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  1. Hi there! And welcome to the forum 😄
  2. Helloo there, and welcome to the site 😄
  3. Aaaah, I forgot to do it last night 😧 300 words to add is all I have for May. It's been one of those months really.
  4. I wrote words!Words to add: 3641 wordsNew total: 20072 words Falling short of my 25k pledge, but I'm a little happy with crossing 20k too.
  5. I wrote words!Words to add: 11360 wordsNew total: 16431 words Have sort of forgotten to update here, yikes 😧
  6. I wish I could give you more heart-likes, so I'm just spamming this entry a little: ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  7. I wrote words!Words to add: 940 wordsNew total: 5051 words 5th of April
  8. I wrote words!Words to add: 918 wordsNew total: 4111 words 4th of April
  9. I wrote words!Words to add: 1090 wordsNew total: 3193 words Third of april, woooh!
  10. I wrote words!Words to add: 1016 wordsNew total: 2103 words Daily goal two days in a row, waaaay ❤️ 2nd of April donnnnee.
  11. I wrote words!Previous month's total: 0 wordsWords to add: 1087 wordsNew total: 1087 words This was written on April 1st, hope it's okay I'm a day late for posting it here 🙂
  12. Such a fun thread! All the selfcomplimenting is awesome! I think that my knack is special details, just a little fun, quirky, strange, odd extra that adds some spice to the character/setting/plot. A little thing to remember.
  13. @Jedi Knight Muse Must feel nice to get to skip the research phase, hoho. Sounds like you're having a very busy first day of April though! 20k is still a good goal, and if you get a bit of a head start tomorrow, you'll always have some room for distractions throughout the month 😄