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  1. LivvyMoore

    Too Many Names

    I have since restarted the novel, and taken away the “thinking of” bits. Most of them, anyway. This is really good advice! A lot of my named characters are background characters—characters who are relevant to my protagonist’s past, but who will exit the story as soon as she embraces the journey ahead.
  2. LivvyMoore

    Too Many Names

    For context: My MC, Alinora, has her life interrupted in the beginning of the story. You know, like most protagonists 😜 I actually wrote a couple of prequels to my novel, though not intentionally; I thought that was where I needed to start. It was not. That was populated with characters, and while many of them faded into the background, they were still very much part of her life when I started my story. My CP at the time---she turned out not to be a good fit for me, and vice versa---had a lot of complaints about the amount of names that were being thrown out. Especially since some of the characters hadn't been introduced physically yet. My character was thinking of them, and thus called them by name, though I couldn't think of a way to naturally insert a description of who they were. These characters were the leaders of the guild she works for and a few of her... friends is the best word, though not how she thinks of them, haha. I have since restarted the story, due to a number of other (valid) criticisms, but now I'm increasingly paranoid about how many names I throw out. Given that it is still very much a first draft (no matter how many times I've restarted it, I have yet to finish it... I struggle a lot with perfectionism, lol) I know that I probably shouldn't be worrying about this just yet. But given that it's still bothering me, I have to ask: How do you know if you're throwing out too many named side characters? Especially when you don't know how many of them will be relevant later, and how many will fade in the background?
  3. You know, I was actually just about to make a post in a similar vein! Lately, I've been having a similar difficulty with a project that is very near and dear to my heart. Like you, I have an idea of where I want to go... but once I get down to writing, it never seems to come out right. And then I get stuck. I know that I should probably just let it be until the first rounds of edits, and that it probably isn't as bad as it feels like... but I can't seem to leave it alone. So I rewrite. Sometimes the whole scene, sometimes the last few lines. I start thinking that maybe my beginning is wrong. Maybe I'm starting in the wrong place. Maybe I haven't done enough planning. I know how it ends. I have a few rough scenes planned, but not much else, because it always ends up changing as I write. I enjoy that; the discovery of it, but at the same time, I sometimes feel a bit lost. I'm still trying to figure out how to break through that. How to get myself to the point where I can just write and then worry about everything later---to turn the perfectionist brain off and just embrace the flaws in my writing. I guess that doesn't really answer your questions, since I'm trying to get answers too XD I wish you luck with your writing!
  4. LivvyMoore

    Zero drafts

    @Banespawn and @Penguinball both describe my thoughts on Draft Zero XD But I guess if I was to describe it as a process, it would look something like this: Think of the scenes that won't leave you alone. The big battle at the climax, maybe, or the conversation between the heroes between missions. Write 'em down. Summarize everything you want to happen around those things. Get into detail if inspirations strikes, if it doesn't, don't worry. Fill the margins/comments section with notes and questions when you don't know what you need/want to happen around events. (Or leave them right in the page, maybe highlighted or a different color for easy finding.) When it's finished, you have a draft zero. Some people take draft zero and start outlining. Others just go ahead and dive into filling those gaps. I think it depends on how much inspiration you found, and how many gaps you filled, while you were zero drafting. Basically, to me, Draft Zero is an even messier version of the First Draft XD The first time I ever wrote a novel, I used the Zero Drafting method, though I didn't know what it was called at the time. I just knew trying to write from point A to point B wasn't working for me, and neither was writing non-chronologically. So I started summarizing important scenes that weren't calling to me at the time, and only filling in bits of dialogue or description. It helped me feel like less of a perfectionist, because it felt like... outlining, but not outlining? I don't know how to explain it, exactly. Or even if what I described is a technical draft zero haha.
  5. LivvyMoore

    Best (and Worst) Writing Advice?

    Oh my gosh I hate this advice. I totally forgot about it when I was writing my response… probably because I hate it so much 😂 I know it’s helpful for some people, but the people who say it often preach it like it’s gospel—and I’m just like: But I can’t do that. It’s not possible for me, and never has been. I don’t even write every day during NaNo! Wow. That is. Wow. That’s really all I have to say about that. What terrible advice. @Jedi Knight Muse I couldn’t find a specific place to quote from because there was lots of good stuff, but! On the topic of realistic writing, my go to response has always been—I get enough of reality in the day to day. When I pick up a book or go to write, I want somewhere to escape to properly—somewhere new and different with exciting things that don’t happen IRL. I FEEL THIS. Any school assignment that involved creative writing that wouldn’t let you write Fantasy sucked all the joy and energy right out of me xD My parents (and friends) would be like “Oh, you should enjoy this!” And I’m just like. No. It took a while for me to really articulate why, though. Because I love to write, but it’s not exactly the act of writing that brings me joy, but what I’m writing. And I lose a lot of my favorite things writing outside of fantasy xD I have never considered this before. (Referring to the whole paragraph, not just the quoted part, of course xD) When I read that piece of advice I always took it as, “make sure they’re not just a stereotype.” I hadn’t really thought about the rest of it, but that’s a really good point!! Oooooh, Okay, I had never heard of this before!!! Probably because of the near shock therapy scene, actually, lol. As for the books, I have no idea how close any of that was, because I’ve only read one other Oz book, and that was the one where they found Ozma. (I really liked it, but I don’t know what happened to my copy! Donated to the library, probably.) I had heard the stuff about what they did to the Judy Garland though—her life was pretty tragic, from everything I read. Oz was just the start of it 😞
  6. LivvyMoore

    Best (and Worst) Writing Advice?

    Writing advice is such a mixed bag! Like, I've seen people quote pieces of advice that they've heard before, but they don't explain it. Said isn't dead, but you don't want to constantly add dialogue tags. Leave some spots open, or go for descriptors sometimes. Adverbs aren't the enemy, just don't use them so liberally you're not showing anything. Showing isn't always better than telling, both of them have their place. Tropes and cliches can be fun, and don't always have to be avoided. Plot twists are fun but not everything has to be shocking. Killing your darlings doesn't mean cut everything you love out. Etc. Etc. Etc. I could go on, honestly. But there's like. Goldmines of good advice out there, too. I guess my personal favorites for each category would be... Good: Write what you love, especially in a first draft. If you start following down a path that you hate, scrap it and try again, until you find something you love. Even if it takes longer to finish, it's worth it to have a finished product that you want to refine into something better. Don't delete things. Even if you cut it out of your story, save it somewhere. A document of "bloopers" or something. A description, a piece of dialogue, or something could come in handy later, and it's nice to have it on hand already. If you really need to, don't be afraid to edit the last few paragraphs. Just don't let yourself get stuck editing the same chapter/scene over and over again, and get stuck forever. Personal favorite: If you're really stuck somewhere, change your formatting settings. Change your font to something wacky. Adjust the size or the color. Play with your page settings. Bad: Don't use [x] beginning or [x] ending. I hate this advice. "Don't start your story with a description of the weather." But what if the rain is coming down in torrents as someone races away, clutching something important in their arms? "Don't end your story revealing it was all a dream." But what if the dream was important, in some way? Like for Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz. (Granted, I don't believe that it was really a dream per se in the books, but in the movie, given that there were no sequels, it was.) Anyway. I'm just not fond of this advice. That's the big one. There are other smaller things I nitpick, but. That's the big one for me, the one that always makes me grumpy when I read it 😛 I feel this. Writing is not accomplished in the same way by everyone, and I hate when articles and books talk like it is. I love this advice, and it's honestly probably the one Golden Rule of writing, imo 😛 but its so hard to take to heart!! I want to give myself leeway through the suck but... I'm still working on it. (Speaking as a chronic perfectionist :P) Ughhhhh I hated when this was going around. Excellent advice and another one I have a hard time taking in myself XD
  7. LivvyMoore

    Daydreaming, Stories, and You

    I daydream all the time. My daydreams are usually ongoing, featuring the same general cast of characters, who occasionally interact with the characters/worlds from whatever fandom I’m in at the moment. Said characters are actually the mains from one of the novels I’m working on—though many of them had to be cut out because the cast was too large. (Other things had to be cut too, but all of those things are still alive and well in my daydreams xD) And I do most of my daydreaming pacing around listening to music, but also before bed.
  8. LivvyMoore

    Where Do You Get Your Books?

    Ooooh, I’d never heard of that site before!!! I’m adding that to my bookmarks, thank you!! ThriftBooks is awesome! That’s primarily where I’ve been getting my books unless something I want shows up on Kindle Daily Deals. (Or we happen to be near Books-a-Million.) It’s nice to be able to buy multiple books in a series at once without worrying about the price.
  9. LivvyMoore

    Where Do You Get Your Books?

    I get my books from ThriftBooks, Books-a-Million, and Amazon. (Amazon mainly for kindle books, though.) I mostly do online shopping, but sometimes we go stop a Books-a-Million and I get to browse shelves xD I used to visit the library a lot, but unfortunately nowadays I don’t usually have the time to go to the library—and I need a new library card, so Overdrive isn’t an option. (I really need to renew it, lol.)
  10. I don't mind a prologue, especially when they give information that couldn't be worked into the story itself. (For instance, a scene from before the MC's were born or something that couldn't be revealed quite as dramatically later.) Epilogues, though. I love. They're a great way to introduce a new problem for the sequel, while letting the author kind of wrap up all major threads for that particular book. They're also a way to provide a sneak peak years down the line, which is also nice 😉 It's also nice to imagine those things, but I like knowing what the authors envision for those characters.
  11. I love getting to explore different worlds in fantasy. Getting to paint a picture of somewhere else, with different rules and expectations. I love magic, and mixing said magic with technology. I love fantasy races--dwarves and elves and nymphs and pixies. I love the escapism element of it; getting to go places that don't exist and 'see' things that aren't possible in our world. I love the metaphorical aspect of fantasy. The way some stories take elements from our world and re-contextualize them in a fantasy world. It makes the message more powerful to me, when it's done that way. I love that fantasy can be whimsical, serious, ethereal, and sad all in one book. It's an extremely flexible genre. My top favorite thing about fantasy, though, is the sort of... found family aspect? These characters go on quests together, and spend anywhere from days to years together. They build friendships and bonds of trust, and generally by the end they're all very close. Some specific examples (taken from all kinds of fantasy media) Critical Role (I'm only part of the way into the new campaign, but Vox Machina man) Lord of the Rings The Hobbit (more the movies than the books, but.) Throne of Glass A Court of Thorns and Roses (the Court of Dreams is just. I love them so much) Someone else already said this, but I agree so I'll say it again---this new trend in fantasy where everything is super dark and edgy. I like a good dark tale as much as anyone, and even enjoy a tragedy at times. But part of the thing about the fantasy genre for me is hope??? And these darker tales (I'm mainly thinking of Game of Thrones, which I do enjoy, but like. Also don't) are more about destroying that hope. Every time you think things are going to be okay they crash down around everyone's ears even worse than before and I'm just. Not a fan. There aren't really a lot of other things that come to mind. For the fantasy genre as a whole, I mean. Most of the things I'm thinking of at the moment are targeted towards the YA age group, and are prevalent through any YA book, not just the fantasy ones 😛 So that's all, I guess. If I think of anything else I'll come back and add it, lol.
  12. LivvyMoore

    What do you want to write?

    When I’m stumped for ideas, I generally just throw myself into reading—or watching TV. Sometimes I’ll hit upon a concept that I feel like I could have done better or that I want to try myself. Failing that, I go looking for prompts and try some short stories, or look through Pinterest for designs that spark my imagination. I also go through old works/ideas to see if one catches my attention. Could I make it better? Could I continue it? Lately I’ve also been looking and my stuff and looking for common themes; then exploring things I can do with these themes—and if any of those things catch my eye.
  13. LivvyMoore

    What are you reading? [2019]

    I do the same thing! I've been trying to read more, but when I'm not in a reading mood it's hard to pick something up. (Which is why I end up reading story collections; that way each one is its own whole 😉 ) Oh, I feel this!!
  14. LivvyMoore

    Favorite Secondary Characters

    It really is!! That sounds like such a lovely aspect to LARPing 😄 Ooooooh, he sounds like a lot of fun! I love the evolution of his character---and can relate to that, as my characters changed so much before I got them to where they are now. He sounds like a lot of fun to write, and to read about!!
  15. LivvyMoore

    2019 Goals and Resolutions

    Happy New Year everyone!! 😄 2019 Writing Goals Finish Metanoia and Sapphire Dreaming's drafts, and start editing before the end of the year. May do one of the NaNo Camps to do this... Finish a short story or two. (And keep them under 15k.) Maybe make a short story compilation? Enter a writing contest! Come up with a semi-realistic writing schedule. I know I can't write every day, but I'd like to start writing somewhat regularly. 2019 Life Goals Actually finish my Goodreads reading challenge. (The last couple of years, my goal has been 52 books, but I usually get around 30. Still decent! But I can do better 😉) Finish all the unread books sitting in my room. Figure out what's causing my fatigue and start to manage it properly. Ace my spring classes, without constantly submitting everything at the last minute. Get my license. (I absolutely hate being behind the wheel, but also I hate being almost 21 and not having my license!!) Get back into playing Dungeons and Dragons. (I don't really see this happening because the internet is so bad around here, but it's something I'd like to do, so I'm adding it anyway!) I think that covers everything?