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  1. I wrote words!Today's date: July 31, 2018Monthly Total: 45614
  2. I wrote words!Today's date: July 7thWords to add: 1198 words
  3. Oh my gosh! Someone has my same birthday! August 2nd, 1979.
  4. I wrote words!Today's date: July 7thWords to add: 3668 words
  5. I wrote words!Today's date: July 3rdWords to add: 5804 words
  6. In keeping with updates, so far I've completed transcribing the following: 24 Manuscripts 351 Pages 112,496 Words
  7. I wrote words!Today's date: June 29thWords to add: 2566 words
  8. I wrote words!Today's date: June 28thWords to add: 1352 words
  9. I actually have a weird experience with abridged vs unabridged Dracula. When I first read the book, I was fairly young, early Jr. High or Late Elementary school. I remember the book being big and thick, almost intimidating. That copy was lost (which makes me sad because the cover was really cool and I've never been able to find an image of it again, even with the internet. *gasp*). Years later, after I'd graduated High School, I was given another copy by a second cousin (or something) that had one and wasn't really interested in it. This book was much smaller, yet claimed to be unabridged. It wasn't just a print size difference, since I remember the print in the first, larger book being quite small, while the one in the smaller book was about medium size. So I'm wondering how much of the memory of the first one was confused by the fact that I was physically smaller then, or didn't read as many thick novels, or if the one I have now lied about its length. Perhaps I'll never know.
  10. I wrote words!Today's date: June 27thWords to add: 7028 words (If my number is way over my pledged total, and you think it's fair, cut it in half because I've been transcribing rather than creating.)
  11. I wrote words!Today's date: June 25thWords to add: 5998 words
  12. I wrote words!Today's date: June 24thWords to add: 4098 words
  13. I have a story with something like that in it. Though it is definitely tested.
  14. I don't know what it would be called, but I like the silent communication thing. Where the friendship is strong enough that the two don't have to say anything at all, often to the point where a third person in the room feels like they're missing something, not because the two friends are TRYING to shut them out, but that so much passes between them unspoken that it just happens. Sometimes one of the friends will do something that confuses a third person, and the friend has to explain that their friend knew exactly what was wanted/needed and was off to do that very thing.
  15. Mynoris


    This morning when I woke up, I tried to hop on the Discord only to find that the whole of Discord was down for me. Then I realized how much I really look forward to chatting with everyone, both about writing and about other things. So I just thought I'd give a shout out to everyone on the Discord for being awesome folks. Even when we don't all agree, we're generally able to move things along without too much permanent drama or damage. Yay us!