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  1. I love them, I never skip them and I used to have them. More epilogues than prologues, for my writing. I think there are stories when they are necessary, and stories where they aren't. But providing a glimpse on what happens after the story finishes I think it is useful. Lately, since I noticed they are so hated, I ceased calling them epilogues anymore. They are simply a last chapter, or the last 2 chapters, as brief as needed, and showing what happened afterwards. Giving closure to readers is important.
  2. Elena

    Daydreaming, Stories, and You

    I come with ideas for roleplaying scenes or novel scenes, usually, when waiting in a bus station or in the bus. And yes, I am always thinking about a story or another I am writing/ I wrote/ I want to write. It was funny how the sequel to the one I published in October came to me in the tram, while going to my mother, and due to the shock I was ready to descend one station earlier than I should have 😛
  3. Elena

    Worldsmyths Million 2019 Discussion

    I was saying NOT THIS YEAR, but when I saw the possibility of pledging smaller parts, I pledge for 40K. 220 words/ day is a thing I can do. Especially when roleplaying posts are counted too.
  4. Elena

    They do say to write what you know...

    This is my opinion too. And what I don't know yet, I research it if I need it for a story!
  5. Elena

    Who's telling this story, anyway?

    This had never happened to me. In my published novels, they were in first person, and... the main character was the narrator. So, it was a good choice. In the short stories/ novella/ the two novels I am still working at, the point of view is third omniscient, so... the narrator tells the whole story, highlighting the needed characters.
  6. Marina from "The Crew" had to choose between her father (who was doing illegal things) and the law (and honour in general, and the life of a friend's father). Em from "The Rightness' Friends" had to choose between her future (her studies) and her lover.
  7. Most of my historical characters had killed, either in war or in self defense. They had to do it, it was part of the survival or complying with orders. The ones in the YA contemporary novels hadn't killed and wouldn't. (Well, I am talking about the main characters. The villains have done it sometimes).
  8. Elena

    Getting back to old, long-term projects

    I read it again, making notes and colouring what needs changed. If I think something needs cut, I cut it (in a second document, though, mine are always initial and ongoing, ie. Crew-i.doc, Crew-o.doc) Then I read it another time, after I research what I need to know deeper/ further, and I actually write the scenes which were merely notes. It takes another reading for polishing it. If the initial manuscript isn't finished (for the scenario above, it was finished, but last corrected 10+ years ago), I read it, I outline my ideas how to finish it, then I start researching, then actually writing.
  9. Elena

    Story Titles

    Mine are, both published and upcoming: The Wanderers of the Seas Lives in turmoil Other turmoils of life The charm of the seas Rightness' Friends The Crew The second shuttle boat The mercenary's fate and other destinies I like: The Sunshine Acolyte Carrying A Torch (despite the title allusion, I think it is NOT a love story, though) The Unborn Child - a profecy? Raised by Death Story of a Promise Tears and Roses The Low and the Mighty - it sounds like Jane Austen or Dickens to me 😛 Secrets in Ashes
  10. Elena

    2018 Accomplishments

    - 2 new novels published - 2 novels, a poetry and a short stories volume ready for publishing, to appear in 2019 - poetry published in 2 anthologies (3+4 poems) - short stories published in 3 anthologies and several literary magazines. - First prize won at a literary competition for short stories.
  11. When the Brits found out that Chago wasn't the Venetian sailor he pretended to be, he was arrested as a Spanish spy, and tortured to confess. He wasn't a spy, in truth, just a mercenary arrived there to kill a mark...
  12. Elena

    Character replies

    Em looks at the man who asked her about the dream vacation. She lets her head a little on the back, almost shaking it in disbelief: "You don't know yet? A cruise, of course! Preferably on a yacht or a copy of a tall ship with sails, and stopping in each port of importance, to visit what is to be visited! I'd take both my fiance and the gang of friends, if possible. Or at least some of them." (The chosen country for the cruise depends which Em we are talking about - the one in "Rightness' Friends" would want it in Mexico, preferably on both Oceans, with a crossing into Panama Channel between them, and the one in "The Crew" would want it in the Greek islands.) "Now let me ask you - do you love the sea? Is anything about the sea attracting you?"
  13. Elena

    Post NaNo Plans?

    I'm not going to win it this year. In December I'll submit a novel and a short stories volume. Another novel and a poems volume are waiting for submission later.
  14. I have 18,000. Still behind. But I have a first prize diploma, and a bunch of books received as prize... plus the poetry volume to be published for free as the main prize.
  15. Elena

    Where to find self-published books?

    Self published/ indie published books are to be found, usually, on the writer's page (be it FB, wordpress or another), or on the e-shops where you can order it online. It can vary from country to country. Those who have Amazon or other big network delivering in their country, it's easier. For us who don't, there are local e-shops publishing it. Sometimes it is tougher, because most e-shops want to work with the publishing house, not with the publisher, and most small, indie presses aren't equipped for such a bureaucratic hassle. I have indie published 4 novels up to now. They are usually available to be ordered online on an e-shop and this week I exposed them at the International Book Fair.