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  1. I'm a little stuck like Rohierim on this one. If my characters aren't facing down death, I feel like I'm doing something wrong on some level. Let's see... The New Queen Berry gets infected with a curse that very quickly begins killing her with a high fever and draining her life essence, so that was a pretty nasty close call. Her other big close call in this book is facing down Shah Davvyd in the final chapter when he's so smitten he's decided to turn her into one of the Sanguinari (living vampires sort of). She ends up half blooded, so infected, but manages to avoid being fully turned thanks to the timely intervention by a throne stealing plotter and her guards/friends. Soul Eater In a totally different setting, my main character in this one actually dies, but because like a handful of others in the world Death refuses to claim her soul (or her soul refuses to be claimed) and she ends up losing all memories of her life when she reanimates. Her biggest moment of danger is when she faces another of her kind who is attempting to devour what remains of her soul. I haven't written that part yet, so I'm not sure if she "survives" the encounter or if that book will end with a MC dying in combat.
  2. O.O This is so epic! And I love how Taz works in the alternatives. Have you submitted this for the monthly writing challenge of Myth and Legend? Cause it's a winner if my vote counts. It's very good conversation. I wish the guards had names though, instead of just numbers the whole way through. The ending though, heh. Very good.
  3. -laughs- I love how you build up this lovely peaceful scenic forest setting and then turn it into a shivering anticipation of what will happen next. -reads @Banespawn 's post - o.o' Powerful stuff you have there. I look forward to reading more whenever you have more you wish to share. My snippet...hmm....what to post...I've written so many things I love. Some I still can't believe actually came out of my brain. I think I will go with Berry's dance scene celebrating Prince Aurum's hundredth birthday. While Berry is human, the prince and both his parents are High Fae (elves more or less). The prince is gold skinned and haired, his mother Titania is all blues, and his father Auberon is forest greens. I like color coding my fae, so sue me. lol FYI for those interested: Reginald is human, Starlight is a flitling (tiny barbie sized winged fae), and Kormack is an Ork with drab green skin and a boar's nose and tusks, but not quite a snout. Word count for the snippet is 904 according to my word processor. From Chapter 2 of The New Queen Lady Bell, Mistress of Entertainments, was taking the center stage. She waited patiently for the room to quiet and the minstrels, jugglers, and others to finish their pieces and collect a few coins. "Ladies, Gentleman, and other folk, I have for your entertainment worked closely with our very own Berry to arrange a particularly special performance for this most singular of occasions. Though she has astounded, astonished, and delighted beyond expectation in the past," Berry felt sick as Bell built the crowd's expectations higher and higher, "I am confident tonight's performance will impress even the most critical among you. Without further delay, please welcome Piper Reginald, Drummer Kormack, Illusionist Starlight, and Dancer Berry!" Heart pounding, Berry thanked Bell and bowed to the head table, then to each of the other tables before she took her place in the center of the pentagonal stage. Starlight took off from Reginald's shoulder to hover above the stage. From that position, she would be casting illusion spells to illustrate the story of the performance. Reginald and Kormack had taken up positions on either side of the raised area facing the head table. All four saluted the royal family and guests once more in unison, and upon having their salute acknowledged with slight nods and smiles the show began. Kormack set a slow steady beat as Berry knelt. She forgot her stomach roiling in fear, forgot the crowd of nobles even the head table as she began to rise, hips echoing Kormack's beat. With subtle movements, she began to weave her hands through the air. At the same moment Reel put his pipe to his lips and blew his first soft low notes, Starlight began to cast her illusion magic. A pair of hummingbirds, one with brilliant green plumage the other with sky blue formed in the air near the tips of Berry's fingers. As the Human dancer began to move around the stage, the birds followed the movements of her hands, rising or falling until Berry brought her hands together over her head. Apparently seeing each other for the first time, the birds forgot the dancer below them. Flute and drum began to weave a sensuous melody as Berry circled the stage, hips quivering in time with Kormack's intermittent drum rolls. Above her, the birds began to dart about, the green pursuing the blue. In a climactic moment, they both dove for the center of the stage, and Berry dropped to her knees once more, head bowed, but shoulders and chest still moving and hands continuing to weave through the air. At the moment when the illusory birds would have struck the stage, Kormack struck a resounding note, and Starlight created a burst of golden mist that billowed up and out obscuring the stage in a soft hazy glow. Rising once more to her feet, Berry went into a series of spins as Kormack and Reel played out a joyous tune. The flare of her skirts and her movements as she spun back and forth across the stage matching Kormack's more striking beats with a kick of one foot or the other steadily cleared the glittering golden smoke. As her shadowy form grew more substantial and visible, so too did a cradle sitting where the birds had dove together. Coming to the front of the stage, Berry faced the head table, bending backwards to reach towards the cradle. As her fingers brushed the illusion of a blanket a tiny gold skinned hand reached out toward her. For Starlight, this was the hardest part, the close mingling of a complex illusion with reality. Sweat stung her eyes as she continued to cast, making the infant hand grow to the size of a small child's as a little boy emerged from the cradle. He walked on air, not dancing as Berry did, but following her as she leapt from the stage. This was the true climax of the piece. Kormack beat a mad rhythm on his drum, it's deep tones filling the hall, joined by Reginald's lively piping. Berry's hips moved in a seemingly endless shimmy as she led the illusory boy forward until she was within arm's reach of the table standing between her and those seated on the other side. The little boy had continued to grow with every step until he was a tall young man. Following the direction of Berry's reaching hands, he soared over the table and dove towards Prince Aurum, vanishing as the illusion collided with the reality. For a terribly long moment, Berry stood with eyes lowered before the head table her chest heaving with short breaths as silence filled the massive hall. <Why is no one applauding?> She wondered, as her gaze rose just barely enough to meet Aurum's with growing fear. Slowly, his startled expression gave way to a smile as Aurum rose from his seat and began to clap. Relief washed over Berry as an instant later all other guests followed his lead. Even Titania and Auberon rose briefly from their seats. Dropping her arms, she bowed deeply to the head table before retreating to the stage and bowing to each of the other tables with her fellow performers. Lady Bell's voice was incomprehensible to her as she departed the hall leaning discreetly on Kormack's strong arm for support. "You did well." The tall Ork rumbled in his low quiet voice. "We all did well." Berry murmured with a smile.
  4. Hmm, I failed miserably at 200k in March (granted that was a hefty goal even with my open schedule), and then I blew my 60k out of the water for April (80K and counting). Put me down for an even 100k for May and let's see what happens.
  5. I think the rules look pretty good as is. I particularly like the difference of emphasis on review vs critique. I love getting reviews pretty much always and forever, but critiques can be a little tougher to handle, and are a lot more work to create. On the matter of capping requests, I think people should limit themselves to creating one request thread per week, but with in that thread request feed back on as much work as they like (bearing in mind, they might overwhelm prospective reviewers and end up with nothing). I think most people will be fairly reasonable on the matter given this flexibility, and it will avoid the problem of more prolific writers "spamming" up the forum and bumping their potentially more time constrained peers into the black hole that is the history of the internet.
  6. The Community How often do you use the forum? Is there anything we can do to encourage you to visit more often? Is there anything we can do that might compel you into using the forum more often that we are not already doing? I mostly go to the forum when I see a new post that interests me on the Discord channel. I've tried exploring the forums a few times, but I'm not really much of a forum user in general, so I have a hard time navigating them and finding things that interest me. I'm not sure how they could be improved, I think the problem there is mostly with me. ^_^" Do you use the forum, the Discord server, or both? If you currently use one but not the other, is there a specific reason? I'm on the Discord server pretty much every day because I'm on Discord for friends pretty much every day. As already mentioned, I mostly visit the forums when they've been linked in the Discord and the topic catches my interest. Are there any specific rules or guidelines that you feel are unclear and need to be expanded on? If so, which ones? Nope. Do you feel like the staff members are always around to answer questions and help if you have any issues? Oh yes! The staff have been marvelously quick to respond and assist when ever I have an issue, which is rarely. What overall feedback do you have for Worldsmyths? It's wonderful, but sometimes things feel too quiet. I think just growing the community will change that though. The Forum How do you like the new forum software? Is there anything that confuses you? Are there any sections of the forum that you would like to see be more active? Mmm...no comment. Are there any discussion sections that you feel could be added to the forum? I can't think of any. Have you joined or created any clubs? I joined the 2019 million words thingy, but I didn't realize there were other clubs. Are there any clubs that you would like to see and haven't yet been made? N/A Are there any parts of the forum that you don't visit, or that don't interest you? What part is your favorite? I don't really visit the forum much in general, but my favorite topics of late have been things like the Favorite kind of villain post where we consider our own more artistic side of writing as well as the examples others have produced. I think these kinds of topic really help hone our instincts for good story material into more conscious level skills. The Library Do you use the Library for submitting or reviewing? If not, what is keeping you from visiting? Is there anything about the library that is currently keeping you from using it (whether it's submitting or reviewing someone else's submission)? I've submitted for monthly challenges, but really I have so many other things to read right now on top of my writing, I try to avoid the library for fear of getting sucked in. Have you had any trouble submitting to the library that has kept you from using it? Nope. Is there anything that has kept you from reviewing any of the submitted works currently in the library? Nope. Do you think there should be some kind of a guideline for the 1-5 star rating system of submissions? If so, do you have any suggestions? I don't know anything about this submission rating system... Discord (Optional) Do you currently use Discord to interact with your fellow members? Very much so! How easy do you find it to join the conversations? Is there anything we can do to improve engagement? Sometimes people are just really quiet. I'm not sure how to encourage people to talk more though. I'm not much of a talker myself most of the time. Are there any rules for the Discord that you feel are unclear and need to be elaborated on? Nope. Writing Challenges Some history - When the forum first opened, we had the challenges as bi-weekly, but received feedback that that wasn't enough time. They've been monthly ever since. Also, in question two it asks about a "system" suggestion - by "system," we mean the way the challenges are done (i.e. with them being member created VS staff created like they currently are). Are the monthly challenges beneficial to you? Yes! I really like them, though I've only been around about two months-ish at this point. Is there another system that you think would work better for the writing challenges? No, I like this system. Activity with the challenges has been up and down, and lately we've only been getting one or two entries each challenge. Do you think we should get rid of the challenges? No, no! Not at all! Yeah, I wish more people would participate, but, again, I think the solution is simply growing the community. Maybe people could volunteer prizes for the best stories, like a piece of art or a small gift card or something. Nothing too big, maybe even something more along the lines of simple recognition, like creating a winner's wall or something (if there isn't one already). Do you have any ideas for any new site-wide challenges we could do instead of the monthly challenges (and the word count challenge)? No, I can't really think of anything. Maybe a poetry challenge, but I'm not sure it would get any more participation than the writing challenge currently does.
  7. I meant to do this last night, but I got too sleepy. I wrote words! words to add: 21,720 words
  8. Well, I wrote something, but after I wrote it, I realized it qualified more as "ancient history" than as myth or legend necessarily. I'm not sure it quite qualifies for the challenge now, though I'm definitely keeping it for the novel.
  9. 1 vote for Mynoris! And not just cause I can't vote for myself. It was a really good story. edit: and then I realized there was a thing to click and a submit button. Gosh I am super observant.
  10. I'm kinda torn on this one. On one hand, I do enjoy those complex villains like early 90's comic book Magneto of the X-Men. He was ruthless in his efforts to protect mutants by destroying non-mutants first. But, a big part of me really enjoys classic good vs evil, especially with a twist like the sentient artifact Crenshinibon in R.A.Salvatore's novels. This thing manipulated people to increase it's own power as much as possible, and would completely enslave the weak of will, but it was originally created as a defensive artifact for an entire country by a ruler who simply didn't want his neighbors to attack him or his people. I love seeing evil come out of good intentions like that, and vice versa, but that's another topic. I also really enjoy villains who are totally sane, but have decided (because of whatever backstory events) that the world needs to be destroyed or somebody or some group, etc. They've lost loved ones or suffered terrible injustices, and have decided the best solution is to burn it all down and start from scratch. This was a big thing in Z Nation on Netflix that I really really enjoyed. Self righteous villains can be equally epic, like Sephiroth who believes (mistakenly) he is the last of an ancient race that died off because of humans, so he plans to destroy everyone and everything and reclaim the planet for his own personal use as basically a giant spaceship (still not sure exactly how he was going to pilot it, but again that's another topic).