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  1. I might have missed it somewhere, but where exactly do we do the pledging of how many words we do?
  2. Romancegirl

    Worldsmyths Million 2019 Discussion

    Actually yesterday when making my planning for the week I committed to continuing my work on the webserial I started in November, but for me that's probably not going to be something that I can work on everyday (especially as I'm also looking for a job, do the household, produce a podcast and do other stuff). Unfortunately I have no idea yet how much I will be able to write in a week, let alone a month. That and my situation is just in flux, so I'm hesitant to join in right now, though I do want to.
  3. Romancegirl

    December 2018 Challenge Voting

    I liked the dragon story more, but the cliffhanger of the other one was better.
  4. Romancegirl

    2018 Accomplishments

    I took the difficult decision to quit a study that I couldn't finish because of health reasons. I am also working a lot on my mental health, currently only through daily tarot cards, but in the new year I'm back to going to my therapist. I found people to make a podcast with and we now have 14 episodes aired on all kinds of LARP topics. It's in Dutch otherwise I'd advertise it to you 😛. It's going really well and the community is more excited about it then I had guessed and hoped for. I started the webserial and I was able to do loads of research and background creation in 1,5 months time and then coming as far as 36k before I had to stop. I have started bullet journalling and it's really helping me keep track of multiple things, like savings and my health and stuff, but also daily tarot cards. And I'm now making one completely about tarot card meanings.
  5. Romancegirl

    What are you currently reading [2018]?

    This morning I saw that it was The Hidden Language of Flowers 😛 By Vanessa Diffenbaugh or something.
  6. Romancegirl

    New Features & Changes

    Hi, you forgot me in the restricted section 😉
  7. Romancegirl

    What are you currently reading [2018]?

    I think mine is already in the book 🙂 so I didn't know they did it separately first.
  8. Romancegirl

    What are you currently reading [2018]?

    I didn't know there was a companion book?
  9. So I'm currently reading through Worm via audiobook and listening to a discussion podcast. I think it would be great for all of you to read it as well, but I'm not sure that after the discussion podcast there is much left to discuss. But that may be me. If people want to do the read-through+discussion of Worm I'm all up for it. HOWEVER! There's another webserial that my boyfriend really wants me to read: The practical guide to Evil. It's full of sass, and he doesn't want me to read it before I've finished Worm because he's afraid that otherwise I won't finish reading Worm. But who would like to do a read-through and discussion with me on The Practical Guide to Evil? Or maybe some other webserial? I'm not doing Twig or Pact by Wildbow because I know that they're very dark, even darker than Worm and Worm is sort of on the border of what I can handle (so much feels). Let's keep it small for now, 4 people. If there's more interest we'll see if we can accommodate it and keep it moving. 1. @Romancegirl 2. 3. 4.
  10. Romancegirl

    What are you currently reading [2018]?

    While eating I'm actually reading a book: The Language of Flowers. It's not fantasy, but it is incredibly beautiful about an orphan girl who is taught the language of flowers and is sort of finally able to really communicate with people through that language, and other stuff happens too. While knitting or something I'm currently listening to a bunch of stuff on my phone, dependent on my mood: Worm audiobook (at time of speaking I'm at arc 26), We've got Worm podcast (currently listening to the discussion on arc 25), Critical Hit a DnD podcast, and Wheel of Time novel Lord of Chaos (the audio quality is really terrible). Over on audible I have several unread audiobooks but I currently haven't started in any of them.
  11. Romancegirl

    Trudi Canavan

    So much feels in the High Lord. Officially I think I'm still reading it, but I don't dare read further because of what happens..
  12. Romancegirl

    Disney Lyric Game (REVIVED!)

    My, oh my, look at the boy too shy
  13. Romancegirl

    Lodestone: a writers' workshop

    Well that filled up quickly 😛 I will listen to the podcast, and I might follow the exercises on my own without the feedback and in my own time plan.
  14. Romancegirl

    Tarot inspiration challenges/exercises

    Exactly. Alright then, I will spearhead this activity 🙂 As I said it will depend on how my healing is going, I will keep you all appraised.
  15. Romancegirl

    Club Ideas

    I think I could do something for a Worm club (because trust me if you haven't read it, it deserves it's own club :P). But even if it won't be a club I could spearhead a read-through of it.