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  1. Just lost all interest in my story. I am going to go back to editing my memoir which is not fantasy so I can no longer use my count for fantasy writing. Take care y'all!
  2. words written July 5 [1603] total so far for July [4825]
  3. k got it! yeah I looked at it and I was so confused so it was not just me then eh?
  4. Not meaning to sound pushy just wondering when the June word stats will be up? know y'all are busy and such just curioussss- unless they already are and I missed them
  5. words written July 3 [none] words written July 4 [916]
  6. I hope I'm not too late with my last June check in fell asleep last night and am just going online after too many phone calls; words to add [1161]
  7. 50,000 words for July aka Camp Nano not lodging though trying to do it all on my own-ish? but I have a group to meet up with at my Local Barnes and Noble to keep me in check, k Tig we just needed the # thx