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  1. Kataonthelope

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    Let us know when the chapter of your book is done, would love to read it.
  2. Kataonthelope

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    I enjoyed the chapter honestly, not much to worry about everything seemed fine. In my opinion having him chained up so when they find him its a bit trickier to get him out and maybe make a trade, his freedom for his help and etc... would be cooler, but at the same time if he's free in there and they enter the temple its gonna be fun seeing him mess with them if that's what he'd do, and exploring an infinite enchanted forest sounds like fun, a lot of writing though. overall its a 5/5 for me although I'd love to read an actual chapter of the novel and not an overview so if u ever started writing it or if you've wrote it already do let us read it 🙂