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  1. This dungeon crawl could be successful, but then the band decided to help the barbarian and the sorcerer get together.
  2. 1) 4TheWords is my go-to writing resource that is pretty much solely responsible for me winning NaNo last year. @Penguinball has provided a great explanation of it already. 2) If at the end of the day I have X words left to write to make my expected word count and need to get those words out quickly, I use Fighter's Block. Which, like 4TW, is a website where you slay monsters with writing, except it's free and much, much, much simpler. But it lets you set your own goal, and then you have to actually writer quickly, because if you stall, your health bar is going to disappear and the monster is going to win. 3) Discord, NaNoWriMo forums and 4TW forums for company and motivation.
  3. All of the above :D To ellaborate: after a couple of days of sulking and sighing and combating inferiority complex, I usually move on to a different WIP or WIPs, since I always have several going on anyway, and try to distance myself from the one that's falling apart. After a while, I come back to it, re-read everything I've got— both the story itself and the worldbuilding notes and stuff—and dissect it mentally to get to the route of the problem. Once I know where it started falling apart, I can come up with a strategy to fix it. Which often involves throwing out a lot of what I've written and starting again from the point where it all went wrong.
  4. I think I saw something about the projects issue in one of the forum threads, but I can't remember which one. I'm personally choosing to wait, because maybe it will reset itself, but also because I'm unsure how to fix it manually. Most of my projects look like they have nothing to do with any particular events; going by the dates, I do understand which one was from which Camp or NaNoWriMo, but they're not associated with those events, and when I try to edit them, there's no way to pick an event for the project. In terms of that, the only way now seems to be "create a brand new project, associate it with an event you've participated in, copy all the info from the project you worked on during that event, save it, delete the original version of the project." Which I guess is what I'm going to do if it doesn't all reset itself. (I hope it does :D).
  5. https://preview.nanowrimo.org/participants/sam-espelho I wonder when my profile stops being such a mess. :D They seem to be fixing things; I now have the Camp projects that weren't there a week ago listed among my projects again, except most of them are listed with zero word count. And on the main page of my profile, it says I've only participated in NaNoWriMo once; the Projects part of the profile does show the correct number, those (participated 3 times with this account, won once). My first NaNowriMo project for this account from 2015 seems to show up as the most recent or main one. Maybe I should start somehow fixing it all manually...
  6. I wrote words!Today's date: August 27, 2019Words to add: [1,868] wordsNew total: [52,458] words
  7. I wrote words!Today's date: August 26, 2019Words to add: [926] wordsNew total: [50,590] words
  8. Okay, I think I suddenly do have a more or less solid idea about what I'm going to do for NaNo. I'm not 100% sure about this yet, but I've been looking through my WIPs and there's one unfinished draft that pretty much needs to be forgotten and written again from scratch. It's a weird fantasy story about a continent-spanning city, fallen gods, and reincarnation, and I've initially approached it from a completely wrong angle, so I need to take the characters, the setting, tweak the premise, and try again. Preferably with less holes in worldbuilding and a consistent outline this time. The couple of months left before NaNo give me just enough time to work on all the prep without abandoning all my other active projects completely. And this seems like a nice compromise between "doing something entirely new, because it's NaNoWriMo, starting a new novel is part of the whole point" and "not adding another WIP to an already huge pile."
  9. I wrote words!Today's date: August 24, 2019Words to add: [1,684] wordsNew total: [49,664] words
  10. I wrote words!Today's date: August 23, 2019Words to add: [3,518] wordsNew total: [47,980] words
  11. I have no idea what I'm going to do for NaNoWriMo yet. I normally jump between an unholy number of WIPs, but during the NaNo events, I do my best to focus on one WIP for the entire month, maybe with some breaks to edit some of the finished drafts I somehow have. For November, I also prefer to start something new, to keep with the original NaNoWriMo spirit. I'm 90% sure that's what I'm going to do this year, too, but there's also a chance that I'll actually choose one of my existing WIPs instead. What I do know is that I'm going to overachieve as much as possible this year. Since last NaNo, my writing habits have improved/changed pretty drastically thanks to joining 4TheWords, the writing rpg. I've always been a very fast writer—3-4k in a day can be a pretty comfortable range for me when I'm inspired—but I used to also be an incredibly inconsistent one. I had maybe 1-2 writing days a week, I sometimes skipped weeks, and whenever I knew I only had the time and/or the energy for like 300 words, I used to decide that in that case, there's no point in writing today at all. 4TW miraculously changed it, because now I know 300 or even 100 words mean another monster slayed, another reward gained, another step toward competing one of the quests. Gamification, apparently, works wonders on me. I still don't write every day, but I write most days, and 50K in a month isn't a totally normal writing month, but it's also definitely not the challenge it used to be. So for once, I'm heading into November feeling pretty confident that I'm going to win, unless life interferes extra-dramatically and throws something like a broken laptop and a hospital stay into the mix. Which means it's a great opportunity to discover where my limits actually are / how many words in a month it takes me to start questioning, "Why am I doing it to myself?" and maybe need a big rest from writing in December.
  12. I wrote words!Today's date: August 22, 2019Words to add: [2,234] wordsNew total: [44,462] words
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  14. I 100% agree about your points about the upgrade of software being necessary at this point. I guess I'm just bitter they picked the one forum software option I like the least out of all I've seen. I know Wattpad uses it, and that's precisely the reason why I only occasionally lurk there despite often seeing interesting discussions I would have liked to participate in in a more convenient environment. Also, my crappy old laptop hates that forum engine for some reason. I do like it that we're now going to get things like tagging users, being able to like posts, choosing forum themes, etc. But all these things are available here on Worldsmyths, too, right? We even get cool reactions instead of just likes, and I love the beautiful theme backgrounds, and there all those features not related directly to the forums... and still this forum has a certain old school feel to it. I see it, and I think, "Yup, that's a forum. Like all the forums I've ever been a part of since I started regularly using the internet in the early-ish 2000s, only now with convenient new features that make the user experience a lot more enjoyable." The Wattpad / new NaNoWriMo forum software (Discourse, I think? Is that what it's called?) just doesn't give me the same feel. But I do understand that's my personal thing and I'm probably in a very, very small minority
  15. I wrote words!Today's date: August 20, 2019Words to add: [3,109] wordsNew total: [39,201] words