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  1. Wow! Love the new layout.
  2. Lize Grant

    Pet Peeves

    Yes, chronic interrupters and people who derail the conversation. I think the latter often happens when people don't know how to contribute otherwise, which I honestly understand (because I'm not good at conversations where I can't relate at all either), but then just do what I do and sit there until there's something you can contribute to. Or ask questions rather than derailing the conversation altogether.
  3. I'm all for the idea. I'd actually been leery of sharing ideas for copyright and privacy reasons. So I'd much prefer it be private.
  4. Lize Grant

    Pet Peeves

    What are some of your pet peeves? My pet peeves are people not only being chronically late, but never apologizing for it. I get that in some situations, it can't be helped, but if you're always half an hour late and don't rely on public or any other transportation, aren't leaving for work (since I realize sometimes you're stopped every two seconds by someone on your way out the door), and don't have any other reason that you should be held up, you need to fix something. Along with that: it irritates me when people say "I'll be there at 6:15" when I'm waiting for them or about to meet them somewhere, but they haven't left yet, so they tell you at 6:30 "okay, I'm leaving now." This one may just be me, but personally, if someone tells me "okay, I'll be there at 6:15", I assume they're sitting in the car about to leave. If I'd known 6:15 was entirely hypothetical, I might have made other arrangements... I'm a little more forgiving of that though, because I do realize they might have seriously thought they were about to leave and got held up. It's still annoying, though! ;)
  5. And this quote by Delia Sherman: Wow! I love it! Ironically, the best advice I read was not to take advice to heart. Often my writing instructors would tell me to write a lot of description. But actually, if you read a lot of famous novels, there's barely any. In Pride and Prejudice, all we know about Elizabeth Bennet is that Darcy thinks she has nice eyes. Seriously. That's not to say you shouldn't have good description (and actually, I find Jane Austen had too little in P&P - there were parts where Darcy spoke randomly and I was like "where'd he come from?!"), but you don't need to have 400 pages describing a single tree Annie Dillard style if that's not your style.
  6. I had a few stories published in my college's literary magazine several years ago, and a small local anthology published one of my short stories. But that's about it.
  7. I don't like it when characters' behavior and the sort of character they're supposed to be comes across as contradictory. It's one thing for them to have layers, another thing for a character to essentially be a creator's pet. So an author means for a character to be a terrible person when really, they just didn't worship the heroine. Conversely, maybe the heroine is supposed to be a kind person, all the other characters think of the heroine as kind, but her thoughts and actions indicate otherwise. It's one thing for characters to be layered, I love layers; it's another for the author to not understand how he or she has written their own character.