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  1. How can someone introduce themselves in a unique way i thought, After thinking and diving, i came up with slightly weird and funny way of introduction. Behold the tale, A small tale of Yaba the unexpected writer. In a small town around Belgium there was a 22 year old boy who hated books and anything close to writing, He walked around and traveled nowhere outside his small town, 'A sad little fellow, people said, for he doesn't look healthy and no one knows him dearly' ' I know him! some said, He likes to play games here and there and is very kind indeed, He is a very dear friend of mine, and sadly some people judge him because of his belly it seems! For Yaba as some people knew him was very big bellied indeed. One day Yaba realized that his belly was causing him struggles on his daily doings, From pain to broken beds, he thought and thought on why his belly was such a mess, After understanding on what has to be done he took his baggage and jumped on a train towards Zpm (Belgian Boot camp) Located near the sea the boot-camp served Yaba very well, Only there were rules in the school of not using phones, and any sort of entertainment, 'NO! How can i live without tv, my phone and games, Yaba said 'You have to follow the rules Yaba for it its healthier for you not to use any games, or screens, and be more active instead!, the nurse said And so Yaba followed the rules, And After 2 months he entered his favorite class and started speaking with his favorite teacher, 'How is the weight drop going Yaba, for it seems to me that you almost lost more then 50pouds, the old teacher said' 'Yes, yes my road towards a normal belly seems brighter, Yaba said poking his belly, But dear teacher, I almost hate to say it that i am bored out of my mind around here, There are loving people around me, Almost a perfect world it seems!, But again i can't hold back thinking on times were i played games and watched movies with amazing stories' 'But dear Yaba, the old teacher said, You can read books and maybe you can feel back home again, For i do know the rules around here of no screens and movies' 'That's different, Yaba said' 'No, my dear Yaba, it is not' And so Yaba started reading and reading and reading, when the boot-camp was over, Yaba not only felt grateful for losing 140pounds, He felt a hundred times more for the old teacher that gave him worlds upon worlds that would eventually end up helping Yaba to build the home he always desired.