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  1. Thanks for the welcome, @Penguinball ! I agree that short stories are good way to build not only your skills, but also your name. I wish you good luck on your writing and publishing adventures 🙂 I'm still working on my short story, getting the details down and what-not, so all I can say is the story is about a woman who inadvertently causes the demise of her people. Oh! Three years? Pretty elderly in terms of internet age lol. I'll definitely take a look at the archives for a peak into the past. Anyway, thanks again for the welcome 😄
  2. From my understanding, writing summaries are simply a way to hone the focus of your novel/short story: who, what, where, why, and how. If you are querying, it's natural to have a summary or blurb ready. However, I think summaries can also help with writing chapters and short stories. As said, it helps to hone and narrow the focus of what's going on. I wrote a brief summary for my short story to help me get a general idea of what the story is about. My two cents.
  3. I recently found that I have a rather...rigid approach to outlines. Some authors tend to write bullet points or basic summaries and go from there, but not me apparently. I think this stems from my essay writing, as I wrote extensive and complicated outlines with notes upon notes and footnotes upon footnotes. I don't have a problem with my method - I just think it's out-of-place lol.
  4. Basics: Penname: Skya Age: 20 State/country: United States Writing: How long have you been writing? I used to write a lot when I was younger - early teens, from what I can recall - before giving up and moving on to other things. Short stories, scene scribbles, even poetry. It wasn't until recently that I decided to rekindle my old passion. So, yeah, I haven't been writing for long. A good three years is all I can claim as experience, lol. What was the first story you wrote that you remember? (Is it finished, and has anyone read it?) During my early years, I joined an old writing site and published my short stories. Which weren't many, thankfully. Anyway, the only one I can remember is the one where a knight fights a giant undead centipede. A lot of other writers on the site liked it, but considering my other stories were trash-fire, it wasn't surprising. Tell us a little about your favorite character to write about. I don't have one yet. Tell us a little about a fantasy world you've created. Don't have that, either. Tell us a little about your current work in progress. How's it going? It's a short story. So far, I'm finishing up the outline and hope to start writing it soon. Let's see if my three years of experience can offer anything. Have you participated in NaNoWriMo? If so, how has your experience been? I signed-up for it, but dropped out. I'll stick to short stories. For now, anyway. Worldsmyths: How did you find out about Worldsmyths? Just looked up fantasy writing sites. Some other sites were too old for my taste and others generally focused on the craft - which is fine - but I definitely needed something that was a nice mix with fantasy being the main focus. What made you decide to join? I just started writing and I don't feel like sharing with people I know in real-life. So why not with internet strangers? What do you hope to gain from Worldsmyths? (Examples: Find a beta reader, get feedback, motivation, a sense of community, fine-tuning the craft, etc) Definitely a sense of community. Writing is a lonely hobby, so it helps to have a community to fall back on. While the site is relatively new, from I see through browsing, I do hope to learn a lot from you all. I'll be seeing you all around!