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  1. bdcharles

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    I quite enjoy conventional fantasy tropes but with a little twist; eg I have an asthmatic knight who doesn’t like to ride horses but who slays a dragon using explosives.
  2. bdcharles

    Story Titles

    They sound pretty good. I like the succinctness of them. "Darkness of Light" I might think was tipping the balance to a little too much, but by and large there's an evocativeness there. Maybe try and make the chapters suggest the changing of the tone in the story, particularly towards the end. Think drama, think buildup.
  3. bdcharles

    Overused tropes that you're totally using anyway

    I wouldn’t burn too much time on it. Tropes are tools and not necessarily to be avoided.
  4. bdcharles

    Overused tropes that you're totally using anyway

    Finished MS 1 has The Most Left Justified of left-justified fantasy maps. Add to that Rags to royalty, Magnificent Bastard - it's all there. To a point it is quite hard to avoid tropes. But I have tried to subvert them when I can - for eg the LJFM will have a land bridge (and there's probably a trope for that too!). I do tend to enjoy writing to the Hearing Voices and related similar tropes and I do it alot; it is just an interesting subject, to me.
  5. bdcharles

    Character replies

    ~ Hammerstyle rolls forward on the seat of his chair, crackling the wicker like autumn flames on a cold night. A deep rumble emits from deep within him, as though he is part man, part ghastly mechanical contrivance, just starting up and readying to set about some awful purpose. A specter of a dying smile plays about his jawline before vanishing entirely. "I don't," he says in a low tremor, "talk about my family." There's a pause. Then, abruptly, he sits back and his countenance changes, his searching eyes blue and friendly. Such is the switch that one could believe the previous comment never happened. "My friends are my family," he says breezily. "And as you saw last night, they are many and - " But once more his voice drops back to its trouser-flapping register " - they are very, very much-loved." His hands link together, forming up into ranks of cavalry. "Now," he says. One broad finger points. "What would be your dream vacation?" ~
  6. bdcharles

    Howdy oh fellow writers

    Welcome aboard Xanthuss/Isaac. I'll be sure to check out both Gail Carriger and Worldanvil ... though I probably ought to get some work done first 🙂
  7. bdcharles

    Character replies

    ~ Echo thought. How did she know? Did she know? Was she qualified to answer this question? Images swam up behind her eyes, of Ixawod and others, and to her dismay she found herself well-enough disposed towards them, but nothing that would prompt the words in love. She thought of Kenny the Swarhelian and her stomach did a curious movement, a little flip that she didn't have a word for. "I should imagine it's a bit like being hungry," she said at length, picking a runaway strand on her town dress, "but for people instead of food." On the wall behind her was scrawled another question. She wasn't going to answer it. Someone else would have to bear that honour. It read: what is the most embarrassing thing you have done? ~
  8. bdcharles

    Map Making

    I like the idea of a setting that has - gasp! - no coastline.
  9. bdcharles

    Map Making

    Here's my derivative, cliched, left-justified and horribly Euro-centric effort:
  10. bdcharles

    Lodestone: a writers' workshop

    ^ ok cool, yes, I'll try it out
  11. bdcharles


    Dunno if any of you use the Soybomb Nonsense Generator but for me it's a dead simple yet entertaining (to me anyway) little page from which I've got city names, country names, regional slang, character names, you name it. I quite like using its output words in such a way that ~seems~ to make sense. Then the next poster could say which one they think it was, what they think it means, and add their own. Or maybe you have a nonsense word of your own that needs a home. Or you could shoehorn it into a name if you're feeling lazy 🙂 Or you can just get on with your proper writing hehe. Anyway:
  12. bdcharles

    Lodestone: a writers' workshop

    I would join but I have no idea what "Writing Excuses" is (other than a thing I make to myself all the time... 😉 )
  13. bdcharles

    Small piece up for critique

    posted some comments in the doc
  14. bdcharles

    Hello, I am a purple dragon.

    Hi Zovi, and welcome! I'm listening to your E.Mezuxie music right now, and it's really nice - very pretty and ethereal. How did you put it together? Oh, and the Zovi one is nuts! 🙂 Anyway thank you for joining. Hope to read some of your stuff soon - sounds amazing
  15. bdcharles

    December Writing Events?

    I really like this idea. Straight finction writing prompts on sites seem pretty common, but an exercise, like: worldbuild me this scene, or develop this character, is a unique take on it.