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  1. I really love both Gytha and Esme from Discworld. Pinchofmagic explains most of it. For me, it's also that they, as women, actually get leading roles, are active, are snarky as hell and are absolute powerhouse women and really get to influence everything around them. They really made me feel like I wanted to be like them, but not quite :P. Like, I'd love to be Esme, but then just get to enjoy life more? I'd love to be Gytha, but have some better habits, though I'd definitely keep the 'lording over all the family' part. I love it when female characters are real powerhouses but not in the 'I'm morally strong/physically strong but otherwise absolutely boring' way. Gytha and Esme have so much flavour to them that I barely need names when they appear because from the way that they are, they are already so identifiable. For me, that's also why I'm such a fan of Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore. They are made of snark but also really bring other qualities. Lorelai more so than Rory I think, and in the revival, they both lose some of it, especially Rory becomes this almost whiny person that makes me go 'what happened to you' but she had lost a lot of it after high school anyway. There's also Phedre from the Kushiel series and she is a powerhouse woman in a completely different way. Gytha and Esme and Lorelay and Rory are all powerhouses in a very dominant way. Phedre is the first ever female powerhouse main character who manages to do everything from a point of submission. The entire story is about her power in doing so. I really like characters who take charge and don't let their fears stop them. Who think things through or have an innate knowledge of how things work.
  2. I've never thought said is dead persé. I was taught that said is one of those words that you basically not register as much, so you can use it pretty much every time. I'm looking at it like this. Most of time using said is the way to go, same as with your go to breakfast or lunch or meal of choice. But sometimes it's just nice to spice it up a little bit and do something different. So I try to use other dialogue tags with a lot of caution because they are so easy to overuse and become annoying.
  3. I have several books on how to start writing a book, how to plot it, how to do character building all that sort of thing, but I have very few (if any) books on editing books. So... What are your recommendations? Books/websites/podcasts/videos, this is the place to give me/us what you think is an incredible source for editing.
  4. I think I'll start with a pledge of 5k. I have no clue how much I actually write in the worldbuilding and in the story, so I want to see how it goes first. I might bump it up later, but it depends on a lot of things.
  5. I might have missed it somewhere, but where exactly do we do the pledging of how many words we do?
  6. Actually yesterday when making my planning for the week I committed to continuing my work on the webserial I started in November, but for me that's probably not going to be something that I can work on everyday (especially as I'm also looking for a job, do the household, produce a podcast and do other stuff). Unfortunately I have no idea yet how much I will be able to write in a week, let alone a month. That and my situation is just in flux, so I'm hesitant to join in right now, though I do want to.
  7. I liked the dragon story more, but the cliffhanger of the other one was better.
  8. I took the difficult decision to quit a study that I couldn't finish because of health reasons. I am also working a lot on my mental health, currently only through daily tarot cards, but in the new year I'm back to going to my therapist. I found people to make a podcast with and we now have 14 episodes aired on all kinds of LARP topics. It's in Dutch otherwise I'd advertise it to you 😛. It's going really well and the community is more excited about it then I had guessed and hoped for. I started the webserial and I was able to do loads of research and background creation in 1,5 months time and then coming as far as 36k before I had to stop. I have started bullet journalling and it's really helping me keep track of multiple things, like savings and my health and stuff, but also daily tarot cards. And I'm now making one completely about tarot card meanings.
  9. This morning I saw that it was The Hidden Language of Flowers 😛 By Vanessa Diffenbaugh or something.