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  1. XanthussMarduk

    Another Dumb Question

    I still cannot see it. Is it behind a reputation requirement?
  2. XanthussMarduk

    2018 Accomplishments

    Finally decided on a university major after 2 years of debating and questioning myself.
  3. XanthussMarduk

    Howdy oh fellow writers

    Yep! I do a few worldbuilding and writing streams. And there is a whole community of authors who stream - writing workshops, write-ins, or just discussion groups. Thank you ❤️ Yep! I love it. I have a WorldAnvil, still barebones, for my Wip here https://worldanvil.com/w/witchverse-XanthussMarduk. Honestly most of my worldbuilding I've just done for fun so doing it for a novel is a new experience. Work is important! Thanks for the welcome. I usually write high fantasy, I admit, but I really felt like taking on urban fantasy this time. We'll see how it goes. I am Australian, so I guess it reflects writing what you know best.
  4. XanthussMarduk

    Howdy oh fellow writers

    Heya. I'm Xanthuss, you can also call me Isaac. I'm a gay man from Australia. I write mostly high fantasy, worldbuild for fun, and I'm the social media manager at WorldAnvil - a worldbuilding platform. I'm working on my WIP, presently in the 4th restart - the Witchverse. Hopefully one day a series. It's urban fantasy with a LGBT spin, exploring the adventures of an Elf Witch in Australia and his misfit gang of friends. I'm also studying Publishing & Writing at university. My favourite author is Gail Carriger, a steampunk writer. My present binge-show is She-ra and the Princess of Power, and I spend my time writing, worldbuilding, helping out at WorldAnvil, sometimes doing Twitch writing streams, and gaming (I'm on a Dark Souls stint at the moment).