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  1. CaptainStrat

    Overused tropes that you're totally using anyway

    I have a bit of enemies-to-lovers going on too, although its spread over the course of three books (if I ever get the first one finished). I'm definitely looking forward to the progression of it though. I'm planning on having the romance in the last book, but I think I'm more excited about just developing the relationship between them as they become friends. I'm trying to invent some in-universe myths and legends that should tie in with the story, so I'm looking to emulate the slightly odd narrative structure a lot of myths seem to have. There's a load of tropes that appear again in again through lots of myths IRL that I'll be making use of, particularly Be Careful What You Wish For . Also fish. The Scots love their fish related myths. My main plotline may also be leaning towards Wrongful Heir To The Throne as the rebels are trying to get a child on the throne. The heir also falls into Heroic Lineage though the plan is to subvert this a bit.
  2. CaptainStrat

    Lines and Quotes From Your NaNo

  3. CaptainStrat

    World Anvil Links!

    Ahh, cheers, I just signed up for the subscription and forgot I'd been mucking about with the privacy. That should be it now!
  4. CaptainStrat

    Character replies

    Carrigan's eyes light up immediately. The chair he's been swinging on wobbles dangerously beneath him as he rights it, its thin legs cracking as they violently reconnect with the flagstone floor below. He gives no sign of noticing his narrowly avoided fall, instead choosing to sweep a swath of unruly ginger hair back out of his face. "There's something beautiful about it, is there not?" He leans forward in his chair until his elbows are resting loosely on his knees. "When you're out on the water, you're truly at the mercy of the ocean. You can feel the absolute raw power beneath you, and you know that at any moment, the wind could turn and you could be swept off course completely-" Carrigan stops for a moment, his eyes focused on a distant point across the room. He gives his head a quick shake, clambering to his feet with a light chuckle. "I'm not selling it particularly well, am I? I suppose what I'm trying to say is that there's a simplicity to being at sea that I miss dearly. When you're out on the waves, there's nothing to do but trust in your skills and give the water the respect it deserves. There's something quite freeing in that, no?" He waves his hand in dismissal. "Bleh- excuse my ramblings, where were we? Ah, of course. What is your strongest childhood memory?"
  5. CaptainStrat

    Howdy oh fellow writers

    Hi Xanthuss, welcome! It's really cool that you work on WorldAnvil, I've just started using it myself! I'm a sucker for organising my world building and I love that it feels like I'm building my own little wiki for my WIP. Enjoy the forums!
  6. CaptainStrat

    World Anvil Links!

    Dalfionnach - I've not actually populated any of the articles yet, but so excited to start!!!
  7. CaptainStrat

    World Building Resource Ya'll May Like!

    Wow, looks really handy! And it sounds like they're about to update it with more features for authors too. Thanks!
  8. CaptainStrat

    Handling class in your writing

    Class is a fairly big part of my story, as two of my main characters are from very different classes, and this is a bone of contention between the two. It's definitely an issue for both of them as they have their own prejudices. Maeve's first impression of Carrigan is that he's stuck up and pompous, whereas Carrigan thinks Maeve and her people are backwards, country bumpkins. On the grand scale of things, Carrigan is far from being upper class and is generally looked down upon by his peers as he's the illegitimate son of an upper-class Magister and a working-class fisherwoman from the islands. My magic system is based on talismans called Anchors that the user has to craft out of natural materials. The poorer classes use easy to access materials such as wood and stone. Middle classes use metals and semi-precious stones, pretty much anything that maybe looks fancy at first glance but isn't "luxury". The highest nobles and royals have the most valuable anchors which may still use gold, platinum etc but also make use of precious, valuable gems. Anchors do not have an infinite use. When they come to the end of their life they break. I'm still fleshing out the rules to the system, but I'm thinking that the amount of effort it takes to make the anchor affects how long they can be used for, so the higher classes may pay for someone else to make fine, filigreed anchors with polished stones, while the poor can only afford to carve their own or pay the local artificer, so will generally own weaker anchors.
  9. CaptainStrat

    What are you writing for NaNo?

    That's a really interesting idea! I can see how it can be a headache but sounds like it'll pay off in the end. If I read one, I'd need to read the twin! Lots of cool ideas in this thread! I'm going for my third attempt at a long-running project. The synopsis is messy at best, but it's getting there. Maeve is hedgewitch who has become disillusioned with the rebellion since she lost her husband in the last war. While attending the summons of her Laird, a strange man arrives on the doorstep with an injured child, looking for a healer. Healing him seems to do more harm than good however, as she suddenly finds herself on the run with the odd pair and a seemingly sympathetic Magister. After learning the identity of her youngest companion, Maeve must choose to remain in solitude, or rejoin the rebellion she had once so passionately fought for. Don't think I'll hit the 50k this month because life gets in the way, but I'm aiming to end the month with more words than I had, so that's a start!
  10. CaptainStrat

    Why We Don't Post

    I guess I have a few reasons, some of which are echoed here, but for me its mainly: 1. The post takes my interest but I don't feel like I have something to say that will contribute to the discussion. 2. The post takes my interest and I have a contribution but my brain is mush after work and I can't formulate it into a coherent reply. 3. The post takes my interest and I have a contribution and I fully type that contribution out...and then I second guess the value of that contribution, delete it all and close the tab. Which probably says more about my social awkwardness than anything else! 4. I think I'm also just a bit weird about sharing stuff pertaining to my writing. I'm excited about my characters and world, but sometimes I just don't feel ready to share new developments until I'm 100% happy with them, which once again, is probably more of a self-confidence thing than anything to do with the forum. I know that I'm talking to a group of like-minded people and there's no judgement, so a lot of my lack of posting issues just need to be addressed by me pushing my own comfort zone and just posting on impulse.
  11. CaptainStrat

    Feedback Wanted: Condensing the Forums

    Looks good! On first quick look, I'm liking it! The condensed topics make it easier to know where to find things. I like this, think it should simplify it in the meantime and as you said, it leaves scope to expand them into further topics as we grow. My only suggestion would maybe be separating the "Discussion and Help" sub into one on its own, so its easy to see from the front page, and people can split their questions between Writing Theory and Plot/Character/World (basically a condensed version of the original)
  12. CaptainStrat

    Naming characters/places/creatures etc

    For characters, I tend to use a combination of real-life place names and naming websites. For example, I have two characters Kentra and Donan that both take their names from Scottish places. My main character's name (Maeve) came from a search for gaelic names. Still not sure if I'm sticking with it though! As for place names, I tend to base them on known naming conventions in Scotland. For example, we have a lot of places with the word "Dun" in the name, which usually means "hill" or "hill fort", so if I need a name for a hill, or a city based on a hill I might base it around this. My main character's hometown is called Dundarroch, which would roughly be "Hill of Oak".
  13. CaptainStrat

    Writing Accents

    Hey, thanks for your feedback! I really like this idea, I have one "well-spoken" main character and one who uses the local dialect, so it makes sense that there would be communication errors between them! Since my original post, I've gone ahead with sprinkling a few words here and there that I know people with generally get (eg. aye for yes), but I've mainly been focusing on the tone with which they speak, how formal they sound etc as a way of showing differences.
  14. CaptainStrat

    Important: Forum/Discord Feedback Needed

    I've not been around a lot lately (work's been a bit mental) but I can probably echo what a lot of people are saying. I like having Discord for quick discussions, but the forum lets me catch up with longer threads. With me being in a different time zone to a lot of the members I often find that I'm falling behind on discussions in the discord, and it doesn't feel like the right environment to say "hey, you guys mentioned x topic 145 messages ago". With the forum, I can dip in and out and its easier to reply to older messages. I think someone mentioned the size of the forum being a bit daunting, and that's probably been a factor for me. Sometime's I'm not sure where to begin if I've been away and want to catch up, the activity stream is usually a good start for me though. Not sure what the solution to that would be, reducing the number of boards/ subsections (not sure of the terminology!) would be the obvious one, but I'm not sure if that would then reduce the variety? Anyway, as a side note, thanks mods for keeping everything running, not sure how you do it, I can barely keep the writing up!
  15. CaptainStrat


    Hey Callum, welcome to the forum! Nice to see another Scot here! :D