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  1. I'd like to object on the basis that there isn't an option for "ALL THE PROJECTS!"
  2. Well, I unfortunately ended up as a professional chef, actually! 😛 But always nice to see another lover of history! Thanks on the minotaur front as well -- I just feel like they are very underutilized badasses. I'm very skeptical about the TV show; I've been burned too many times with promises of WoT content.
  3. Basics Name/Penname: Kae Age: 28 State/country: NY, USA Education: Bachelor of Archaeology and Classical History Hobbies and Favorites What are your hobbies? : Reading (duh), cooking / enjoying food, water color painting, cross stitching, video games, comic books, travel! What is/are your favorite book(s) and authors? : Too many to possibly list, but I'm a big fan of Libba Bray, JK Rowling, OR Melling, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Robert Jordan. What is/are your favorite movie(s) and TV show(s)? : Way too many to list again, but a few shows -- Great British Bake Off, The Office, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, The Dark Crystal Netflix Series, Stranger Things, GLOW. Movies -- Beauty and the Beast, The Last Unicorn, The LOTR series, The Dreamcatcher, IT, Hereditary, The Hallow, Labyrinth, Princess Mononoke, anything Star Wars, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. Writing How long have you been writing? : Since a very young age, though poetry and short stories. Working on a novel only for the past 3-4 years. What was the first story you wrote that you remember? (Is it finished, and has anyone read it?) : A short story about a girl who smuggles a unicorn onto her family farm. Yes, and my mom read it, haha. Tell us a little about your favorite character to write about. : One of my main villains is of a very a-typical race, minotaurs. Developing this giant, terrifying, beastly sort of villain and doing to research on source material as well as fantasy adaptions for her was really fun! She's got a fanatical devotion to the big bad of my novel, and figuring out the path that brought her to this point has been one of my biggest challenges, but has also made me very into her because I had never written a bad guy this deeply before. Tell us a little about a fantasy world you've created. : The world of my novel is a medieval / fantasy type world, however I think (or hope, at least) that it has a lot of aspects that are not typical or straight up unique. It's a matriarchal monarchy, and a lot of the gender divides that other fantasy worlds have are either not there or even a little reversed because of that. Tell us a little about your current work in progress. How's it going? : The current work is technically a trilogy in my head, but I'm working on getting out the first book before I start anything on the next two. The whole thing is called The Beast Saga, and the story just popped into my head one day while I was alone at work and hasn't given me a moment of peace ever since. Having never written anything CLOSE to a novel before it's been a real struggle for me, which is why I'm really just starting to make progress after 3-4 years of on and off work. Have you participated in NaNoWriMo? If so, how has your experience been? : Yes! For 3 years. I've never "won" (or even made it past 9k words) but I think that's because I haven't been able to find a writing community that provides companionship; I get kind of discouraged when doing it all on my own. Worldsmyths How did you find out about Worldsmyths? : Google showed me the discord! What made you decide to join? : Peer pressure from the discord 😛 But don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be trying out a forum after many years of being away from them. What do you hope to gain from Worldsmyths? Community and motivation, and MAYBE feedback. I'm weirdly shy about my novel writing, so we will have to see when it comes to sharing.