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  1. That is a neat way of introducing yourself! :D Welcome and congratulations on the journey!
  2. Hi there! And welcome to the forum 😄
  3. Helloo there, and welcome to the site 😄
  4. Aaaah, I forgot to do it last night 😧 300 words to add is all I have for May. It's been one of those months really.
  5. I wrote words!Words to add: 3641 wordsNew total: 20072 words Falling short of my 25k pledge, but I'm a little happy with crossing 20k too.
  6. I wrote words!Words to add: 11360 wordsNew total: 16431 words Have sort of forgotten to update here, yikes 😧
  7. I wish I could give you more heart-likes, so I'm just spamming this entry a little: ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  8. I wrote words!Words to add: 940 wordsNew total: 5051 words 5th of April
  9. I wrote words!Words to add: 918 wordsNew total: 4111 words 4th of April
  10. I wrote words!Words to add: 1090 wordsNew total: 3193 words Third of april, woooh!
  11. I wrote words!Words to add: 1016 wordsNew total: 2103 words Daily goal two days in a row, waaaay ❤️ 2nd of April donnnnee.
  12. I wrote words!Previous month's total: 0 wordsWords to add: 1087 wordsNew total: 1087 words This was written on April 1st, hope it's okay I'm a day late for posting it here 🙂
  13. Such a fun thread! All the selfcomplimenting is awesome! I think that my knack is special details, just a little fun, quirky, strange, odd extra that adds some spice to the character/setting/plot. A little thing to remember.
  14. @Jedi Knight Muse Must feel nice to get to skip the research phase, hoho. Sounds like you're having a very busy first day of April though! 20k is still a good goal, and if you get a bit of a head start tomorrow, you'll always have some room for distractions throughout the month 😄
  15. This is not a drill people! I repeat: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. The day is finally upon as and Camp April is well on its way. How are you feeling? Writing going well? Your research making the journey smooth? Or are you starting from scratch with only a small idea to evolve into a magical adventure? Deductive vs Inductive Story telling, take a look at this forum thread if you're curious about new ways of categorizing writing, that might feel more fitting than just planner or pantser. I'm writing very slowly, but making most of the day by giving my chapters funny names that summarize the action about to take place. Happy writing everyone!
  16. This is some complicated math happening! It is interesting to see the discrepancies, but also a little... worrying? I guess it's correct when they say that words truly are magic.
  17. Could there be some difference in the way they count word? How do they deal with spaces or words with hyphens? I mainly use Scrivener so I haven't noticed the discrepancy before 😕 But kind of shifty if that is how they are, because that is a major difference in words.
  18. A sentence is all it takes for a story to begin! What sort of addition is it? An exploration of a backstory, or an explanation of an event, or something else?
  19. Mother of pearl that is a cool tracking sheet! @Manu That looks so amazing!
  20. @Elena Should be a good starting point with it being a sequel, a lot of basic research and rules of how the world/story can work is already in place 😄
  21. I have actually never thought of doing this. Why I haven't is beyond me. I loooove lists, and tracking numbers and progress and such. I gotta step up my game and get me some of that word tracking! 🤑
  22. @Elena I like your take on finishing books whether you like them or not. The possibility to learn how to do something, or how NOT to do something, is always valuable in writing. I remember reading The Hobbit as my first Tolkien-book, and I was very confused to begin with. Although I do remember liking it. Other than that, I haven't managed to actually finish any other of his written works. I want to, yet... hnnnnng. @Sheepy-Pie Yeah, some books just sort of drift away without you really planning on that happening. @Mynoris I know the feeling! I have my books at three different "homes", so sometimes when I start reading a book at one place, I forgot to bring it to the other, then it just sort of... gets forgotten. Yet I can't just pick it up where I left it later, because it feels like I'm lacking something in the continuity of the story.