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  1. Don't have mental space for a big reply, but I use the term 'callback' for those little nods to things that have already happened.
  2. You can find the link to the discussion post in Step One! I separated it out so this post could be kept for more general questions.
  3. This is where I would reply to someone else's post with polite, helpful feedback.
  4. This is where I would post my blurb, pitch, and/or synopsis for feedback. It is also where I would ask for brainstorming help on how to condense ideas.
  5. I don't want to take over the discussion by posting my thoughts immediately, so here's what I found when searching for the differences between a blurb, synopsis, and pitch. It looks like these terms vary wildly depending who you talk to, but the general consensus is below. Check out the links to read posts by people who said it better than I can. Then come back and tell us what YOU think are the vital elements for each. Difference between blurb/pitch/synopsis: Blurb - Back of the book text designed to persuade someone to buy your book that generally does not reveal the ending. Aimed at potential readers. 100-250 words/3 paragraphs max Synopsis - Details the most important events of the book, including major character arcs, climax, and ending. Typically aimed at potential agents/publishers, 1-20 pages long (but a lot are closer to 1-5). For the purposes of this challenge we would want to stick to the shorter end. Pitch - Elevator pitch, the basic premise, catchy one or two sentences designed to peak interest. How to write a good blurb https://creativityhacker.ca/2013/05/21/pitch-premise-blurb/ How to write a good pitch https://writershelpingwriters.net/2013/09/how-to-write-a-tagline-for-your-book-and-why-you-need-to/ How to write a good synopsis https://carlywatters.com/2013/11/04/how-to-write-a-book-synopsis/ What do you think makes a great blurb, pitch, and synopsis?
  6. Being able to describe your story is very important. Yet how many of us stand there like a deer in the headlights when someone asks us what our story is about? For our August writing challenge we wanted to combat this problem and do something different. Instead of submitting a piece of prose, we are going to spend the month workshopping each other’s blurbs, synopses, and/or pitches. I say and/or because you can pick and choose which of the three you want to work on, or you can do all three. Here’s how it works. Step One - Discussion about what a blurb, synopsis, and pitch are. What are the differences, and what constitutes a good one of each? I’ll post guidelines that I’ve found, but feel free to share your own resources, and discuss them. Discussion post is here (LINK). Step Two - Write a blurb, and/or synopsis, and/or pitch and submit for critique by making a post with your name in the Writing Challenges subsection of the forum (LINK). Step Two and a Half - If you are having trouble summarizing your ideas, you can create a post in this section asking for help. Post a longer explanation of your story and we will help you pare it down to the required elements. Step Three - Critique the blurb/synopsis/pitch of at least one other writer by leaving a comment on their post. Step Four - Revise and resubmit your blurb/synopsis/pitch/critique other’s, repeat as needed. (Maybe you only need to revise once, maybe you need to revise 7 times). Step Five - Submit your final version for voting at the end of the month.
  7. This is related to QOTD #31 from early 2018. What feeds your imagination? What gets ideas flowing, what keeps the fires of inspiration burning? What do you do to get yourself in a creative, idea generating mood? There's a couple things I do. I listen to podcasts to get me into the writing mood, it gets me thinking critically. But to get ideas flowing, I usually put on some music and daydream. The bus ride home is great for this. I can let my mind drift and tell myself stories, which often leads me to jotting down ideas, 'wouldn't it be cool if we had a scene where the MC confronts his mother about....', that sort of thing.
  8. Welcome to the forum! I'm glad to hear you are taking some steps towards self care. 🙂
  9. I've still got my hotmail accounts, Microsoft can pry them from my cold, dead hands. I didn't use the handle very often but DarkNeptune is legit! Yusssss another fan! I'm slooooowly working my way through a rewatch. I bought a subscription to Stargate Command so I can watch eeeeverything. There's bits of the first series that didn't age well, but I love it anyway. Anyway, welcome!
  10. It was a TV series. I watched the first season. Lots of body horror, the vampiric disease is passed on by these gross wriggling wormy things and of COURSE they go straight for the eyes >_< I know I've seen it done but I couldn't tell you WHERE. I'm the worst person for remembering book names. I came off as pretty snippy too, I wasn't having a fantastic day yesterday. No harm done! True, too many vampires (and other creatures, Paranormal Romance style) don't really develop their lore. There should be some cohesion, a sense of history beyond 'they have fangs and are sexy rawr'. That sounds really fun! I think when we do eventually do a vampire writing prompt, it should be to take an old trope and turn it on its head. There's so much room for exploration!
  11. I wish I had better advice for you but honestly I'm in a really similar spot. I usually have several plot lines of self-indulgent stories I tell myself but its like my imagination is far away, its hard to picture my characters and setting. And I haven't touched any of my crafts in WEEKS. My creativity well is really, really dry. I've been watching my mental health, I don't THINK I'm depressed, but I'm certainly not 100% the way I was this time last year, where I had my highest word count ever. I'm trying a different, non-hormonal medication starting next week, so I'll see if that shakes me up. As for tips? I can suggest writing prompts, low pressure mindset of 'I'll answer this prompt and throw it out later if I want to', just to practice and get the fingers moving. Free form, flow of thought answers, 500 words a day, just to get the mind going. And reading, go back and read your favourite book. Try to think of why you like it, and maybe try writing some things similar. Just like... cool scenes. Anything, just to keep writing.
  12. Its excel >_< via Google Sheets, I don't have my own copy of Microsoft stuff. Technically, a screenshot of a google sheets chart. Revel in its glory. I made it to motivate myself, I keep meaning to print it out and post it someone visible on my workspace.
  13. This is a real thing. I never said it wasn't a real thing, just that I don't like it. I've always liked this as well. Anne Rice described it well in her books. I'm all about the wish fulfillment vampire stories. I like it when the author has the vampire not breathing when their are silent, it adds a hard-to-pin creepy factor when the character is looking at the vampire, adds to their feeling of not being human. But yeah, if they are stated to NEVER breath, and still are talking, then it is just silly. This is another trope I like to see played with. If the author foregoes the silver explanation, and goes with 'no reflections in general', do they show up in pictures? What about security cameras? There's a lot of ways you can use it. Besides, just because the trope came from a religious superstition doesn't mean it always has to be used that way. Tropes can be picked apart, repurposed, and be totally divorced from their routes.
  14. Yes, welcome to the forum side of things 🙂
  15. Does having 50 stub articles count as building? >_>I have my pantheon on there, and a couple country names but I haven't filled in too many details. I wanted to have a rough framework in place so that I could add onto it as I discovered things when I wrote them. https://www.worldanvil.com/w/world-of-the-star-mirror-penguinball There's the link to mine, but its suuuuper rough. Feel free to add me as a friend! There's a bunch of fellow Worldsmythers on my friends list too if you are curious (Everyone except Golddance and Considerthelilies).
  16. Welcome @chilleenoir39! What is your book about? Myself, I write a lot of things with gods and fairies (not necessarily together). I switch back and forth between novels and short stories.
  17. Welcome! It is an interesting journey that you've had so far!
  18. That sounds exciting! I love it when you discover ideas can be related 🙂 I'm doing a similar thing, in that I've figured out a way for my different magic systems to be tied together on the same world and timeline. It goes from a gods and worship based system to a mages and magic type system. The idea is that the gods withdraw from the world, and release a great portion of their power, leaving it available for it to attach to people, making them into mages. The mages part doesn't have many stories planned for it though, not yet. It puts my world into 3 major time periods, the Warring Gods period, the Peaceful Worship period, and the Mage period (descriptive names, not official ones). Most of the stories planned take place in the Peaceful Worship period.
  19. I write because I like it, and also because I've invested a lot into writing as part of my self image, so if I abandon it my very sense of self will suffer 😐 For reals though, its challenging to tell a story properly, its a hobby that doesn't cost much, and can keep you going for years. I'm not seeing any downsides here.
  20. I (finally) wrote words! Today's date: [July 15, 2019] Words to add: [1784] words New total: [1784] words Some of these words are from yesterday, but I didn't keep track. So here we go, grand total.
  21. We all started somewhere. Whether you started writing in the womb, or just picked up a pen yesterday, its all valid. What brought you to writing in the first place? Some of us have kept up the habit, others have taken years-long breaks. What keeps you coming back? And sometimes life hits you like a hammer, and motivation is low. What do you do on those days when you don't feel like writing? Why did you start writing? What keeps you writing now? What do you do on the days when that feeling fades, to stay motivated?
  22. lol this is exactly what happened for me the last THREE times I went to ask for help. By the end of the post draft I had figured it out 😛