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I'm finishing up edits on an old project at the moment, but I don't much wanna talk about projects I have or are about to submit. I do have projects in the writing stage though: 


The Bird Streets (novel):

The old world-witches went underground during the mid-20th century and seemed to disappear, but one city cop (recently divorced and kinda lost) gets appointed to work in one of their neighbourhoods, hidden on the outskirts of the city. The old witch-codex has been stolen, and the theft can challenge the power structure in the neighbourhood, meaning that far from everyone wants it to be found again, which makes his job... challenging. He befriends a woman in the neighbourhood who, although not a witch, is also involved in the case. She has an agenda of her own and the theft of the codex puts everything in motion for her at last, but her growing friendship with the new neighbourhood cop gives her pause. Maybe she has more to stay around for in that neighbourhood than she thought. Too bad she was the one who hid the codex.


I have the bones to this, but are juggling around the beginning chapters a bit and right now it seems a bit of a mess. Need to get the chapters in order in February.  I guess it's not exactly Urban Fantasy... more Suburban Fantasy. 


Unnamed Fantasy/Dystopia:

I'm also searching for a plot for a dystopian-ish/urban fantasy novel about what happens when a future food shortage turn people to hunting and wakes something up in the deep forests. Something that's pissed off. It may or may not be werewolves. But I dislike a lot of the standard werewolf tropes, so I might go for them being the guardians of something. Some European legends talks about that, which I found interesting. I have the basic backdrop, just not a complete plot, so I'll be working on that.  

Nope. Dystopias are not my thing.


New project:

Such a secret I don't really know myself, but I have to find something before the Million Challenge 2019 starts.