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  1. Okay, pretty sure someone else could use these, as I am not a zombie story writer. Three ideas, though third could be connected to second. 1) Post zombie outbreak, most all cities are wastelands. Few military outposts of non-infected remain. Outpost receives morse code message from inside deserted city of survivors. Sends two teams to investigate, and locate survivors. One member runs into stray cat, is scratched, but no adverse effects noted. (Have uber advanced, portable diagnostic system for zombie virus at this point). Teams get cornered by zombie hordes, get to safe place, but all are infected. Can't go back to base, so all decide to "end it" with bullet to head to prevent becoming zombies. All do so, some time later, member that got scratched by cat wakes up. Note: They've shot themselves in the head, they're all military and know how to do a kill shot, should not be waking up. Is able to return to base, and is medically isolated b/c of story, and admitting having been infected. Not showing any signs of zombification, tests positive for "mutated" strain of zombie virus. Turns out cats infected with virus mutate the virus into a non-lethal form to humans, also mutates cat into a higher intelligent animal. Reproduce more quickly than humans, so intelligence is passed on to later litters faster. Cats are survivors sending out distress signal. 2) Ghost town in middle of nowhere. Went bust when a plague hit town, and then there was a crash at the train station that effectively "hermetically" sealed the station and everyone inside. Caretaker and family live in/near town, and make sure the seal on station doesn't break open. Couple has two children, one older son, and one younger daughter. Daughter had pet fat black cat that follows her around everywhere. Daughter has "psychic" abilities, and knows something bad is going to happen soon. Developer comes, and wants to buy town and turn it into an attraction. Daughter warns, bad idea, but father sells, and developer starts tearing stuff down. Breaks seal on train station turning loose zombies that were sealed inside in process. 3) Old west mining town, two sisters, and one sister's boyfriend flee zombie plague that has struck town. Either miners dug too deep and released an ancient virus/bacteria or witch's curse. Take your pick. Manage to trick all the zombie town folk to gather into train station, and seal it with a rail car crash into station. Then escape. (Can see how this would relate back to 2). Do with them as you will.
  2. Depends on the Library's purpose. If it is for people to get help editing, critiquing, getting critiqued and improving their stories, then it shouldn't be public. If it is for people to just post their stories then it can be public if people don't mind using up their "first publication" rights. I'm not really worried about someone stealing my stories as I am about losing the "first publication" rights. Some publishers are wary of publishing stories that have been posted on a public internet forum, and all the small presses that I know (I do know a few personally) won't consider a story for publication that has been posted on a public forum because the "first publication" rights have already been used.
  3. I think it might be better to keep the library visible only if you're logged in. If a story is viewable to everyone, even non-members it can be considered published, which can affect future publication possibilities. That's the only thing I really have an opinion on.
  4. Decided to paint rather than write today.  Just the background so far.


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