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  1. Rogue

    Star Dust

    The Star Dust Elsa Whitemore, The most powerful witch in existence, the only being able to create a new life-form, She created a god whose life essence was different from any other, something that the universe had never seen, She gave life to a god using Star Dust from the explosion of the star, Crecelea, were some of the most powerful guardians and gods lived in, The star was plagued by a spell that Xor had learnt from his future self, the gods were under his control, Zeus and his followers destroyed the star with everything and everyone on it, leading to the dust of the most powerful star combined with the essence of many gods to be left out in space, the same dust that Elsa took for her experiment, she sometimes even surprises me. She wanted the creature as an experiment, as a pleasure to know she gave life to something, but as soon as she laid eyes upon his amber eyes, she felt as if there was a bond between them, a connection you could say, The child didn’t seem special in any way, so she decided to raise him as her own son, in a universe far away from the gods that would not approve of his existence, for he was safer this way. She taught him about their history, their gods and their glorious stories, Not about me and my book of course... He was always fascinated with them and their powers, thriving to be like them someday. Elsa saw the eagerness in the little boy and happily taught him her favourite spells and potions, He was an extremely fast learner for his age, a very talented fighter, even though he taught himself. it wasn’t long before he had mastered the art of manipulation and had learned so many spells that he could’ve fought off an entire army of Xa'Zura ghouls on his own. In his first fight with a ghoul that had crossed his path, he annihilated the poor thing before it even had time to fight, or run… the dead ghoul laid there as he landed spell after spell on his dead body until there was nothing left of it, his eyes were full of excitement, something that Elsa wasn't expecting, as he faced her, expecting approval and a proud face, he saw terror in her face, looking back at him. She sat next to him, holding the young man's hand and staring deep into his soul, trying to get an idea of what had just happened, and as expected, she felt the presence of something new, something that seemed evil, but didn't feel evil. She saw darkness so deep that it stroke fear into her heart. but it wasn’t simple darkness, it kept changing, at one moment it was pure Darkness, another moment it was blinding Light, the warmth of life, the coldness of death, Something that even someone like her wouldn’t be able to imagine, his essence was changing with each second. As she opened her eyes and was back to reality, she knew what had to be done, he was too dangerous and too unpredictable, if she were to ignore the truth of his being, the gods would finally catch on and... execute him… She exiled her creation to her sacred temple, somewhere that gods couldn't find him, somewhere that he could be safe, a place that no magic worked, not even hers… But he had a very powerful physical form, normal chains and stones would not stop him if he were to escape. Against him fire was powerless, ice was just a breeze, darkness was a part of him, and any sort of light-powered spell simply would disappear around him into the void, she needed something way more powerful, something that no being could break, neither with magic nor with strength, the chains would only listen to those they trusted. She knew that one day he'd be freed, though... the odds of infinite time and his immortal body said so anyways... He didn’t know his true powers yet, he only thought that he could cast spells that the witch had taught him, he trusted her with his life, and he owned it to her too... he did not fight back and accepted what she thought had to be done, without questioning it, without knowing the reason of his exile. The temple was not what he expected, it was airborne, long waterfall in the front, jungles at the sides and the golden temple in the middle, She grabbed his hand and before he knew it they were standing in front of the gates of the ethereal temple, looking down he realized that they were thousands of miles above the surface... the gates opened as if they were waiting, the roof of the temple was high and there were clouds inside, and the ground was of sacred soil, one that would give life to plants, each one having its own purpose, the temple was indeed beautiful, he couldn’t deny that. “It’s not gonna be all that bad here after all” He thought to himself. the trees were tall and firm and it felt as If they were staring at him, there was a weird sensation of comfort that he couldn’t understand the reason of. He knelt in the middle of the temple, behind him an enormous tree with angelic white leaves that lighted up around it, known as the Firwood, I always loved that tree, it seemed as if it had a mind of its own. With tears in her eyes and a brief doubt, she casts the binding spell, the leaves of Firwood slowly fell from and wrapped around Damon's hands, forming a chain, as the spell finished the soft feather-like feeling of the leaves changed into the rough feeling of golden steel, the chains lifted themselves, the ends hitting the surrounding walls, it felt like the time stopped for a second, and after that everything was back to normal, as if there was a bond created between the temple and the chains. She sat down in front of him, her forehead on his, She asked for forgiveness for she had brought this upon him, He stayed silent, trying to think of something to comfort her with, to let her know that it was okay, but he felt as if it would be in no avail, the tear of the witch hit the surface of the temple, leaving a mark on the soil beneath, the witch stood and stroke her hand on his cheek, smiling at him with a sorrowful expression, she put the hood of her cloak back on and walked out of the temple, ashamed to look back at him... as she rushed out, a dark lotus rose from the soil, on the mark she had left. The temple was silent for a minute before the gates of the temple closed and he was left with the darkness that was now lit with the light that powered from the lotus and the tree, he smiled at the perfectly shaped lotus and gently tapped the lotus and watched as it squirmed and took back its shape from the touch, it felt soft and the comfort of the light was something to be happy about. “Hm…” He looked around the temple, the leaves on the trees to his sides started moving as if something was flying through them, a cold breeze hit his skin. "Ah great, it's a haunted temple, who would've thought.” he commented sarcastically, the rattling stopped and all was silent again, he chuckled "Shame, kind of wished I'd have a companion." and with that statement, he closed his eyes.
  2. Hello everyone Name's Mehryar, English is my second language so feel free to correct any mistakes I have in a conversation, I would be glad and not offended ^_^ I'm new to all of this and there's this superb template that I'm gonna use because I'm lazy, Pleasure to meet you all ❤️ Name/Penname: [M]ehryar / Rogue Age: 19 State/country: United Kingdom London Education: University Student... fml. Hobbies and Favorites What are your hobbies? Listening to music, going outside to watch and feed cats and dogs, Disappointing myself 24/7, Playing games (League of legends, Destiny 2, Dead by Daylight, Warframe). What is/are your favorite book(s) and authors? My favorite book is definitely Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Don't really have a favorite Author yet. What is/are your favorite movie(s) and TV show(s)? Favorite TV show is FRIENDS (I know everything about this show don't challenge me) and I love way too many movies to list here. Writing How long have you been writing? 4-5 months I reckon, on and off ._. What was the first story you wrote that you remember? (Is it finished, and has anyone read it?) well the first real story I wrote was a Fanfiction about Overwatch, and I uploaded it in a Fanfiction site as well and It had around 63 followers and 70 favorites I was so proud of myself that I stopped writing for a year 😐 (I was 16 at the time) and I started writing again recently. Tell us a little about your favorite character to write about. Oh what a question, Lovely. Well I'd say that I love writing sarcastic characters, broken ones that need help but never show it because I admire the strength that it takes to stay strong and help others even though you yourself need help the most. Characters that have a dark past and yet strive to be better, Funny side-characters that are sometimes smarter than the main charaacter and etc. Tell us a little about a fantasy world you've created. Oh I feared you'd ask. Well I'm a bit self-conscious about my writings (Who isn't right?) and I don't yet know what I want the world to be like completely, but I want it to be a world that is full of exotic creatures and gods and gifted mortals, a world with floating mountains with long waterfalls, a very dangerous one at night, when darker creatures might appear. its full of unknowns and it rewards people who wonder off their path, Many universes and planets exist that each are inhabited by different gods who fight off the darkness that has always haunted them. Tell us a little about your current work in progress. How's it going? Ah. Well its the first story I write that is NOT a fanfiction, so I'm writing the world and characters from scratch and its quite intimidating but I'm loving it so far, I've come up with a couple of world ideas and characters' backstories and personality and I'm excited to start writing the story. Have you participated in NaNoWriMo? If so, how has your experience been? I am so confused as to what this word even means, you have no idea. So yeah no I haven't. Worldsmyths How did you find out about Worldsmyths? Discord server search. What made you decide to join? I really want a reason to start writing, life's painful gotta distract myself somehow. What do you hope to gain from Worldsmyths? How to be a better writer and how to express my thoughts through words, and hopefully some new friends.