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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum! 😄 I dig your username btw! Your fantasy world sounds dangerously beautiful, or would it be beautifully dangerous? Either way, prowling creatures in the night, yes please!
  2. https://preview.nanowrimo.org/participants/twistedriver TwistedRiver should be me 😄 Added everyoneeee hoarding frienddssss
  3. Hoho, that is a very good point, @Tyrannohotep! I just find it very hard to get over that "falling apart" slump x)
  4. @SecretRock Yes, exactly! That wish to feel somewhat "normal"/average is strong at times. Thanks for sharing!
  5. It's actually kinda nice to see that more people "struggle" with this. Not that I wish this upon people, but shared suffering, I guess? P: I have a project that I've been trying to work on for a long time and I just can't get the thing to make sense. I am very fond of the characters and what they are, but making it all come together in a logical way is difficuuult. I'm starting to figure out an approach to the "origins" of my mc these days, but it's so far away from how I imagined things to actually be, that I feel like I failed the character and the story a little x)
  6. Immortal blood-sucker, her bearded bodyguard, and the God of Illusion, plays prank on other divines to help humanity survive. Eeh, not the best description, but a fun take on it, haha!
  7. I woooould have voted for The Star Mirror, 'cause I'm a sucker for blood gods and alike. But for the most nanoable, I went with Lion Hamlet Mermaids. 'Cause it sounds pretty badass, but it also gives very good guidelines for what you can make happen next or jump to if you're stuck somewhere during nano. Also, because Hamlet underwater. I'd watch that live.
  8. Helllooo and welcome to the big not bad world of the forum! Yay for the bachelor in archeology; I'm currently studying for a bachelor in archives and collections management (records management and museum collections mainly). Maybe you can find me something cool to take care of? 😄 I feel really curious about the minotaur villain character! Interesting take and so cool to see that you're using such a classical "villanous" character!
  9. Today's date: 28.08.2019 Words to add: 548 New total: 2012 words
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  11. Good question, especially since I haven't reeeeally explored the ending of the world that is my main project at the moment. But Ailin, my main character was supposedly getting bloodthirstier and bloodthirstier as a side effect of having to use her powers over and over again, to help people and get the divine circles to hopefully stop being such dodoheads. Eventually that didn't add up too much, logically, when the rest of the story worked itself out, but it's there on the backburner. Another character, which has many different names, Eloassom, Edgar, God of Illusion, will hopefully get his seat back among the divine after the big upheaval. He was kicked out of the inner circle after some feisty disagreements, and has been working to find his way back. They're still family, even if they suck at times. Most of the time. Like, all the time, I guess.
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  13. That is a neat way of introducing yourself! :D Welcome and congratulations on the journey!
  14. Hi there! And welcome to the forum 😄