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  1. Only 10k please. My health and motivation are tanking, but I fear if I don't put up a word count I'll slip back into not writing again.
  2. While the kernel events may be the same seven (I don't know if that's the actual number; I just like it) across all of story-kind, there is enough that can change from the dialogue, the world building, the situations, even the age and gender of the characters that makes each telling of that basic story it's own thing. Because if we truly believed that everything, in every permutation, has been done, then what are we all doing here? So, yes, I think it's possible to have two stories be TOO close together and that is distinct from stories that follow similar paths. When you have too many points that line up in the details, then it looks like a copy rather than two minds being inspired by the same things.
  3. It's probably a good hook...but most people don't bother doing any research and I guess it would be tiresome to keep fixing assumptions. That being said, when I write vampires, I don't reference Dracula or Romania/Transylvania/Wallachia/etc. In fact, most of my vampire stories don't take place on earth, or even an AU/AH earth. So a lot of the lore is thrown out, such as an aversion to crosses since there was no Christ, etc.
  4. That series was soooooo good. Though I wasn't very young when I first encountered it. I think I was a pre-teen/early teen. I read the first two then. I had to hunt down the rest as an adult.
  5. I'm really sorry to hear you say that. Dracula is one of my favorite novels. Are a lot of people in Romania sick of telling people that? I mean, I imagine there are tourists that show up because of the novel.
  6. When I was young, I had this coloring book of mythological creatures. I never knew what happened to it; it was probably destroyed during storage in a leaky shed. But I loved that book! Anyhow, moving on. Vampires are my top favorite. I find them an excellent way to explore the idea of the 'other' in society. They're so close to human, yet often outcast and feared, usually with good reason. I like to make them not automatically evil, but perhaps more prone to evil acts in order to achieve self-preservation. But it also lets me examine the idea of what it's like to literally NEED someone else for survival. Do they take the blood by force? Stealth? Deception? Open agreement? How does this affect them? A good deal of my stories are vampire stories, and I have a few other stories where vampires play a role but are not the focus. They're definitely the mythological creature I've delved into the most. While I suppose 'creature' is a bit of a stretch, Gods are one of my favorite things to write and play with. Fantasy religion is a fascinating topic for me, perhaps because I had a love of Greek and Egyptian mythology from a young age. I love Unicorns because of The Last Unicorn (the animated movie especially because of the music and VAs.) However, I've only had one story where they were the focus, and two other stories where they are briefly mentioned. I like the idea of the purity clause as something that is misunderstood by humanity, and that aspect is important in my one story. I like them to be somewhat wild, but not super ferocious. More...cautious and willing to fight when pressed, but ultimately with morality that is not necessarily in line with humans. Dragons are freaking awesome! I haven't written much with them, perhaps because the sheer amount of lore on them is so varied and immense that I'm never quite sure what to do with them. Also, the further away a creature is from human, the harder it is for me to write them. I like ghosts, but I haven't written much about them since my early teens. Generally they're good as tragic characters, since those who die at peace with themselves and the world rarely return. I love the aesthetic of elves, but I haven't written much with them either. There are a lot of things that I really enjoy, but they just haven't fit into a lot of my stories. I'm generally quite human-centric. I don't like eldritch horrors much, or things that have no resemblance to humans, either intellectually or physically. So, beasts with no higher thought, or mindless undead, are really UGH for me. Especially zombies.
  7. Mynoris

    Books With Mermaids

    Okay, I found it: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25652887-lasera It's a YA Romance type deal.
  8. Well, I haven't watched any since the prequel story, but I'm sure you're right. Another example, Highlander 3 was pretty much a copy of Highlander 1 with a slightly different villain and I think a few added characters/details. (I only saw it once; I've seen the original several times. And Highlander 2 DOESN'T exist.) It's also why a lot of teen drama and romances are so dull to me. The moment something is labeled as a romance, you know that some romance somewhere is going to bloom, and it's usually painfully obvious which one it will be. I guess genre savvy plays into this as well. If you know the genre of a piece, you have an idea which 'maps' will be used.
  9. I'd say that the Little House Books and the works of LM Montgomery, particularly the Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon books, really stayed with me, perhaps not so much as a writer, but as a person. Same with Jem and the Holograms (the original 80's cartoon). They added something to my sensibilities and how I viewed the world. I think a lot of my writing may have also been influenced somewhat by LM Montgomery, as I often find myself using some older phrases and such that people don't use much anymore. However, I think I was more influenced by a lot of fairy tales I read as a child. My grandmother had this set of books, Child Craft (from the 1960's I think; I'll have to double check when I'm downstairs again), and every time I went to her house in the summer, I HAD to read these books. Usually I just read the fairy tale one, but there were other ones that had folk lore and such as well. (The science ones are so outdated by now that they're hilarious, but that's a different subject.) The authors of these varied, but there was just something about the fairy tale style that appealed to me, and even now I have trouble 'showing not telling' because most of those old fairy tale stories were TOLD.
  10. I would have to agree with this. I don't know if I really analyze the stories that much. I don't really notice so much when a story is predictable, but I really notice when I DON'T know where a story is going and it will really keep me on the edge of my seat. Some of this is about journey beats, as you say, and some of it is about advertising and word of mouth. Sometimes you just hear so much about a story that when you actually read it, there are no surprises left. For example, I had never heard of Howl's Moving Castle before. I sat and watched it with my niece and nephews. I was riveted because I had no clue what it was about or where it was going. I couldn't predict it, so I loved it. I can't say it was a really GOOD show, per se (though it might very well be) but it was like a breath of fresh air simply due to the fact that the journey wasn't already pre-written in my mind.
  11. Mynoris

    Books With Mermaids

    My cousin's wife wrote a book about Mermaids. I only saw a little bit of it though, so I'm not sure if it's any good. Now I have to see if I can actually find the name of it. oO
  12. The Community How often do you use the forum? Is there anything we can do to encourage you to visit more often? Is there anything we can do that might compel you into using the forum more often that we are not already doing? I check fairly regularly. Pretty much any time I sit down to my computer when I'm not playing with my son I check the forums at least once. I really like the fact that we can quickly/easily find unread content, which helps me keep up. I might not always respond to everything, though I wish there was a way to mark threads as something I want to go back to and answer. Something I can easily find a list for. When I'm on my phone I often won't reply to posts, but since they're no longer 'unread' I can't always find/remember them.+ Do you use the forum, the Discord server, or both? If you currently use one but not the other, is there a specific reason? I use both, though I use the Discord more often simply because the program tells me when there are new messages before I even open it. I like to use the forums for things I want to be able to find again, or that I want a larger section of people to see. I like to use the discord for more social matters and things that I juts need a quick answer to. Are there any specific rules or guidelines that you feel are unclear and need to be expanded on? If so, which ones? Everything is pretty clear so far. Do you feel like the staff members are always around to answer questions and help if you have any issues? Generally speaking, yes. Since the staff members are from a few different locations, there's only a few hours during which I am awake that there is no staff member available. What overall feedback do you have for Worldsmyths? So far I'm really feeling at home here. There have been the occasional misunderstandings between myself and other members, but they have been quickly and sensibly resolved and I don't have any current issues with anyone, which is wonderful. Everyone here is so supportive. My only issue is something that would be an issue on all writing forums: because we're all writers it's hard to put myself forward because I know everyone else is trying equally hard (more or less depending on individuals) to get their writing looked at. The Forum How do you like the new forum software? Is there anything that confuses you? Are there any sections of the forum that you would like to see be more active? The site is beautiful and has a lot of really great options! It took me a bit to remember where everything was, but in general I find it easy to use. I would actually like to see more things in the quick word prompt section, since I enjoy doing those. Are there any discussion sections that you feel could be added to the forum? I'm almost thinking critique/excerpts should be on the forums, not the Discord, since things easily scroll out of control, and it's hard for people to find the information once someone else puts one up; but the discord would be good place to post links to the forum counterparts (if they existed) as is done in announcements, etc. Have you joined or created any clubs? I have joined a few clubs, I think about 4. I haven't made any clubs, but I've been tempted to. Are there any clubs that you would like to see and haven't yet been made? I'm not sure. Clubs are based around a certain number of people showing interest in an idea, and I don't have enough of a feel for what interests enough people to make a club for. Are there any parts of the forum that you don't visit, or that don't interest you? What part is your favorite? I think all the parts are good; the only things that don't interest me are simply things I'm not ready to use yet rather than any sort of belief that the sections are not interesting/important. The Library Do you use the Library for submitting or reviewing? If not, what is keeping you from visiting? Is there anything about the library that is currently keeping you from using it (whether it's submitting or reviewing someone else's submission)? I've been using it, though not as frequently as I should. Mostly it's just because I need a certain level of focus to read a piece with a critical mind, and that focus has been lacking lately. The same goes for posting, oddly enough. Have you had any trouble submitting to the library that has kept you from using it? My only issue has been resolved. Is there anything that has kept you from reviewing any of the submitted works currently in the library? This was answered in an earlier question. Do you think there should be some kind of a guideline for the 1-5 star rating system of submissions? If so, do you have any suggestions? I think if there is to be a guideline, it's something that will need discussion in its own thread so we can more easily add our thoughts on the matter without it getting clouded with other matters. Discord (Optional) Do you currently use Discord to interact with your fellow members? I sure do! It's a great place to just chat with writers in a way that creates bonds and interest in each other, but isn't necessarily writing focused. This makes it easier to put things on the forum that ARE writing focused because I have a better feel for the people I'm communicating with. How easy do you find it to join the conversations? Is there anything we can do to improve engagement? In general I find it easy to join any conversation that I have an opinion on. Sometimes the conversation is about things that don't interest/concern me, and then I'm more likely to be quiet. I like that we have the two general channels so that if one conversation doesn't interest some people, they can start a secondary one in the other general. Are there any rules for the Discord that you feel are unclear and need to be elaborated on? Not off the top of my head. Writing Challenges Some history - When the forum first opened, we had the challenges as bi-weekly, but received feedback that that wasn't enough time. They've been monthly ever since. Also, in question two it asks about a "system" suggestion - by "system," we mean the way the challenges are done (i.e. with them being member created VS staff created like they currently are). Are the monthly challenges beneficial to you? Yes and no. I really love the challenges, but I find they are just TOO much in any month that also has a NaNo (Regular or Camp). I was quite sad that the myths and legends challenge was in a NaNo month because I would have liked to do it. But it's too stressful for me to split my attention between two timed things. Is there another system that you think would work better for the writing challenges? Maybe a vote on the theme. Or two themes each month so that people have a better chance of getting one that inspires them? Activity with the challenges has been up and down, and lately we've only been getting one or two entries each challenge. Do you think we should get rid of the challenges? I think this merits a fuller discussion on the topic. I think that challenges are really great conceptually, but need some fine tuning perhaps to get more people to sign up. Do you have any ideas for any new site-wide challenges we could do instead of the monthly challenges (and the word count challenge)? I really liked the micro challenges, and I wish they had been focused more because they might be easier for people to do alongside their big challenges.
  13. Mynoris

    Your favourite type of villain

    In my Necromancer story, the main character is pretty much relating her tale to show how she is, and isn't, evil. Pretty much, she recognizes that she's done bad things, but she warns the person she's telling the story to that just because someone IS evil doesn't mean that's the only thing they can be defined by. Then she goes on to tell how she went from an innocent child to, well, the Terror of Avendrow.
  14. Mynoris

    Your favourite type of villain

    I don't really have a lot to add here. Pretty much it's all been covered. Writing villains isn't my strong suit, and a lot of my stories don't have a VILLAIN so much as the odd character or two that makes my protag's life miserable somehow, but never quite manage to gain 'villain' status. They're antagonists, yes, but of true villains I have maybe...3 or 4. One of my oldest villains was very much an 'over the top' villain which was in keeping with the famous line, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!" But I wrote her when I was like...13 or 14 years old, so she's incredibly campy. I'm not sure if I can salvage her, but I'd like to try some day. In my most recent story I've been working on, my main character IS the villain of the story. She's known to the people as the "Terror of Avendrow." Catchy name, no?
  15. Mynoris

    April Check-In Thread

    I wrote words!words to add: 1204 words