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  1. Basics Name/Penname: Dina Klarisse/ Dinasaur Age: 23 State/country: California, USA Education: BA in English Literature from ASU ~go Sundevils! Hobbies and Favorites What are your hobbies? Reading and writing, of course. I also like hiking, working out and doing yoga, treasure hunting at secondhand stores and garage sales, and traveling (just went to Alaska this summer and am venturing to India for the winter holidays!) What is/are your favorite book(s) and authors? My favorite authors are John Steinbeck, Jhumpa Lahiri, Stephen King, and Ursula K. Le Guin. I always rotate my favorite books because life but recently I've loved The Rise of Kyoshi by F.C. Yee and The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. What is/are your favorite movie(s) and TV show(s)? Avatar: The Last Airbender is my favorite show of all time, followed by Breaking Bad and Westworld. My favorite movies are Lilo & Stitch and Coming to America, Interstellar, and the LOTR trilogy. Writing How long have you been writing? I've been physically writing stories since 2nd grade, but my family tells me I started making up stories as soon as I learned how to talk. What was the first story you wrote that you remember? (Is it finished, and has anyone read it?) In 4th grade I wrote a short story about coming to school and finding that all the teachers were gone and had been replaced by android look-a-likes. The teachers' brains were harvested and installed in each of their respective android. Tell us a little about your favorite character to write about. Jude, the protagonist of a WIP literary fiction/sci-fi novel. He's developed compulsive hoarding and has become emotionally addicted to VR booths that display one's memory as a means of coping with the fact that his wife has been sent to live on a human colony in a new planet while he's wasting away on a dying Earth. Tell us a little about a fantasy world you've created. My NaNoWriMo project is my first venture into fantasy and takes place in a world that is in harmonious imbalance because their industrial empires have begun disrupting and pillaging sacred indigenous land that is home to nature spirits. Tell us a little about your current work in progress. How's it going? See above for a little peak into the world and its current affairs and conflicts! It's going well, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the research and worldbuilding I'm going to have to do. Have you participated in NaNoWriMo? If so, how has your experience been? I've only participated once before this year, and failed miserably and gave up on the second day. But this year I'm determined to get some semblance of a first draft before the end of November! Worldsmyths How did you find out about Worldsmyths? On the NaNo fantasy forums. What made you decide to join? It's been hard finding friends who are also writers, and I work best when I have people talk/complain to about my work. I'm also open to any guidance/tips about fantasy writing and worldbuilding as I'm quite the noob 🙂 What do you hope to gain from Worldsmyths? (Examples: Find a beta reader, get feedback, motivation, a sense of community, fine-tuning the craft, etc) Definitely a sense of community and friends! Also some insight into worldbuilding and its many intricacies..