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  1. My characters with commitment problems fall in love and by the end of the novel get married and will adopt two children
  2. Today's date: 20-th of July 2019 Previous month's total: [16,042] words for June Four months total (March-June): [77,748] wordsNew words for July: [16,248] words
  3. My pantheons exist already. Walhalla and its gods, Christianity with pilgrimages, santeria with loas... And mermaids. I love mermaids. I want to write a short story collection with mostly mermaids...
  4. When I don't feel like writing, I am resting. I always come back, and since I grew up, I always finish what I start (until mid-high school, I had some unfinished things too - lack of inspiration and lack of plotting and documentation, I'd say now). Sooner or later, I finish all my writings. I do editing/ revising/ completing, more than re-writing. I mean, the story was already finished once, and it's being polished during editing/ revising. Changing repeated words, deleting small conversation/ description snippets without significance, adding a detail or another (or correcting a plot hole/ an inaccuracy). I am writing since first grade. I started writing and kept writing because I have always had stories inside me which wanted out. And being read...
  5. Today's date: 15-th of July 2019 Previous month's total: [16,042] words for June Four months total (March-June): [77,748] wordsNew words for July: [11,162] words Another late reporting writer. I update more often the Camp NaNo, but that one is counted in pages, for revision... It goes quite well. I got confused by a message on the previous page and I didn't add the new total anymore, like I used to the previous months, understanding that I shouldn't until the final of the month....
  6. Finished the first draft of "The Second Shuttle Boat". Now revising my debut novel for a second edition.
  7. I wrote words! Today's date: 30-th of June 2019 Previous month's total: [23,126] words for May Three months total: [61,706] wordsTotal words for June: [16,042] wordsNew total: [77,748] words
  8. I wrote words!Today's date: 19-th of June 2019 Previous month's total: [23,126] words for May Three months total: [61,706] wordsTotal words for June: [9,902] wordsNew total: [71,608] words
  9. I wrote words!Today's date: 8-th of June 2019 Previous month's total: [23,126] words for May Three months total: [61,706] wordsTotal words for June: [5,707] wordsNew total: [67,413] words
  10. I wrote words!Today's date: 5-th of June 2019 Previous month's total: [23,126] words for May Three months total: [61,706] wordsTotal words for June: [2,043] wordsNew total: [63,749] words
  11. And having it in electronic format means you can always edit and finish and do things to it in a second version! Ultimately, you will submit them in electronic format, so why not writing everything at the pc? I know, I had to transcribe what I had written before owning a PC, and I still did it...
  12. I say know what you write, i.e. do research your subjects thoroughly. From the perspective of a writer having interest in different historical periods and countries, this functions best.
  13. Better late than never... Sorry for the delay, the international book fair took all my time! March total: [16,733] words April total: [21,847] wordsMay total: [23,126] wordsThree months total: [61,706] words
  14. My ongoing novel to finish is titled The Second Shuttle Boat. It is contemporary second chance romance. I have just a few difficult chapters left. I am not sure if I succeed to finish it in June. Then, in July Camp Nano I have another novel to finish, Sword Angel, the first volume in a series titled The Price of Freedom. That is a pirate series, historical adventures.
  15. I have outlines and a file with research notes in various fields. From how to save a hostage to Easter traditiions and wedding traditions at the Raskolniki Russians (the ones who keep the church tradition before 1665).
  16. I have children in my stories, and I have researched about games and toys specific to certain historical periods and places, describing them. I also researched the education system and other details.
  17. Sometimes I brainstorm with you or with my NaNo group. SOmetimes I am asking experts in the scene field (police officer, a member of x ethnic community, etc.).
  18. In Regla, in Cuba, with a good healer, Concha Italera. And I would ask her, i.a., to read me the shells.
  19. I was in favour of going by public transport buses alone, not of walking great distances, Muse!
  20. I come from a different country and generation than you (given that I am 51), so my replies are taking into account what I know from then and now. I mostly agree with what was said before me, except one thing - the kids have to walk to school, because they don't have school buses and they don't want the students taking city buses. It is just one of the samples of how lately the youngsters are more coddled than they should, and this is why they don't learn gradually independence. School buses, here, are only for the very few private schools (most of them are public) and also in certain remote villages who don't have a school, and they need to gather the children to go 10-20 kms to the only school active for all the villages around. Otherwise, no way! So most school children are taking public transport. They are encouraged, not dissuaded to do so. Most parents trust them to do so alone since fifth grade, but some do it earlier. This is a way to learn independence and responsibility. (I read in an US magazine that in US people are reporting children who are going alone, allowed by their parents, as neglected. Outrageous!) I was trusted at 7, after graduating first grade. And nothing bad happened - I knew the route, I never got off sooner or later than the station I should. This, living in a city. (Just the metro wasn't built yet in my school time, it was in my first years of Uni). This is also a strange rule in many countries that children below 12 shouldn't be trusted to stay home alone, neither to play in a playground, in a group of peers, without parental supervision. I was home alone, with the key on a latch, since first grade, and many other children around were. If not at that age, the latest in the fifth grade, when most children started going to school in the afternoon (the primary school always go to school in the morning - it's not a system of all day school, but 8-12 or 8-13, and the others 13-18 or 13-19, as in the seventh grade to the end of highschool there are mostly 6 classes a day.) It was, again, a lesson in responsibility. The older siblings took care of the younger ones, and the younger ones knew they had to obey the older. It wasn't unusual that the 10 years old had a 7 years old and a 4 years old in charge, so sometimes we all played together, at different ages, how Maria Montessori is advising. (We had no idea then about her). And during summer holidays, we were out, playing with our peers (not necessarily in the playground - in the square made by 4 blocks it was enough for the children of all 4 blocks to gather and play) and we went back home when our mothers started crying for us at the window, close to nightfall. It was nice, we learnt both socializing and responsibility (many of us had chores to do before going out to play). Now children aren't given the same freedom... and it shows. They are less prepared for life.
  21. For the one I am writing now, she is taken hostage by the local mafia. He is a sailor, he had been through a shipwreck and through being saved by a smugglers crew...