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  1. I voted for the fairy one because you said you liked the world and concept, so you're excited about it, but you also know the ending and it would require less planning, which is good for Nano. The blood god one - IDK, I get the vibe that you're not as enthusiastic about it? And the mermaid one, while you seem excited by it, you said it would need more planning. So I think the fairy one would be most feasible for nano!
  2. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's offered advice in this thread. I appreciate it and I read every one of your posts. @katfireblade thanks for the book recommendations! And an update: I started reading Writing Down the Bones (Natalie Goldberg). I have spent a lot of time the past few months taking inventory of many other areas of my life and organising (or pruning the dead wood as necessary.) I have also started an exercise of freewriting for 2 mins as a simple daily practice and so far it is working. 🙂
  3. Some context: I've been writing since I was five years old. I finally finished a rough draft right to the end last year. However, this year I've found it really difficult to write. I feel discouraged with my writing and my self as a writer. When I was in a bad place, I destroyed all my old manuscripts, save one. (Better the WIPs than me, I suppose.) This month marks the longest I've ever not written or at least thought about writing. Usually I'd have something bubbling away in the back of my mind, but now... nothing. It feels like I've lost the ability to imagine. I can't remember how to write. I don't know what I love to do anymore or what I want to read or how to have fun. Now that I'm starting on antidepressants (about damn time), I was wondering if anyone else had been in a similar space and got out of it? Any tips for easing back into writing again? The thought of tackling a whole novel again is daunting. I need to find some way to recover my love of writing.
  4. I love this video and I think I'm going to try it. "the psychological thing here is every week you'll be happy, at the end of a week you will have done something."
  5. Ares in Wonder Woman bugged me so much! It was otherwise a pretty fun film and the audience probably didn't notice or care, but whyyyy. And Set(?) in that bad remake of The Mummy with Tom Cruise. Loki gets this portrayal too. (Tricksters, man, you set off the Apocalypse like, one time and everybody's hating...)
  6. Not a big fan of I Can't Beleive It's Not Christianity (either as formulaic Evil Institutions ruling hapless sheeple, or as the author's analogy for Jesus). Either way it turns into a space for people to work out their religious hangups while the story grinds to a halt. Also not a big fan of Wicca with the labels removed, or the "Universal Triune Mother Goddess of White Light" thing. People need to stop doing that with historical pantheons; I've developed an allergy to it in fiction. General rule: please have more than 1 religion and please give them some depth, or just don't even go there.
  7. For inspiration I might listen to music or watch movies that have a similar 'feeling' to what I'm after. I go on a lot of walks because that clears my head. Physical activity like chores or basically anything like that. The key is to 'forget' the idea and let it bubble away in the subconscious while you do other stuff. In development stage I'll get a notebook and just scribble everything I know all over the pages and start asking myself questions. This can take up an entire notebook or only a few pages depending on the story. With enough combination of focused attention and deliberate 'forgetting' I can usually generate some answers. Eventually this loose heap of ideas has enough meat to it that I can start building story structure. Not sure if any of that made sense but it may help someone!
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  9. July! 😄 Thank you, I misread it. So my "total" would be 1000.
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