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  1. Hi there! I'd like to share two resources which help me when I have run into a wall with my writing. The first is an online writing motivator: http://writtenkitten.net/ Every 100 (or other set) words, the site will give you a new adorable kitten picture (or another type of picture, if you specify). With the Million Word Challenge coming up, I think this will be a useful way to get me going to add more words to my story. The second is a more specific tool for finding words: http://chir.ag/projects/tip-of-my-tongue/ This tool helps when there's a particular word blocking you from moving forward. It gives multiple ways to look up words in their sort-of-thesaurus, so if you have a specific term that's just on the tip of your tongue, you can use this to look for it. Hopefully these can be helpful to y'all as well 🙂
  2. I’ll pledge 5k to start. I haven’t written a lot recently and school has been busy so we’ll see how this goes!
  3. Yeah, the whole history of the Middle East is super interesting. Mughal control ended the prior Golden Age political structures, so before/after the dynamics of trade and diplomacy are pretty different, but both can be super interesting. I think the "Extra History" youtube playlist about the Mali Empire is a great introduction to that one and to how Islam spread in Africa (mostly through trade and borrowing of administrative strategies in this case). Really a huge amount of the history I'm interested in was never taught in school for me, so intermittent deep dives are a great way to learn it and fit my schedule.
  4. One reason that I'm really excited about writing artifact hunter fantasy is that it tends to be set in the modern day but each artifact can be a little romp into a fun trivia part of the past. It means that I can focus on things that I find really interesting but not get so overwhelmed at the thought of historical fantasy details that I never get anywhere. I have lately been really interested in Golden Age Islam and different societies in Africa and the Middle East at the time (like I just watched a fascinating docuseries on Mansa Musa and the Mali empire), and so my main organization of secret artifact archives (where the main characters work) was founded in 830AD in Baghdad. It's not solely an Islamic organization (and it's gone worldwide) but it gives me a way to pull in some of that history. I'm also looking at Babylon, early Finland, industrial development, and I really want to read more up on my early Mesoamerican and Native histories. But I really love just pulling in whatever crosses my plate when I'm watching things for fun. I should watch more documentaries for "writing research purposes" (and for fun).
  5. I'm in the same boat there; I've spent the past 3-4 years building new projects and being unable to write on them (thanks, illnesses and work!). I'm planning to work on a few of my more recent ones (Eindothlon, In Between, Darkening Kit, Sherlocks Associated) and I'm really hoping by the end of the challenge that I'll have a full draft on at least one of them. To share and also as a refresher for myself, hopefully so I can remember well enough, the basic pitch for each one is: Eindothlon: An artifact-hunter fantasy following an artifact evaluator and a xenobiologist dealing with magical challenges in PNW-based Eindothlon for the Alliance of Wandering Scholars. In Between: A group of mages created ten artifacts in pairs to deal with a catastrophe, and in the process allowed rifts in time and space to open up that bring monsters into the world. Two hundred years later, a group of travelers trying to get rid of the monsters figure out that when all of the artifacts are gathered together and paired off, their effect will be nullified and the rifts can be closed. Darkening Kit: An urban speculative fiction where a woman has prophecies about superhero-style people who are 'saviors' each destined to do something important for the city. Sherlocks Associated: Just what it says on the tin! A group of people working together as a collective "Sherlock Holmes" team.
  6. My experience in law is one of the biggest and most obvious one. Any legal topic is something I could research and apply. My legal education also provides a decent knowledge of the sociology of crime, policing, and governments. Because of my work and my extracurricular interests, I know an alarmingly large amount about sexual assault and domestic abuse. I know the hows, the whys, and the ways that it interacts with social biases. I know about disability. I know a big chunk of medical information and how to find more. I've read a few hundred medical records in my job and know how those records translate to my client's experiences. I also know the internal experience of multiple types of disabilities I've experienced. Relatedly, I was hospitalized in a medically induced coma a few years ago, and that's an experience I can mine for writing purposes. On a lighter note, I love sewing and embroidery and that's a great field of information.
  7. This looks like a great tracking website for long term projects! I'm fenn there, so if you want to add me you can.
  8. Ooo, I like the idea of separate writing and life resolutions. Let's think: Writing Goals: Write 10k words in Darkening Kit Write 10k words in Eindothlon Write at least 30k of prose total, with at least 45k of prose + worldbuilding + etc Complete my writer profile and post something to Worldsmyths every other month (ideally I'd hit every month, but I know that's not realistic with my schedule) Life Goals: Acquire and complete a summer internship (I'm feeling hopeful about an interview I have today!) Pass the MPRE Figure out a long term solution for at least one of my medical issues
  9. fenn


    @Penguinball The antique store idea sounds so cool! It's definitely a spinoff of the artifact hunter genre. I haven't read any of the novelizations of Warehouse 13-- I just watched most of the TV show, but if there's tie-ins I should check them out. Good luck on the paralegal training as well; paralegals are so important to our work.
  10. fenn


    Hi there, thank you for the welcome! Law school is certainly a lot of work for being impressive 😂. The Librarians was great as a show, and I'd really recommend it. One thing is that Flynn (the main guy in the movies) is present about 3-4 episodes out of the season, with other characters taking the main role, so I'd be ready for that going in. Hope you're having a good time either way!
  11. fenn


    Hi Folks, I haven't written in a while because of real life concerns, but I am a fantasy writer by nature and I'm really hoping I can get back into this. Here's some more information about me! Basics Name/Penname: Maris Age: 21 State/country: New York Education: In law school! Hobbies and Favorites I enjoy writing, watching fantasy or mystery television, and playing video games. My favorite TV genre (and to some extent book genre) is a subsection of fantasy that I call artifact hunter fantasy-- think Warehouse 13 or The Librarians, where a group of people are tasked with finding magical artifacts and neutralizing them. Some of my favorite books have been the Fablehaven series and the Discworld series. Writing I have been writing for a very long time. I started by roleplaying with my friends at about age 6, online RP at 12, and my first successfully NaNoWriMo was when I was 14 or 15 (it's been a while). I haven't written anything lengthy for about three years now, because of the demands on my time from my education and work. An example of one of my more recent characters is Ash: they're an artifact hunter who has a mind like a freight train-- not necessarily the quickest but hard to stop once it's on a goal. Worldsmyths I found out about Worldsmyths through a recommendation on World Anvil. I was interested in the long-running challenge, because of the low word counts per day to get very long pieces-- I don't have a lot of time to write, but I want to get back into the habit of having a writing piece longer than 3k words before I give up.