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  1. Anthony Lockwood

    Suggest Writing Prompts!

    Some old prompts that I posted on Reddit. "There is no individual. There is only the Collective Mind. We are of many bodies, but one mind." More than Human Many Bodies, One Mind
  2. Anthony Lockwood

    Adopt a premise/story idea

    Leaving some story ideas I've had but never really felt like using. A genius high school girl becomes a feared underworld figure. Her family was killed when she was younger and now, she's out for vengeance. A younger boy with a passion discovers a club that caters specifically to his interests. However, he soon discovers that he is more unwelcome than it seemed and things just get darker from there.
  3. Anthony Lockwood

    Worldsmyths Million 2019 Discussion

    Sounds like a cool challenge. Might try my hand at it. Being able to choose a monthly goal is also awesome. I might become a regular.
  4. Anthony Lockwood

    World Building Resource Ya'll May Like!

    I've registered and am using it for the worldbulding for the Shadow Runner series.
  5. Anthony Lockwood


    Hey. I've had this account for a while but never really used it much and figured I might want to get active here. I'm a budding writer with Epimoni Productions, an indie artists' collective. I'm Singaporean, and I've been writing on an on-and-off basis for a few years now. I discovered this site from the Nanowrimo forums and actually joined in May 2018 but haven't been very active. Well, you'll be seeing more of me now!
  6. Anthony Lockwood

    Better names for this character

    So I have this character(as described in the Word document linked to here:https://1drv.ms/w/s!ArOUv6fs27PlwC2ozzkpt_HvkMJO) but I don't think the name is that good. Could anyone please help me refine the name? You can also suggest other changes as well. Thanks in advance.