly, or when there is a power imbalance involved it can feel like an abusive relationship, but when its two equals who start out disliking each other, but grow to understand and care...oh man, I love that trope. I love it because it increases tension, the 'will they/won't they' question. It also usually has a nice bit of chemistry, so it feels compelling. So to recap: 1. Tell us about a trope you dislike, and why 2. Tell us about a disliked trope you love, and why its not that bad 3. If someone above hates a trope you love, defend it! Explain why it deserves a second look (while remaining polite, defend without being defensive)
  2. In order to feel like a fully realized and balanced, a character needs to have flaws. This can range from having a bit of a temper to a crippling inability to say No to anything in between. What flaws do your characters have? How do they deal with them? Do they impact the plot?
  3. All up to date! Tagging @lisa.morgan, @lorneytunes, @Pinchofmagic, @Tangwystle, @Tigtogiba34 with the reminder that there is still a lot of time to get word counts in!
  4. I wrote words!Today's date: June 12thWords to add: 250 words I didn't make note of where I started and where I stopped, plus I edited what I had written previously, so this is an estimate.
  5. Bumping for visibility! There's lot of times to get an entry in!
  6. Lots of room! Actually does anyone remember how many spaces there are? Is it 10? We can always start a second cabin if needed!
  7. Really places the whole self publishing movement into perspective doesn't it?
  8. Welcome @Skya! Glad you found us! I'm focusing on short stories right now too. I've done novels in the past during NaNo, but I want to start submitting short stories and getting my name up there. Are you comfortable telling us more about the story you are working on? And a point of clarification, Worldsmyths just had its 3 year anniversary so we aren't THAT new. When we moved to new forum software we archived a bunch of stuff, but its still there, gathering dust 🙂
  9. Welcome! Stalking has paid off! Two months is a long time for a tab, I tidy mine up all the time, I dislike visual clutter. Anyway, welcome, ping me if you have any questions/comments/concerns/bad jokes!
  10. Invited! Maybe I'm the wrong person to ask, but I am Pro-Cheating when it comes to Camp NaNo. If it motivates to get words written, even if they are transcribed, then I think that fulfills the purpose of Camp.
  11. Maybe more less common than out of place? Its a perfectly valid way of outlining. I fully understand the need to have a thorough, methodical approach to a problem 🙂
  12. Yeeeaaaaah. The takeaway I got from several of the speakers was to just not worry too much about it. Plug away at building a list, but don't make it a priority. Only put time into social media when you don't have other stuff going on. Caveat though, the majority of these speakers were talking from a traditional publishing perspective. A self published author needs to put a lot more work into social media to build their audience. Again though, marathon, not a sprint. An audience will come over time as you put out material and interact and build relationships.