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  1. I wrote words! New total and total of the month: 37.261 words
  2. I wrote words! New total: 33.470 words as of June 26th.
  3. Is there still room for me? My username is Emskie-Wings, same as here
  4. Is there a cabin for the July session? I like joining cabins for camp sessions but I haven't had a cabin that I liked for a while now. And, yes, I know you can change cabins but I like to have the same cabin since the beginning, and not drop in half way through.
  5. I wrote words! New total: 30.380 words as of June 24th. Goal met, happy birthday to me :)
  6. I wrote words! New total: 28.486 words as of June 23rd.
  7. I'll do 45k next month. I hope I'll make it because July is the busiest month on the campground.
  8. I wrote words! New total; 26.597 words as of June 21st.
  9. I wrote words! New total: 23.169 words as of June 18th. I've been writing the same story since the beginning of the month and I'm not even close to being bored with writing it. It's a good sign! 😃
  10. I wrote words! New total: 12.794 words as of June 10th.