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  1. Had a productive night tonight!! Wrote 2k in Sapphire Dreaming and got about 5k worth of articles for Worldember on World Anvil done 😉 Most of this actually involved revamping old articles. Switching them from race to ethnicity (not entirely sure that's right, actually) and going into more detail on things as well as adding things.

    For Sapphire Dreaming, some stuff got done! Not sure how much of it will stick around in the final draft but I got something down, and that's the important part 😉

    Now time to get ready to go... which means dislodging the cat. 😞

  2. Haha, thank you!!!! ❤️ This story has been stuck in my head for so long. I just wish I had more written down for it. (I’ll get there!)
  3. LivvyMoore

    Overused tropes that you're totally using anyway

    Ooooh. I like this question 😄 THE MARTYR QUEEN Lost princess Otherworldly being brings a message, MC tries to avoid getting drawn back into the main conflict Mad king Dashing pirate/thief with a heart of gold / princess who's been betrayed and had her heart broken before Good guys being related to bad guys Elemental magic Quest to find/reclaim home SAPPHIRE DREAMING Instant connection between two of the MCs Elemental magic Quest to find/reclaim home Mentor with bushy beard/hair Evil witch = bad guy Witch is charming/sensual and manipulates people to get what she wants MC is thief with a heart of gold (mostly) Uhhh, I'm sure there's probably more but that's all I have at the top of my head!! Both of your stories sound wicked interesting 😄 I love all of those tropes.
  4. LivvyMoore

    Getting back to old, long-term projects

    I'm doing the same with Sapphire Dreaming! It was a project I finished three years ago. Ultimately I found the original concept of my idea to be kind of bland, BUT when I went through the (disorganized) notes that I made during the process I rediscovered some old ideas I had that resparked my interest in it. I ended up changing my cast of two main characters to three, and revamping my villain. My third main knows a lot more about the world than the others, so writing from her POV is a little tough if I want to keep the secrets of the plot twists 😛 But, my process for diving back in looked a little something like this: Export Word Document to PDF (to keep from editing as I read) and reread the whole thing from start to finish Make a few notes Return to my original notes and compare Start playing with my main cast again. This meant filling out character questionnaires*, doing character exercises, making them in various dress-up games (and the Sims), and then making character aesthetics for them. I also built a Pinterest board for the story, and saved anything and everything that reminded me of them. Look up plotting templates and advice. Get halfway through one of them and get frustrated. Make a list of everything each character knows about themselves, their world, and their past; then a list of everything they want to happen. Start writing. A bit chaotic, but it worked for me? Or it has so far. I'm only two chapters in. Your process seems a lot more streamlined, haha. I hope it works for you!! 😄 Good luck writing, and if you want to know anything more about my process above just ask. I'll try to explain better 😛
  5. LivvyMoore

    Question of the Day Suggestions

    I have a couple of suggestions! What's a snippet or passage that you're proud of? What's the first thing you do when you're designing a character? What's one thing you really like about your main character? Who's your favorite side character and why? What's one thing you really like about your villain? What makes a good villain, to you? What themes/concepts do you like to explore in your novels? ...that ended up being more than a couple. Oops. ^^;
  6. THE MARTYR QUEEN: Alinora is so weighed down by secrets there are days she can hardly breathe. She lives under a false name, biding her time until she has strength enough to face down the man who took her homeland away and killed the people she loved. Then she's bestowed with another secret---one given to her by one of Death's Reapers. Alinora was never meant to exist, and so she is the only one who can stop the antagonist, Kai'os... and the divine patron he works for: Fate herself. To tell anyone of this would shake people's faith, something many of them desperately need in times like these. SAPPHIRE DREAMING: Melantha knows more about the land of Middell, Chase and Aura's destinies, and their mutual history then she can ever tell. And when those secrets come out? It has the potential to shatter the entire foundation of their relationships... and she may just lose the first, and only, friends she ever made.
  7. LivvyMoore

    Another Dumb Question

    I couldn't do it before, but I'm able to do it now!
  8. LivvyMoore

    Books You were Disappointed in and Books You Weren't!

    Disappointments: Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo I liked Alina. I liked the Darkling. I liked a lot of the supporting cast—particularly Nikolai. But I did NOT like Mal, nor did I like some of the twists and turns the book took. I’m hoping the Six of Crows duology is better. Viking Myths and Sagas by Rosalind Kreven There were a lot of typos and I didn’t really like the format that they were told in. It wasn’t a bad book, but it was… kind of lackluster for me. 😕 Books that Remind Me Why I Read: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas (A Court of Series 2) This book made me feel things. I’ve reread it so many times now, and I love it just as much every time. I could gush about this book forever, to tell the truth, so I’ll just. Stop here 😛 Dealing With Dragons by Patricia Wrede Cimorene is everything I love in a protagonist—headstrong, confident, and clever. I love her friendship with Alianora (I nearly died when I saw the name, given that my protagonist’s name is one letter off!) and with Kazul. I love the dragon society, the explanations of magic, and the witch with her cats xD Those are all recent-ish. I’ve got a whole pile of unread books I haven’t touched yet xD
  9. LivvyMoore

    World Anvil Links!

    So I gave mine in another topic but I’ll put it here for record keeping 😉 This is mine. (Lots of stuff, still uploading things, and even though it’s all highly unnecessary for the novel I will probably keep adding to it because it makes me happy xD)
  10. LivvyMoore

    World Building Resource Ya'll May Like!

    You can save articles as drafts, if that helps? So as you learn it you don’t have to make them public until you’re ready for people to see them. This is my page for Metanoia. Before I decided to sit down and write it this world was like, my daydream escape? Like I put a lot of thought into this over several years, and just kept making things more complicated. So as far as the novel goes I probably will not use all of it and will cut a lot of things… But I’m also really proud of it so I want to keep it all. I’ve still got more things to add, too. *sigh* xD
  11. LivvyMoore

    Map Making

    Ooh I didn't know that 😕 But I just like having a map to look at, so that's not too big of an problem for me, but it might be a dealbreaker for other people. Guess I should have done a little more research before posting it, whoops!
  12. LivvyMoore

    Livvy’s Photography

    Hahaha, yeah. Sometimes I swear they know when I’m about to snap a picture and either stop doing whatever cute thing they’re doing, or take off running. 😂
  13. LivvyMoore

    Map Making

    There’s a free map making software called Inkarnate. It has a really nice interface once you get used to it. Here’s a couple of examples of things I’ve made for it. With a free account, you can save up to 10 maps to the account, but you can make and save to your computer as many as you’d like.
  14. LivvyMoore

    Hello :)

    Ooooh, that sounds really interesting!!! Also, I completely understand what you mean about doing a total rewrite—that’s what I’m doing for Sapphire Dreaming, haha. It needs a major plot overhaul 😛 Oooh, I always forget about the December challenge!!! Definitely gotta do that again. Yes, I’m using the free version! The only thing I wish you could do was have more than two worlds in the free version 😕 But other than that it’s a veryyy nice system offered for free!! I know what you mean! It took forever to get all of my notes in there and I’m pretty sure there are still a few scattered around I haven’t found yet.
  15. LivvyMoore

    Our Tumblr / Writeblr

    I’m livvywrites!