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  1. Oh wow! Thank you, everybody! Looks like I'll have to start writing for more challenges!
  2. Author Soft Like Snow Title: Growing Trouble Word count: 481 Summary: The last person Marie wanted to see when she’s sneaking out her breakfast is the Lord Mage who’s kidnapped her. Yet here she is. Challenge # 18 Chosen prompt (indicate #1, #2 or combo of both): Prompt 1- Flash Fiction Notes: This is more of a story within a larger storyline that I’ve not written yet. So I hope it counts? Also first time entering! I finally got around to it haha. “Someone can carry that for you.” His severe eyes swept over her dirty silk dress and the huge potted sapling in her arms. By the gods, he’d be wondering what sort of family raised her, given the state she was in. Up to her elbows in soil, she’d also somehow lost her shoes in the process of discovering what she’d done to this morning’s breakfast. The urge to explain made the words rush out before she could stop herself. “It was an accident, and I found it on the floor this morning.” He raised an eyebrow, his expression inscrutable and she felt a blush rising to her cheeks. Her aunt would be mortified. “Where did you get the compost from?” he asked, his tone was neutral, as though it wasn’t unusual for a woman he’d kidnapped as part of a diplomatic negotiation to be found wandering about with a plant in his castle. “Oh, I borrowed some, and the pot was full of marbles so they’re on the bed until I get back.” Oh gods, was the vase really old? The prince had showed her similar things that were older than his kingdom back when she’d been at the palace. “I’ll put it back.” He nodded, his eyebrow had lowered. “Would you like me to take you to where you can plant it?” “Yes, please.” Relief flooded her. He was taking this very well all things considered. Their walk was silent and instead of going out into the courtyard she’d been aiming for, he took her to a large field not far from the stables. “Plant it where you like.” He motioned to the empty field and she blinked. She could grow an orchard with this much space. “Do you need equipment?” Equipment? She blinked at him stupidly before realising he meant shovels, watering cans and the like. “Oh! No, the roots should take fairly quickly.” He stayed put as she walked a little further away, placing the pot onto the ground and beginning to uncover the roots. A little thrill jolted through her and she couldn’t help but smile as she lifted her morning mistake out of its china prison and onto the damp lawn. Her family would be horrified, her showing off her magic. But the Lord-Mage had plucked objects out of thin air and he’d not care about a little plant witchery. The sapling twisted and began to grow. Marie took care to empty all the soil around it as the grass grew lush between her fingers in greeting. After a few minutes, Marie stood up and stood beside him as they both watched her sapling flourish and mature into a tree that could have easily been living there for a few hundred years. “That’s why they want you.” He said, slowly moving his eyes away from the tree and towards her. “You’re a mage.” Her heart stopped.
  3. I use it on chrome - I keep meaning to buy it for the year as I'm about to start a postgrad course but I keep missing the half price offers. I really like it, for me, it sends a monthly email telling me how my spelling and grammar are and what mistakes I'm repeatedly making which is pretty good! Mostly it's just comma placement haha.
  4. briari hallow[/member] - I'll always remember walking into a bagel shop and the owner being surprised that we just wanted cream cheese on the bagel, that was it. A few minutes later whilst we were eating a local came along and ordered like, 5 toppings. We hadn't realised that was a thing! And oooh Puerto Rican culture eh? Might have to take you up on that, my main character's love interest is the child of a British Witch and a Latino Angel. His story arc revolves mostly around his struggle to assimilate to British culture and his new, strict coven family who he's never met before. Cynadea[/member] I can't draw maps. I envy of your abilities!
  5. I live five miles away from the finest example of norman architecture in the world (Durham Cathedral). My city is around 1,000 years old and still, has lots of historic bits in it. So if you want to know about old, I'm your girl. If you want to know about North East England's folklore? I'm your girl. My degree is in criminology and sociology. I focused my dissertation on the impact of anonymity on the darknet so not that useful for fantasy but good for anyone writing anything sci-fi related. I know a lot of theories about how societies work, so if you're looking to do some world building and get a bunch of characters with different values etc, I'm your girl helping you with that. I can tell you about prisons and social services in England and Wales. If you need advice about victorian prisons, I'm your gal too, since a lot of that stuff is on display at work to staff. If you want help writing a sympathetic criminal, I can give you some advice on that too. I've always worked in the public sector (councils, civil service) so feel free to ask me about that too. I worked in two summer camps over two years as a student, so I know how working visas to America work and can offer a confused outsiders perspective on America vs Britian (eg Insurance vs the NHS). I'm British, having lived in both England, Scotland and having Irish family. Feel free to test your British characters on me. I can offer nuances on the differences between the countries (buses are way cheaper in Scotland for example). I have books on poisons and body trauma too, so if you need to research injuries and murder let me know as I can dig them out. I also have books on palmistry, tarot and understanding dreams. In terms of illnesses, I suffered from Depression and Anxiety for about 4/5 years and was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue a few years back. I was lucky and lived next to an excellent sleep clinic that helped me massively, feel free to ask about that too.
  6. Aw thank you Becca[/member]! Haha that kind of freakishness about her is something I want to explore. Her skin is green because she can't comprehend eating instead of photosynthesising and she's so inherently magical it just sort of happens. She meets dragons and they're more afraid of her than she is of them. The Local Lord having to explain what a book is made out of (you make our corpses into stories? How delightful!) and nobody being particularly sure what her reaction would be. But you know, I haven't actually figured out a storyline, just stuff I want to write about. I'm tempted to buy a notebook and start making notes but I already own SO MANY notebooks...
  7. I haven't started planning yet if slowly building my flexi-time at work doesn't count. I think I'm going to do a story about a Tree who gets a human body, but I'm not sure? Considering its less than 4 weeks away I'm not very prepared!
  8. My princess is not particularly smart of wary. Having been brought up expecting an arranged marriage and having a very sheltered childhood, it's never really occurred to her that most people don't live in a world where their parents had true love . I'm absolutely going to use that link Xexes, it'll absolutely help me when I'm writing his character (now he just needs a name...)
  9. Soft Like Snow


    Ah I love dragons! Have you got any ideas for what you'll be writing in the future Tkz? Welcome to the forums :)
  10. She doesn't end up with the prince in question, so he'll not get a redemption arc, but I deffo think I'll be taking that arrogance and privilege. From what I was reading, isolation from friends/family is pretty common in DV relationships so I think I'll be leaning on that pretty heavily too. At the same time, he's trying to 'woo' the rest of the family since they can always cancel the wedding. Ultimately her family do care about her and wouldn't knowingly throw her to the wolves.
  11. It might be a political manoeuvre, not so much about the murder but about the insult her vassal caused that she must now soothe. How does the King know that she didn't tell him to assassinate the advisor? Is this an act of war M'Lady? Why, surely your hand in marriage would go far to show your commitment to our two countries remaining allies. Or at least, something like that?
  12. Okay, I saw the play on Wednesday and seeing it acted out was absolutely amazing. The storyline could have been better, don't get me wrong, but I really loved watching Harry, Ron and Hermione interact again and the way they did the magic was, well, magical. I can see why people were disappointed with the script, but when you're watching it as a play a lot of the stuff that happens in it is much more forgivable. You're right thought Jedi Knight Muse[/member], I do think that they focused on the wrong thing. In my eyes, the adventure focused too much on Harry's previous adventures, which detracted from the story.
  13. Since it's not been mentioned, I'm going to assume that you ALL need to read the Earthsea Quartet by Ursla Le Guin. Her world building is absolutely fantastic and she was one of the first writers to use words of power and POC main characters. It's really very refreshing (and sometimes weirdly cliche due to her being the first to do things). Go read it! Go go! *ushers all of you to a library*
  14. I'm not massively keen on the idea of two Reginas, but I do like the idea of a season focused more on her if that makes sense? I'm so excited for it coming back!
  15. Ooh yes Gaston-like is a good idea. I guess I had him in mind without really thinking about it. I want it to be obvious to the reader why she doesn't like him but have her unable to express the reason when she's confronted by her well-meaning family about why she rejects the match. Is it weird that I might go and research some domestic violence support sites? I'm not sure if that's going too far haha. I LOVE Once Upon a Time. I'm so looking forward to it coming back in a few weeks time!