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  1. I have been doing a lot of writing last month. I just forgot about checking in with this site. I want to sign up for 7k words this month.
  2. Previous month's total: N/AWords to add: 250 wordsNew total: 750 words
  3. Project - The Perilous Hunt Goals - Finish the first rough draft of the book by January 4 2020. Summary - Inspired by the tv show "Supernatural". A father's wife and the mother of the their two daughters is killed by a werewolf. So the father and two daughters hunt the werewolf across the country.
  4. Previous month's total: N/AWords to add: 500 wordsNew total: 500 words (I hope I'm filling this out correctly. This is my first time doing this challenge.}
  5. You forgot to ask a question. Would your character either move out their country or their state?
  6. I want to update my wordcount! username: Trekkie words written: 875 is this your new total or the words to add? New total
  7. Thank you for the welcome everyone.
  8. Ah okay. And hi there!
  9. Hi electric! I love your idea for your post-apocalyptic setting story set in the Grand Canyons. I would love to read that sometime. I’m new here too, I just joined yesterday actually. It’s nice to meet you.
  10. Thank you everyone. Unfortunately we recently found out my cat has diabetes too. So she has to receive insulin shots twice a day. That is really difficult for me because I’m so attached to her and I feel like I have to protect her from danger not only because she is my best friend but also because Shiloh is a female. But she has gotten used to it and she lets us know if we are even a few minutes late with giving her the shot. What do you mean by necroposting? I’m not familiar with that term. When I was reading about this site before I joined I was thinking that this is a site I have been looking for. Granted I’m also a part of Shadowplay and HPFanFics sites, I still feel like this site is more what I’ve been searching for.
  11. I usually call myself ImperfectTears on most sites but I decided to go with my favorite fan group name. I also go by Jay so if my username is too difficult to remember, you can just call me Jay. I’m always working on several projects at once because I tend to lose interest if I think my story is getting boring. I gain inspiration for my stories through reading books and by role playing in forums. I own a calico cat who is thirteen years old. Her name is Shiloh and she is my best friend. I usually write either dark gothic stories, mystery thrillers, or fantasy science fiction stories. But I also want to branch out into non-fiction too. I also write poetry. Hopefully I will make some new friends here and I look forward to meeting all of you.