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  5. I think everyone's already mentioned most of the tropes I hate, but I especially hate that it's always like... that One Guy. "But my liege.... he is but one man!" It inevitably comes down to One Guy fighting some other guy. Probably on a rooftop or drawbridge, with fire. Okay maybe that's a little unfair and maybe this is mostly Hollywood I'm complaining about and there are plenty of good books out there that use this narrative structure for a reason, Harry Potter does it really well... But it has its issues. This one dude in the whole of existence has the super special magic sword or tattoo or clown wig, and nobody else. (The power of friendship? Teamwork? Y/N?) If I was going to wax philosophical I'd probably rant about the American Dream and the myth of exceptionalism yaddda yadda... but honestly, it just boils down to repetition. Eventually books and movies start to feel like videogames. It's always two guys punching each other. Give it a rest. The other one is samey fantasy races. ALL ORCS ARE EVIL, all elves are really really ridiculously good looking, etc. SF suffers from it, too. This is the evil twin of "thinly veiled Christianity" and "all religions/political groups/organisations are the same without any nuance or debate." Like, are you kidding me? Nobody IRL agrees on anything. Like, I don't wanna encourage people to put giant walls of boring monologue, but also, this is a way of adding a tiny bit of realism and flavour to the worldbuilding. /rant Horses are motorcycles - I actually don't mind this one because I know absolutely nothing about horses and I suspect so do a lot of other people. So it's not something I ever really notice too badly, plus I think sometimes you do have to gloss over "realistic" details to make the story run smoother. Travel time on horses is one of these things. Another fantasy trope I don't mind is the squishy wizard (where wizards are generally frail or bookish or lack fighting skills.) I think it makes sense and is a sort of 'balancing of power' so they're not, like, ridiculously OP with flaming swords and whatnot.
  6. Maybe he's born with it... maybe it's the ~divine right of kings~
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  9. @Pinchofmagic oh yesss that was one of my favourites too! One I must mention is the ending of The Shawshank Redemption where it's revealed how Andy Every time that movie's on TV I can't help but watch it to the end because it's so good! An additional one is the moment in Double Jeopardy where Libby faces off against her husband. A less serious one is the climax of Little Miss Sunshine where the family hijack the beauty pageant. Because to hell with beauty pageants! So I think it helps in these moments to be earned with hard work, and for your character to be the underdog. (Or maybe I just like stories with themes of injustice and revenge, lol.) I can't think of any in my own work right now but I'll try my best to include one.
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  12. You can do it! I'm a big fan of decluttering. This may benefit your writing in the long run- in the process of going through and transcribing you may find old ideas that you lost! 🙂