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  1. I wrote words!Today's date: July 10thWords to add: [11230] wordsNew total: [11230] words It's my best month of writing so far in 2019! So glad I could join!
  2. I wrote words!!!! March total: [4,753] words total words for April up to now: [10,059] words new total for both months: [14,812] words
  3. I'm happy it's getting a bit better than it has been! March total: [4,753] wordstotal words for April up to now: [6,277] wordsnew total for both months: [11,030] words
  4. March overwhelmed me. I just didn't make it. After adding up, I have a total of 4,753 words for March. Just like said above: Here's to trying again in April!
  5. I'd like to pledge 15k words for March please. (I'm new here, joined to be part of this great Challenge with you all!)