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  1. Hello! You guys can call me Nyx. My pronouns are she/her. I'm a high school freshman digital artist/writer who lives in the US. In my spare time, I read (like, a LOT). As of right now, I'm reading Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell (!!!). My favorite authors in no particular order are Cassandra Clare (and her amazing Shadowhunters books), Tomi Adeyemi, Yoon Ha Lee, Christina Farley, Shannon Messenger, and Ellen Oh. (I can't forget about her!) Besides reading, you can find me fangirling about SOMETHING related to Good Omens (that show has touched my heart in SO many ways, and the book as well), or waiting in anticipation for season 2 of Umbrella Academy. Of course, I'm a bored person, so I'm always looking for a new decent TV show to watch! (Yeah, I don't watch a lot of TV.) Now, let's get to the writing part. I feel like I've been "writing" since 2nd grade. I'm trying to do NaNoWriMo this year. I currently have a super vague fantasy idea that starts with some girl being experimented on in a tower (kind of like Rapunzel) and I know that it ends in her becoming the Evil Queen or something like that. That's it. I need more details! I need more plotting and outlining and...Sorry. Can you tell that this hasn't been going well yet? Luckily, I found out about Worldsmyths. I decided to create an account because I joined the Discord server first (which I found on NaNoWriMo) but in fact I realized I stumbled upon this website a while ago, thinking "Oh I have to create an account", but I never really did until now. My instagram handle is Lunyxsta if you want to see some of my (crappy) digital art. Bye!