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  1. I was in favour of going by public transport buses alone, not of walking great distances, Muse!
  2. I come from a different country and generation than you (given that I am 51), so my replies are taking into account what I know from then and now. I mostly agree with what was said before me, except one thing - the kids have to walk to school, because they don't have school buses and they don't want the students taking city buses. It is just one of the samples of how lately the youngsters are more coddled than they should, and this is why they don't learn gradually independence. School buses, here, are only for the very few private schools (most of them are public) and also in certain remote villages who don't have a school, and they need to gather the children to go 10-20 kms to the only school active for all the villages around. Otherwise, no way! So most school children are taking public transport. They are encouraged, not dissuaded to do so. Most parents trust them to do so alone since fifth grade, but some do it earlier. This is a way to learn independence and responsibility. (I read in an US magazine that in US people are reporting children who are going alone, allowed by their parents, as neglected. Outrageous!) I was trusted at 7, after graduating first grade. And nothing bad happened - I knew the route, I never got off sooner or later than the station I should. This, living in a city. (Just the metro wasn't built yet in my school time, it was in my first years of Uni). This is also a strange rule in many countries that children below 12 shouldn't be trusted to stay home alone, neither to play in a playground, in a group of peers, without parental supervision. I was home alone, with the key on a latch, since first grade, and many other children around were. If not at that age, the latest in the fifth grade, when most children started going to school in the afternoon (the primary school always go to school in the morning - it's not a system of all day school, but 8-12 or 8-13, and the others 13-18 or 13-19, as in the seventh grade to the end of highschool there are mostly 6 classes a day.) It was, again, a lesson in responsibility. The older siblings took care of the younger ones, and the younger ones knew they had to obey the older. It wasn't unusual that the 10 years old had a 7 years old and a 4 years old in charge, so sometimes we all played together, at different ages, how Maria Montessori is advising. (We had no idea then about her). And during summer holidays, we were out, playing with our peers (not necessarily in the playground - in the square made by 4 blocks it was enough for the children of all 4 blocks to gather and play) and we went back home when our mothers started crying for us at the window, close to nightfall. It was nice, we learnt both socializing and responsibility (many of us had chores to do before going out to play). Now children aren't given the same freedom... and it shows. They are less prepared for life.
  3. For the one I am writing now, she is taken hostage by the local mafia. He is a sailor, he had been through a shipwreck and through being saved by a smugglers crew...
  4. I wrote words!March total: [16,733] words April total: [21,847] wordsTotal May up to now: [13,716] wordsNew total: [52,296] words
  5. I wrote words!March total: [16,733] words April total: [21,847] wordsTotal May up to now: [10,606] wordsNew total: [49,186] words
  6. I wrote words!March total: [16,733] words April total: [21,847] wordsTotal May up to now: [4,475] wordsNew total: [43,055] words
  7. I wrote words! March total: [16,733] wordstotal words for April : [21,847] wordsnew total for both months: [38,580] words
  8. I wrote words!March total: [16,733] wordstotal words for April up to now: [18,376] wordsnew total for both months: [35,109] words
  9. 15,000 words for May too. I had to diminish the April Camp NaNo from 20,000 to 15,000 too when possible to adjust.
  10. I wrote words!March total: [16,733] wordstotal words for April up to now: [12,615] wordsnew total for both months: [29,348] words
  11. Indeed 😞 A former minister of tourism of about 10 years ago or less, decided to exploit Dracula myth in favour of international tourism. But before that, yes, most people were sick of Bram Stoker's shenanigans.
  12. I wrote words!March total: [16,733] wordstotal words for April up to now: [9,350] wordsnew total for both months: [26,083] words
  13. My favourites are, first and foremost, mermaids. You would expect it from one who writes sailing adventures. 🙂 Then, certain fairies from specific folklores (ours, first and foremost). I am not sure that the Little Mermaid that I read when young had influenced me. More other sailors legends, for mermaids, and specific folk tales and... sayings? (Not sayings... but I don't find the right word. Maybe tall tales? Like hunters, shepherds and villagers are round a fire and tell things they consider true... even if they are only superstitions in reality: "You know, my father/ grand uncle had met once the Midsummer fire fairies, when he was young and..." "One of the old midwives in the village had saved once a little snake's life, and in gratitude, this one had given her that secret healing herb..." ) I do mention mermaids in most of my stories with sailors, because some of them do believe in mermaids and are convinced they have been saved by one in a shipwreck or particular storm. Least favourite mythological creature? Not sure. Maybe werewolves. Oh, and vampires! I wouldn't mind them but they are done to death... and I am particularly peeved by the association of our ruler Vlad the Impaler with a vampire, done by Bram Stoker with "Dracula". I really hate that, and in my 25 years of working in international relations I am sick how many times I had to explain that damn, Vlad the Impaler wasn't a vampire and Dracula the vampire has no ressemblance with the true Romanian history.
  14. Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Paul Feval, Michel Zevaco, Rafael Sabbatini, Karl May, Walter Scott are still some of my favourite writers and it can be shown they influenced my writing of historical fiction/ swashbuckling adventures. Western movies and swashbuckling ones, too.
  15. The Community How often do you use the forum? Is there anything we can do to encourage you to visit more often? Is there anything we can do that might compel you into using the forum more often that we are not already doing? I visit about once a week or less, and no, unfortunately it's nothing you can do. It's my own lack of time. Do you use the forum, the Discord server, or both? If you currently use one but not the other, is there a specific reason? I use less the Discord because it asks for more real time and I haven't. Are there any specific rules or guidelines that you feel are unclear and need to be expanded on? If so, which ones? No. Do you feel like the staff members are always around to answer questions and help if you have any issues? Yes, the staff members are reasonably around. Come on, how to ask someone to be ALWAYS around? People do have lives too! What overall feedback do you have for Worldsmyths? An interesting site I like. The Forum How do you like the new forum software? Is there anything that confuses you? Are there any sections of the forum that you would like to see be more active? I like the new one more. Are there any discussion sections that you feel could be added to the forum? No, it's fine. Have you joined or created any clubs? I joined the Worldsmith challenge. I don't remember if others too. Are there any clubs that you would like to see and haven't yet been made? No. Are there any parts of the forum that you don't visit, or that don't interest you? What part is your favorite? My favourite is Foundation, then Inspiration and NaNoWriMo. I don't visit the Feedback/ Betta reading because I am not one of them, and seldom the others. The Library Do you use the Library for submitting or reviewing? If not, what is keeping you from visiting? Is there anything about the library that is currently keeping you from using it (whether it's submitting or reviewing someone else's submission)? Not much. What's keeping me is that I don't write in English. Have you had any trouble submitting to the library that has kept you from using it? No, I submitted a few times. Is there anything that has kept you from reviewing any of the submitted works currently in the library? Not good at reviews and not having time. Do you think there should be some kind of a guideline for the 1-5 star rating system of submissions? If so, do you have any suggestions? I don't think so. Discord (Optional) Do you currently use Discord to interact with your fellow members? Seldom. How easy do you find it to join the conversations? Is there anything we can do to improve engagement? It is all right. Are there any rules for the Discord that you feel are unclear and need to be elaborated on? No. Writing Challenges Some history - When the forum first opened, we had the challenges as bi-weekly, but received feedback that that wasn't enough time. They've been monthly ever since. Also, in question two it asks about a "system" suggestion - by "system," we mean the way the challenges are done (i.e. with them being member created VS staff created like they currently are). Are the monthly challenges beneficial to you? Not much, because I don't have time to write in English specially for them, when normally I write less and less in English and more in my mother tongue. Is there another system that you think would work better for the writing challenges? Not sure. Activity with the challenges has been up and down, and lately we've only been getting one or two entries each challenge. Do you think we should get rid of the challenges? No, maybe it is useful for some people. Do you have any ideas for any new site-wide challenges we could do instead of the monthly challenges (and the word count challenge)? The word count challenges are OK, because the language the stories are written in doesn't matter.