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  1. Mynoris

    'Religion' Game

    I'm wondering if anyone here has played a game called Crest. I know a lot of people have worked on pantheons for their worlds, and so have delved into the question of religion in fantasy settings. This is a bit of an interesting game to look at how a belief might manifest, spread, and change through time.
  2. Mynoris

    Worldsmyths map!

    Somehow I just found this today...and I pinned myself, though it took me a while to figure out how.
  3. Mynoris

    Question of the Day #45: Murder

    Hm. Well, the title says murder, but the question says killing, and there's quite a distinction there. My project's MC is the Goddess of Death, so in a way, she's killed everyone who has ever died. Other than that, it's complicated. As a Goddess, she never actually struck anyone down that wasn't already dying. In her various mortal lives she's killed a few people. After her universe was destroyed, as an immortal, but non-divine, being she has killed a lot of people across wars and jobs as a mercenary and other various things. She doesn't have much issue killing people at all. However, killing children is not her thing, and she's very much against suffering. Though it would be hilarious to have a God/Goddess of Death that was squeamish about killing. Hmmmmm.
  4. Mynoris

    Advent Day 17: Faith Character

    The image(?) link seems to ne broken.
  5. Mynoris

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    You're very wise then.
  6. Mynoris

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    I must be out of touch. I didn't realize African women were often depicted as romantically/sexually unattractive.
  7. Mynoris

    Overused tropes that you're totally using anyway

    @Jedi Knight MuseOooo, thanks for bringing up the Princess being forced into an arranged marriage; I know for sure I've done that one! 🙂 I don't have a royal ball, or a masquerade, but there is a dance that is semi-pivotal in my Winter Lord story.
  8. Mynoris

    Story Titles

    A Time Before is my 2018 NaNo, and it's not a prequel, but it is a frame story about a universe that's already dead and gone. Winter Lord is about a vampiric 'tyrant', and he gets his power from the land, and Winter is when he has to perform a ritual to make sure his land stays safe. Secrets in Ashes is actually a really old ghost story of mine, about this girl who finds this old, burnt out farm house, and the two farm hands who died in the fire are still haunting it as ghosts.
  9. Mynoris

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    Well, the one that springs immediately to mind is the subversion of the Death God/Goddess trope of being a dark, pale, spooky, grim/glum person. Instead she's a brash, emotional person with red hair, green eyes, and a full figure. I didn't do this because I thought the trope was bad. I liked the dark/grim/mysterious deities of Death. But I just wanted to see what a world would be like without one.
  10. Mynoris

    Story Titles

    Both 'Tears and Roses' and 'Monster Redefined' are vampire stories. 'Tears and Roses' (which I'm not sure would be the final title) is about a girl who goes to the grave of her friend regularly. She's attacked by a vampire there, and rescued by a 'mysterious' stranger, who ends up being her friend, risen as a vampire. 'Monster Redefined' is about a slave owning vampire who ends up with two female slaves that know what he is, and it's about how he deals with them. The title stems from the fact that he, as the vampire, is not the most 'monstrous' character in the story, even though he's the only one openly called a monster.
  11. Mynoris

    Story Titles

    @Xanxa Oooooo, I really like Chimera Obscura. The Veirian Followship and The Sunshine Acolyte both sound very intriguing, and there's something about Carrying a Torch that really caught my attention as well. Thank you for sharing which of my titles you liked. 🙂
  12. Mynoris

    Story Titles

    Oh, these are all story titles, not chapter titles. 🙂 Unless I misunderstood what you meant.
  13. Mynoris

    Another Dumb Question

    No, no roasting Xanxa. We need her alive!
  14. Mynoris

    Story Titles

    I've heard it said that titles can really set up the feeling for a story, the mood or ambiance of it, or even the genre. So I'm curious what people think of the titles I actually have. Just give me your impression on what 'kind' of story they might belong to. And if you have any titles you'd like looked at, we can do that too! A Time Before Actions of the Dutiful Beyond the Window Conquests of Dynax Darkness of Light Episodes of Sorrow Monster Redefined Raised by Death Story of a Promise Tears and Roses Winter Lord The Low and the Mighty Secrets in Ashes Uncommon Evil
  15. Mynoris

    Battlefield crown [image [prompt]

    Okay, I've finished one. I got interrupted by my son part way through, and I wasn't fully able to pick it back up as strongly as I would have liked, but this is just an exercise, right? Anyhow, it's called The Crown