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I will critique YA, New Adult, and Adult fiction. I'm most familiar and comfortable with the High Fantasy genre, but I will also take Urban Fantasy.

My beta reading style tends to be more reactionary than anything--I leave comments about how I feel in certain passages, what questions I have, etc. I tend to focus a little more on the positive, preferring to be encouraging. I'm pretty good at spotting technical/grammar errors, but if you want help with specific story issues, I'd like direction. Tell me what you're looking for, which passages you don't feel confident about and which ones you do, so I can better direct my feedback. 

I prefer to look at multiple chapters at a time. It takes longer--and I may need a nudge at times--but I feel like I get a more complete view of what's going on and how things are being set up that way. However, I'm not adverse to looking over single chapters. 

Anyway. Feel free to send me a PM and we can work things out!!