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  1. I'm in the same boat as Sheepy-Pie[/member]. TSFH have amazing songs and I'm always listening to their albums for ideas in regard to scenes. They're inspiring to listen to and really help flow my creative juices.
  2. Late reply, but I turned 19 this past March. Interesting to see the age ranges on this site!
  3. I'm still building my world, well, a region of the world, but I'm definitely happy with my, "pseudo-apocalyptic-medieval-fantasy" theme. Fitting, considering my MC is an undead knight who journeys a new world of sorts.
  4. Thankfully, I write short stories rather than novels or anything similar. I usually, or rather try, to keep my word count below 5k, as it's much easier for me to keep track and to ensure my story doesn't fall off the rails. I don't participate in NaNoWriMo, so I can't attest to any word count tracking tips or tricks.
  5. I agree with Elena[/member] and SecretRock[/member]. When concerning accents, I've always adhered, and advised, to using either dialogue tags or through POV. It's less jarring than actually writing out the accent. My two cents.
  6. Despite being a full-time student and working a part-time job, I'm able to manage them both well and find time to write. Granted, I don't write for hours on end, but I have enough to where I can spend ample time on my short story. However, this fall semester will be heavy, so I don't expect to write much until the end of the year.
  7. I've always been an imaginative kid; creating worlds, fantastical stories, and complex histories heavily inspired by hours spending on Wikipedia. When I started reading, it was always fantasy books and rarely any other genre. Fantasy is limitless and isn't bound by our laws of reality.
  8. I also have a great enthusiasm for linguistics. I mentioned in my post I tend to base names on a real-life language depending on my fantasy culture. However, I also have difficulty in naming places, as I have to extend my language research on place-naming conventions in real-life. How do you handle in naming a setting or place?
  9. When it comes to naming places, characters, or anything else, I use a naming set based on a real-life language. For example, for my short story, I'm using Medieval English - and similar variants - as the naming set. I simply alter some medieval names to better fit my world so it isn't a blatant copy of real-life names.
  10. I certainly believe there is a delicate balance between worldbuilding and story crafting within a short story. One simply has to be careful about how one writes the story but also build the world alongside it. It worth noting that Natasha Pulley, the article writer, seems rather vague on which short fiction type she's actually critiquing about. I presume it's short stories, but it's not that difficult to build the world in a couple thousand words (especially if it pertains to the story). I hope she's critiquing flash fiction or micro-fiction. Otherwise, her thesis has some peer-reviewing to do.
  11. From the majority of arguments I have read that claim, "history isn't as diverse as a fantasy world would be", seem to stem from ignorance of actual world history. While it's not my place to say everyone should learn world history, I think it's fair to point out one should fact check a historical claim or statement before deciding to argue said claim or statement. Agreed. A fantasy world has its own realism. Whether or not real-life should even be applicable is another story. I agree with your friend and those who say Memnon, an actual African character in the Iliad, should have been given more prominence if the producers of the show (which I have watched) wanted to represent the African community. Simply combining a POC character with a non-POC character does a disservice to both characters. Memnon is simply pushed to the side and Achilles is seen as either a pander to diversity activists or an insult to the original character. My two cents.
  12. Yeah, it's a rather obscure writing site. One wouldn't know it unless one spent hours looking through writing sites.
  13. Yeah, I considered joining the site, but the format was a bit weird for me and isn't really active (not from what I could tell anyway). Nevertheless, I'm glad to have joined this site instead!
  14. I agree with mathgnome[/member]. If a female character is killed off for the sole purpose of pushing the male character motives and furthering his character arc, then it's considered fridging. However, if a female character is a character in her own right, whose death does not benefit any character, then it's simply a character death - the character just so happens to be a female.
  15. Hey, mathgnome! Thanks for the warm welcome and likewise :)