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  1. Sign me up for 10k please. April is going well with 15k but May is going to be busier so I decided to lower the bar a bit as I'd rather surprise myself with more words than set me under pressure because I'm behind my set goal at the end of the month. 🙂
  2. I wrote words! new total: 7160 words (as of today April 8th)
  3. I wrote words! new total: 5560 words What I actually meant in the previous post: My final wordcount for March is 11 727 and if the computer keeps track of the numbers then it can go on adding March and new April words, fine by me. However, I have my own writing journal where I focus on April words only to prevent me getting lost and accidentally not counting some words or counting too much words. Can I still write in the form of new total: xxx? Where the new total are words from April 1st to 30th.
  4. I wrote words! new total: 3560 words (Is it okay when I start over? It's easier to keep track of the numbers.)
  5. I wrote words! new total: 10 627 words (Total reached on March 26th.)
  6. I wrote words! new total: 10 027 words (Reached this total on Sunday 24th.)
  7. I wrote words! new total: 9665 words (This is actually yesterday's March 23rd total.)
  8. I wrote words! new total: 9545 (This is today's 22.3. new total.)