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  1. I have to crop or modify photos to fit the size criteria - I'll work on that later.
  2. I have blogsite, as well as fb-site, under title Savulasi (doesn't actually mean anything, literally translated Smokeglass); at blogspot at facebook Those are quite photo-oriented, altough occasionally heavily photoshopped, and at fb-site I'm working to add some text to pictures (usually at Finnish). Some photos follow:
  3. I tend to have at least 3-5 books under reading at the time; something old, something new, usually lots of borrowed from library. Right now: Antti Leikas: Tonttu - matka pimeyteen ("Elf - journey to darkness" could be translation). Seems to be some sort of detective fantasy with meta-fiction flavour. Academic study of Baltic/Fenno-Ugrian mythology, by Anna-Leena Siikala (probably The Professor of that area) Pratchett's Men At Arms; I've read this previously and will read it many, many times in the future, as well as other Discworld books. 100 Best Ab Exercises (reading this is partly self-deception, partly believing to osmosis - reading equals exercise, right?) Translation of Leonard Cohen's debut poetry book.
  4. RikuY


    Welcome on my behalf, too. Are those WIPs somehow connected - share, for example, same characters, themes, world, onthology?
  5. RikuY


    Thank you for warm welcome greetings, everyone! Yes, I'm same RikuY as in nano - I think I got tip for this site via nano's fb page. I usually take photos of noctural urban landscape (night-time job helps there), and nature details - not full macro but close. Idea of abstract photographing is also tempting, just need to create time somewhere. I'll definetely look that sub-forum suggested, thanks. Bouldering is climbing at small altitudes without ropes and harnesses. I picked it about 7 years ago when decided to give up martial arts and still wanted to have hobby that's relatively safe but have connotation of being hazardous 😄 Riku
  6. RikuY


    Hi everyone. I joined some ... less than month ago, but been rather busy, so I haven't got time for good browsing around, nor introducing myself. I start from the latter one, I see. I'm 47 yo freelance writer and night time delivery worker. I started with poetry but I've moved to speculative fiction lately. The major work under construction is urban fantasy - Finnish Iron Age (and previous) mythology brought to modern university city. Hobbies include, among other things, bouldering, drawing, photographing, collecting bladed weapons. I'll wander a bit around this site to figure out how to contribute. Happy writing, everyone. Riku