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  1. bdcharles

    IMPORANT: Worldsmyths 2019 Feedback Survey

    I’ve always found that groups on writing sites tend to be very quiet. A section on the forum may get more interest.
  2. bdcharles

    IMPORANT: Worldsmyths 2019 Feedback Survey

    I've been a bit quiet on here lately, but every time I come back there's more names, more content, and seemingly more activity, which is great! For me, that's the main thing - just get loads of relevant activity going, and I'll be more likely to post and engage. So in summary - keep up the good work :) In general I use both forum and discord. I also try and use the WS twitter account to keep engagement going there too. Nothing is particularly unclear to me. No issues with staff responsiveness. Love the new forum! It is easy to use and most importantly, it looks like a fantasy writing forum should look, right down to the purple colours and creepy tree theme. I do think some sort of critique place, for people to post and workshop their writing, would be useful. But that depends if that is a goal of the forum. I joined a club but I have been very slack there ... I can only apologise. Again, the library here is infinitely more user friendly than with the last software, so good job on that. I would say the one thing that slightly puts me off with it is simple user engagement. I posted something there a couple of months ago and have had no replies, despite replying to some other users' library content. Maybe I am not using the library for what it's supposed to be for, but then the comments option suggests feedback. Sounds like I'm having a right moan - I'm not! But it would just be nice. No-one wants to shout into the void, or indeed raise a fist to an indifferent sky :) Just logged back on there. Nice to see lots of names and content. No issues with this. It was a little quite before, going back a few months. I really have not looked into this enough. [Goes and has a poke around]. Okay. To me, a couple of things keep me from fully engaging here: one is the word count. Writing up to 5k words in a month is a very tall order timewise for me, so I kind of feel a bit like - if you don't have bags of time, then this isn't for you, which will then somewhat limit the content. Also the fact that entries must be submitted to the library makes it just that little bit less user friendly. Why not just have threads for each month's entries to save having to click here, there and everywhere? Lastly, the prompts. Who chooses these? What scope is there for prompt suggestions to be submitted and then voted on by the general membership? I see it says 'send us your ideas' in the FAQ but ... I dunno, maybe make it just less of a black box. It could form a great discussion topic and just cast the net a smidge wider that way. It might be that way already of course and I just don't know. Hope all this helps anyway :)
  3. bdcharles

    Multiple POV characters/chapter question

    Which page contains the section you're interested in? @Jedi Knight Muse I do it now and again, maybe three or four times throughout the book in several chapters.
  4. Well I am partial to a seductive first line (of book, chapter, anything) so I try and give it as much in as short a space as I can. In those lines, I don't shy away from telling, I try and portray time and setting and mood, to position the reader, and using stronger words and images to offset any more generic ones. The workaday business of dialogue can come later. Here's a couple of examples: Hope this helps.
  5. bdcharles

    Multiple POV characters/chapter question

    I don't think it would throw me off. I switch POVs a fair bit even in a chapter, and sometimes even dip into others' heads while I'm in another char's POV section. I just like the old-fashioned style that supports it, and I do it in a number of places, though I suspect the day will come where I'll have to cut those bits. It's a little hard to say whether it works here because I don't have the context - all I see is Kassel's POV. As for the scene in general, I like it. I like the depth it goes into for Kassel and the world. And - joy of joys - you have kept your sentence structure varied. I am beta reading some stuff at the moment and while there are many enjoyable parts, five consecutive sentences going "X was a Y, subordinating to the Z" is a bit much :)
  6. bdcharles

    Age of main characters

    Great question. My MC starts out at 20 (she notes that it is her 21st at one point), and while I was conscious of this bias such that I included several key supporting characters aged 40~ish and 51, and older, the MC and her allies tended to be young. I really don't know why this is and need to dig deep a little. Is it because they're better looking? Because they represent some innocence within us? Because a typical 40-something yomping through fantasy dragonland is a hard aesthetic to pull off? Maybe. I dunno. My MC's age just seemed right. The person it was based on was about that age at the key time anyway. Challenge accepted, I guess 🙂
  7. I'm going to work on The Dire Queen. I'm about 62K words in and feel I've barely started. I have a reasonable idea of where I want it to go but I want to really deep dive into epic fantasy elements. The first book focused on characters and themes - and I will keep that - but I feel the deep immersion in the world was not as developed as I would like. It was also pretty human-centric. Now I want readers to get snared into a fabulous world and be bewitched by beguiling races. Magic will be explored further and incredible creatures will feature. The world as we know it is to be left firmly behind.
  8. In terms of writing, I love the fact that you can make any place or vision real via the medium of the fantasy novel. In terms of reading, I love the fact that you can go to all these far flung places where fantastical stuff happens. There's not much I dislike about the genre other than the proliferation of derivative work, themes, ideas etc. But even those I quite like :)
  9. bdcharles

    Daydreaming, Stories, and You

    Until about ten years ago, my daydreams had pretty much got out of hand. It seemed that, while friends and colleagues were making giant strides in their careers, I was merely getting by. Yes, I had some of the trappings of achievement. Yes, I put up a reasonably convincing front about it, but all the while I hid a terrible secret. I was... I was ... I was a secret daydreamer. And not just that; I had ... I had ... I had ... say it ... I had imaginary friends. No. I had a whole imaginary life. I was Walter Mitty, I was every self-deluded loon, and my fantasies frequently took far more of my concentration than the day-to-day drudge of real life, which - though it had perks aplenty - was bland and unfulfilling in comparison. Even as I attended meetings and flew to customer sites, I was an intergalactic space captain, I was a warrior astride a giant winged beast, I was rocking the main stage in some far-flung metropolis before the adoring millions. I thought I was ill. How long, I wondered in desperation - how long can any sane adult maintain such deception and not take some deficit to their health, be it mental, physical or financial? Something had to give. Then I discovered writing, everything fell into place, and here we are 🙂 Without my daydreams I would have absolutely nothing to write about, and it scares me when they fall quiet.
  10. I enjoy the Steampunk aesthetic - sorry, the æsthetic - but I often wonder how best to translate that into a novel? Clearly there is going to be some setting to it; a Steampunk novel set in some far future is going to have a challenge on its hands that something which draws on Victorian London may not. There's the add-ons, the brassy science - the cogs, the automatons, the fabulous flying contrivances and the curiosities that lurk just below our normal sightline, peeping up when they think we aren't watching. What else? To me, the simple style of the language is a big part of it, or at least it should be. I struggle a little to buy into it if it is not written in the style of Charles Dickens or Jane Austin or somebody like that. Eagle-eyed readers will observe that I have chosen the Georgia font today; that's because in my view typeface selection can underpin the look-and-feel. Names. Names are a big part of it. I love that tradition of mixing odd names with common ones - Inigo Jones, Heironymous P. Bosch. Those sorts of names make me want to read loads more about them. Thoughts on what really "makes" a steampunk novel?
  11. bdcharles

    Reading outside the fantasy genre?

    Ah yep my wife cites that as one of her favourite reads. I'll have a go at it someday. I love a bit of steampunk. And Lin-Manuel Miranda - for some reason I am seeing that guy's name everywhere recently. I mean he's very talented but I'm starting to get to the point of asking: what does this mean? What am I being told? And I'm really not the sort that asks that question alot. :) I've already seen Mary Poppins Returns (it's great by the way!) so what more does L2M want of me? :) Great responses by the way guys. Keep 'em flowing
  12. Blasphemy? Heresy? Madness? Not at all! Why not share some non-fantasy books you've read and enjoyed, and what you got out of them? I'm reading The Muse by Jessie Burton (she of The Miniaturist) right now, and I love her attention to detail with the little quirks and observations of her characters. That's definitely something that's feeding into my own WIPs.
  13. May have been asked before; gonna need an answer. 🙂
  14. bdcharles


    I keep losing track of my currency. I have to make sure that what one young person pays for, say, a train ticket, isn't the same as what a wealthy guildmaster pays for a royal bribe. I have a list. Slightly worryingly I may have lost it...