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  1. Thank you! I’m still quietly observing and getting a feel of the place for now, but I’m sure I’ll jump in soon enough :) I say it because I don’t want to say where, but also because my “where” isn’t a single place :) I live sort of between places; some of which I like and I’m happy to talk about, and others of which I’d rather not be near if I had a choice (and thus don’t like talking about)
  2. I'm an author/illustrator from somewhere in Europe, currently working on my three WIPs and always happy to find more places to discuss process and craft with fellow writers. My stories tend to have a bit of a fairytale feel to them (think darkness underneath, bargains and betrayals, and wild kind of magic), and they often deal with things like identity or trauma (or both). They also tend to feature diverse casts, some of them ownvoices, but they're not centred on issues related to said diversity. As for my target audience, I write adult/NA and MG, and across the board for the reader whose identities don't quite fit neatly into the box this world would want them to. Those of us a little bit lost and a little bit wandering, a little bit strangers to everything, who need to hear it's okay and they don't need to lose themselves in order to fit into a persona others want them to. I'm a trad pub nerd (I'd love to intern for a literary agency), an advocate of POV- and timeline-shenanigans, semicolons, and other misunderstood things, and a big proponent of diving into the "why" of things before accepting or disregarding any piece of feedback or advice. Expect me to talk a lot about character arcs, query letters (yummy), and why I love prologues but still suggest they be cut more often than not.